1. Re: Published RRL Authors

      the last update was at Oct 17 :p

    2. RE: How long do you spend reading on RoyalRoad?

      nowaday i only check for Latest Update 5~15 min a day unless there're >=5 unread chapters for a fiction i keep track on

    3. RE: Is there a game these Chinese light novels are referencing?

      as i don't read xianxia/wuxia so i can't say for sure, but my idea is that, in the typical xianxia/wuxia story, u'd always see the story rather focus on MC's powering and becoming king, god, or something (...)

    4. RE: New Here

      welcome welcome to the partyyyyy :D as for the genre, personally, these days, unless it's xianxia (as in i don't read it), it's more about the quality & the unique of the story than the genres, sub-genres, (...)

    5. RE: OP MC or Rise to power?

      i don't like 'rise-to-power' mostly because of what generally go together with it, and not the 'rise' itself cliche' stuff like 'Choosen One', 'winning in nick of time', 'next enemies in the line always (...)

    6. RE: I cant bring myself to read published works.

      a pulished work generally need some kind of plot, with tension so u don't often see 'everything goes' OP MCs personally, i often find books different from anything i've read previously or unique enough (...)

    7. RE: Deciding a novel on RRL is not for you

      there're just so many reasons to not stick to a fictions -_- -genres, sub-genres -quality, whether it's translation quality or writing quality -quantity -story/plot line -writing/story style -update/release (...)

    8. RE: Storylines We Hate

      i simply hate all overdramaticize/stretchy stuff, doesnt matter if it's love triangle or whatever -overdramatic, stretchy adventures -overdramatic fights with all the 'reinforce in the nick of time', 'winning (...)

    9. RE: Reincarnation stories: should the baby/childhood phase be skipped?

      i like the idea of how the mentality+capability+capacity of a kid actually affect them it just rather seems lazy to have a kid with all the OP stuff, and all that, to somehow go acting 'Oh, i'm OP, but (...)

    10. RE: novel like 'main character hides his strength'

      The Lazy Swordman - NU Ex Strongest Swordsmen Long For Magic In Different World - NU - not sure - i don't read it :p

    11. RE: NTR??

      there used to be 'Age of Heroes', though more like 'Cheating' than 'NTR' other than that, there's none real NTR fiction in RRL i think u can try NU, (...)

    12. RE: Storylines We Hate

      ^well, i suppose all u came across until now were 'boy/male/man-targeted' stuff then xD even i get irritated by all those wet-dream-teenager shounen LN/Anime/Manga/etc. lol u may want to try out some (...)

    13. RE: Storylines We Hate

      for me, as long as the fiction is written well and not of the cliche' tropes that i don't like, i'm good with it, i rea a lot, so i tend to demand unexpected things i'd rather have a triumph-over-everything (...)

    14. RE: second chance novels?

      the type in which the MCs die or something, n 'travel back through time' to redo stuff most translated KR Reincarnate WNs on NU fall into this trope like 'I Am Monarch' for example

    15. RE: second chance novels?

      there used to be at least a few, none of them completed though lol all dropped dead after dozen chapters

    16. RE: Reincarnation stories: should the baby/childhood phase be skipped?

      just as long as it's feasible, realistic all those fictions with MCs doing all kind of 'excercising' be it magic or physical or got taught all kind of 'hard stuff' like arithmetic/ history/geography/etc. (...)

    17. RE: Base building

      Chaos Seed Dragon's Wrath Atros Imperium (actually city) release the witch (actually city/kingdom) world at world online etc. (...)

    18. RE: Storylines We Hate

      this may not appear frequently on RRL, but it appears a lot in fantasy books in general, the 'legendary' 'farm boy' (or any equivalent version), cringy & clichy' both at the same time there's also the (...)

    19. RE: Any litrpg audiobooks?

      there're just soooooooooo many Perimeter Defense Eden's Gate Divine Dungeon (don't remember if it's litRPG Dungeon or not) Everybody Loves Large Chests Fantasy Online Hyperborea etc. (...)

    20. fantasy book with particular worldbuilding

      i'm looking for fictions/series/books etc. etc. that have the vibes of political structure+technological lvl resembling Renaissance, up to WWI a few examples: The Good Student (RRL) Imager Portfolio Harry (...)