1. Re: LitRPG Review Swap (5 People) (Currently Open)

      The Mook Maker is the LitRPG isekai / portal fantasy. It is currently 9 chapters long. 

    2. Re: July Thread - Promote your Story

      The Mook Maker, the portal fantasy where certain power creates more problems than it solves. Join the protagonist in his search for answers, to find the way home back to the normal life ... and his struggle (...)

    3. Re: Been lurking for a while but wanted to introduce myself + Question

      Finding Urban Fantasy on the site isn't an issue.  Getting it to Rising Stars is. The tag (for Urban Fantasy) is there, people can actively search for it, read it, and like it.  I however doubt (...)

    4. Re: Review swaps

      Let's try the review swap. I already wrote a review for yours.  A Done. Thank you, and good luck in your endeavours. 

    5. Re: Authors are disappearing left and right.

      There are many dangers lurking along the Royal Road. Many who embarked on the long and perilous journey were never seen again. No one is safe. Sometimes, even trolls disappeared from under their bridges. (...)

    6. Re: Why must there be A/THE "Chosen one"

      The Protagonist isn't synonymous with The Chosen One. The Chosen One explicitly require the narrative that revolves around the will of the Greater Force (fate, godlike entities, and so on)  The Protagonist (...)

    7. Re: Review swaps

      Let's try the review swap. I already wrote a review for yours.  A

    8. Re: I wrote a 2k-word-long prologue thinking, "I should cut down the word count for the other chapters,"

      The prologue is usually, but not always, shorter than the average chapter. The audience on Royal Road also has a tendency to skip prologues. 

    9. Re: Unlimited Review Swaps [OPEN]

      I reviewed your story based on the first 20 chapters. If you are interested in the review swap, please contact me through PM. 

    10. Re: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      I am curious to find out what's wrong with my blurb. 

    11. Re: Is this a good place for fanfictions?

      Royal Road isn't the best choice when it comes to fanfics, but they do exist around here, and it seems they do have their readers as well. But it depends... Some works have very small, or at least (...)

    12. Re: New Author looking for review swap

      I reviewed your story. If you are interested in the review swap, one of mine to check is The Mook Maker, which is also a LitRPG. It is also a fantasy isekai (portal fantasy) so you may dislike it on that (...)

    13. Re: Advice about review swapping

      Even though I always try to be honest in my reviews, usually point out things which stand out the most to me. Positive things, if my impression from the story is positive, negative ones in case of the (...)

    14. Re: Looking for someone to review the first story I have written

      Reviewed your story and gave you a follow. 

    15. Re: Offering my humble reviewing services (first 10k) [OPEN]

      Hi,  If you are still interested in reviewing the story, take a look at The Mook Maker, link in the signature. Story is isekai (portal fantasy) LitRPG.  The story is currently 13k words long, so (...)

    16. Re: Fanfictions turned original?

      Yeah, that's what I mean. Take the concept but change the story and setting and names enough so it's basically original even if it started off as a fanfiction. Cause I did write a fanfiction that you (...)

    17. Re: Fanfictions turned original?

      Thank you. I'm specifically referring to taking a concept but changing the story. Without giving my own example, say if someone took the concept of Stargate, where the Government opens a portal to (...)

    18. Re: Three free reviews of the first three to comment

      Yup, which of your novels do you want me to review? The Mook Maker.  5-chapters only, so it should be easy

    19. Re: I will predict your story's followers count for free

      Predict mine: either The Mook Maker or The Last Job