1. Re: How long did it take you to gather a following?

      Took me roughly a month to reach 1k, but I had the benefit of getting onto Rising stars and that catapulted my numbers. 

    2. Re: Names.

      Liliana, because it's one of my favorite names and I thought it fit a noble lady. Could've been Lorelai as well though...

    3. Re: Naming Characters. Come Rant With Me

      Naming is the bane of my existence. It goes so far as even finding a name for the story itself.  If I can't name a character I can't write a scene with them in it, and I can't use placeholders except (...)

    4. Re: What is love, no, really.

      So I'm part of a minority who doesn't equate love with physical intimacy (ace). So personally I find any kind of "love has to have physical intimacy" things to be kinda closeminded as there's so many kinds (...)

    5. Re: What’s your favorite “overdone” monster/fantasy race?

      Beast people. Cat girls, cat boys, kitsunes, wolf boys and girls etc etc. I just love the idea of human animal hybrids that get all the intelligence of a human, and the strength and grace of their animal. (...)

    6. Re: In Your Opinion...

      Stereotypical Dwarves man. I don't know why but more than any other race they get under my skin.  Elves are a close second. If there's something done to make them more interesting I'm fine with it. (...)

    7. Re: Do you think book covers can sometimes work against a story's favor and the website it is on?

      But that's exactly my point. These covers *do* have flashy, eye-catching, unique looking artwork, compared to other books. They stand out *way more* than others. I have *seen* some of the other covers (...)

    8. Re: Tropes that you enjoy seeing

      Small sweet girl with massive rage issues. Pretty boys who fear combat. Bear wrestling Amazonian women. My family was awful and abusive backstory. (My mommy and daddy issues are talking here) (...)

    9. Re: Blue screens/stats: how much is too much?

      What I've found the most success with is early chapters I had several screens shown. Big ones too since everything in them was highly story relevant. Once we got past those anytime I use a status screen (...)

    10. Re: How recommended is Wheel of Time?

      Throwing in my two cents for fantasy start off recs. I'd suggest anything by Tamora Pierce or Mercedes Lackey.  Both make very "beginner friendly" fantasy books in my opinion and I still reread their (...)

    11. Re: How detailed is your outline?

      I'll preface this by saying, there's no right way to write. If a detailed fully fleshed out outline is what feels most comfy to you, do it! Some people need the structure of a full plotline. For others (...)

    12. Re: I hit 100 followers!

      That's a big milestone! Congrats and I wish you future success! Here is a cute fox to motivate you Oh my god it's so fluffy I'm going to die. Where did you (...)

    13. Re: Rereading books when you're older (Wheel of Time)

      So many times I've had series ruined for me because I picked them back up as an adult. A lot of what was written for YA even 10 years ago doesn't hold up. I still read YA fiction, and the newer stuff out (...)

    14. Re: I hit 100 followers!

      Thank you so much everyone!!

    15. Re: Where Do You Enjoy Thinking and Writing?

      Thinking? Anywhere. I have the fun ability to randomly zone out in the middle of any activity because I got an idea for my story. Writing, I write at my desk. But I prefer to do it at night, in the dark, (...)

    16. Re: Making Fight Scenes Flow Smoother

      The best fight scene advice I've ever gotten Seriously. It changed how I wrote fight scenes. Now they're my favorite things to write. I feel like a choreographer, delicately dictating the flow of a (...)

    17. Re: How often to update?

       I say post a bit less often than you write. Why? To build a backlog. Life will happen. Something is going to cause you to need to take a break, and that can lose you followers if you're not big. A backlog (...)

    18. Re: Putting the genre in the fiction title

      Honestly? It works. Both on RR, other web novel sites, and on more traditional sites like Amazon. Becuase it let's people figure out with a single glance what type of story it is. The title comes before (...)


      Good job!!! You deserve it!

    20. I hit 100 followers!

      I also made it to Rising Stars! Both happened same day and I'm overcome with excitement! I really didn't expect this many followers in less than a month!  Eep so excited.  :peoeyesparkle: