1. RE: Taking some requests!

      Thanks for the comments guys :o Sorry I've been kind of busy with my job lately, so drawing time is kind of hard to come by. I started doing a sketch for Virlyce, but haven't gotten past a quick value (...)

    2. RE: Taking some requests!

      Reposting my request because I'm still active. :) Link to fiction: Description of what you want: A little more than half of a blue dragon's face. Golden irises (...)

    3. RE: Single POV vs. Multi-POV: A question of taste or artistic flair?

      I read Brandon Sandersons novel, Way of Kings, recently. After every chapter ended, it would hop to a new PoV. I died a little bit on the inside every time and had to take a break with every chapter because (...)

    4. RE: Lesson 3: Emotion

      Andrew sighed as he looked away from the road and pat his teenaged daughter on the back. She sat in the passenger seat of the car with her hands buried in her face. “Jenny,” Andrew said and hesitated, (...)

    5. RE: Lesson 2: Action!

      Logan lifted his blade and inhaled through his nose as he stared at the man standing in front of him. His opponent was Reilly, the one-armed man who always seemed to have a grin dancing on his lips. The (...)

    6. RE: Lesson 1: Dialogue

      John leaned back in his chair with arms crossed and a frown on his face. He stared at Teresa who sat across from him. Between the two was a round wooden table with a half-drawn map in the center.   “Elizabeth (...)

    7. RE: Donation Applications

      Request for approval. Demon's Journey

    8. RE: ~~~ another artist taking requests ~~~

      Hey, I have a request. Up to you whether you want to take it or not :) I'm looking for a baby boar. It should be blue, with blue phoenix wings, and tufts of down sticking from just above its hooves, (...)

    9. RE: Taking some requests!

      Are you still doing these? If so, here's my request :) Link to fiction: Description of what you want: A little more than half of a blue dragon's face. Golden (...)

    10. RE: I'm looking for someone who will tear my novel to shreds!

      I read up to the part after he wins the war and finds out his mother was targeted by an assassin. So there's some portions “Help!” she cried desperately. Navihm heard the little girl’s cry and took off (...)

    11. Writing a blurb.

      Hi. I was looking back on my description for my story, and I've come to the conclusion that it's pretty bland. Inspired by blue mages from Final Fantasy. Blue mages learn skills from beasts. This is the (...)

    12. RE: The Art of Deleting reviews?

      I have seen your reviews on other fictions, and you offer rather scathing critique, but you offer a rather solid analysis of the story with points to improve on. In my review, you seemed to just bash (...)

    13. RE: A Glitch in Counting or Gone Viral?

      The view per day ratio would have been enough to put it in the top monthly last month, but not this month as the majority of the views were in the last month. But if it's top weekly with 400k+ views, (...)

    14. RE: Donation Applications

      Requesting approval for The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons

    15. RE: My New Approach

      Thanks for sharing your first hand experiences.  The length of my chapters is more to do with how much time I have available than anything. I'll try to make them longer if I can. I noticed with your (...)

    16. RE: Copy and Paste/ Upload Word Documents

      I just copy and paste from word. Usually doesn't need any editing at all, since I type the the html codes for italics and what not. My font did go crazy once when I used Times New Roman and changed the (...)

    17. RE: My New Approach

      I already have one fic up (Saviour of the World) that I'm posting once a week. I have it planned out and I try to make each chapter as complete as I can. It takes quite a lot of time. So, I've decided (...)

    18. RE: Valentine Event!

      Here's my submission. Valentine's Day Side Story

    19. RE: Urgent need of PRs

      If you checked today's top weekly fiction, you would have found "when i was old" at the 5th place. The problem is that this story shouldn't have been there until one or two months later. I was thinking (...)