1. Re: Is there such a thing as a perfect story

      I think it's similar to the idea of a utopia, in that I find both impossible. Sure, for some or many it's perfect, but there is probably someone who dislikes it. Maybe an AI could take a crack at it with (...)

    2. Re: What is the most out of context thing your characters have said.

      "They tell of the Orange Witch snatching Celestial Prince Avon to a land of cotton candy trickery and torture contraptions."

    3. Re: Multiple POVs: How many is too many, and what's your limit?

      Honestly, I feel like it depends on how long a series goes on. Longer series can get away with multiple POVs, but if we're talking first person POVs, in a shorter series I'd go with maybe 2-3, 4 at max. (...)

    4. Re: Music while writing

      I tend to, but even when not writing I tend to so it's more of just a thing I do. Don't really try to fit it with the mood I'm trying to write though, just kind of listen to whatever spotify or youtube (...)

    5. Re: Thoughts on characters and settings that completely reject 'conventional' morals?

      As long as it's properly tagged I don't see an issue with depicting something conventionally thought of as "immoral" as something good. Sure, if you're writing something more in the modern era, if this (...)

    6. Re: Why do people think MC's need to be perfect?

      I guess it depends on the mistake if anything. Like, sure everyone makes mistakes, but if the mistake is too big then maybe people are finding it unbelievable in relation to your character? Is a good idea (...)

    7. Re: How much can you write in a single chapter? -my curiosity speaking....

      Generally my chapters range between 1000-2000 words, but I also get distracted easily so it takes me forever. Either that or I have a block and stop writing something for a few days and then when I go (...)

    8. Re: MC Development - What Path Do You Prefer?

      Personally, I don't have a personal preference. I feel that starting overpowered is a bit easier to screw up however since you have to get the reader invested in other ways aside from stakes. Granted, (...)

    9. Re: Anyone have an actor/celebrity who follows them around in all their projects?

      Honestly, I don't know why, but the question confuses me. So I'm just going to answer it in all the ways I can think of. In regards to putting a real actor/celebrity in a story (whether big or small), (...)

    10. Re: Facebook Metaverse's affect on the VRMMO novel genre?

      I kind of feel like it's going to die pretty quickly, so I can't seeing it having too much of an effect. 

    11. Re: Unconventional Inspirations?

      One time I got inspired by Gawr Gura and a line from League of Legends to make a story about a depraved guy who is eventually killed by the person he is going after. Decided not to finish that though since (...)

    12. Re: What do You Use for Note Taking?

      Either I use the notes app on my phone/iPad or a google doc. Don't really have a preference for either to be honest. At least for the notes app, that's how I started writing down my ideas when I first (...)