1. Re: Do >you< like fair, or realistically unfair [systems] better.

      There is no point. The stories are rarely about fairness. Until they are. The stories which revolve around some form of tournament or competition with clearly defined said of rules, where all participants (...)

    2. Re: I really regret releasing chapters so fast...

      You can still try to gain some views either through the review swaps, shoutouts, or even posting the next few chapters at a faster pace. Some readers prefer to binge, and having a lot of content already (...)

    3. Re: Promotions on royalroad tips

      I plan on posting weekly as daily is beyond my power, and how do I put a banner for my signature. I just generated for the signature  I understand, I post weekly myself, and are not able to speed it (...)

    4. Re: Promotions on royalroad tips

      1. Post regularly. Daily, if possible. At the current speed of updates, even several chapters a day wouldn't go to waste. 2. Have a good cover. It requires catchy, contrasting colours, showing something (...)

    5. Re: Guns in Fantasy Fiction

      Brian McClellan wrote a fantasy book where sorcerers and gods exist people shoot each other with muskets, and sniffing gunpowder gives you magical powers.  He managed to get this through traditional (...)

    6. Re: How to get a shoutout?

      Instead of soliciting the shoutout from the most successful authors, I suggest looking for the writers who write the novel of a similar genre, and most likely share the same audience, exchanging shout-outs (...)

    7. Re: This site is for escapist fantasy, but if it happens on an apocalypse earth... does that still count?

      The System Apocalypse stories are quite common around there. You just need to avoid the real-world issues. 

    8. Re: How Explicit Do You Get?

      The Royal Road theoretically allows NSFW content under certain circumstances, properly labelled, and tagged, and of course, as long as it isn't the main part of the overall work. You can, in theory, have (...)

    9. Re: Some of the art from my project Nevermore.

      apparently a lot think is a zombie chapter due the picture Speaking about sending mixed messages. 

    10. Re: Are Overpowered Protagonists a Staple or a Stumbling Block in Modern Fantasy Literature?

      The Spacebattles are Worm fan-fiction site. The Spacebattles aren't Worm fan-fic sites. It's a permanent session of Paranoia RPG. The mods are the Master Computer, they run the game, but no one knows (...)

    11. Re: Some of the art from my project Nevermore.

      illustration for the new chapter :3 Braaaaains! 

    12. Re: How do people get onto Rising Stars?

      I'm trying to figure that out myself, I've been on here about a week now, and my story has taken off in terms of views but not much else, over 700 view in 9 days I'm not sure if that's a lot though... (...)

    13. Re: Prologues? chapter openings? what's the best way to start a story?

      Readers on RR have the tendency to skip prologues.  The prologue is part of the story that introduces something very crucial to the plot but doesn't introduce the protagonist or the conflict.  An (...)

    14. Re: May Thread - Promote your Story There are many possible fates that can await those whisked away from our world to another. Some became heroes or villains, given the right power to forge their own (...)

    15. Re: What is your protagonist currently doing?

      He is bemoaning the tragic loss of human life while cuddling his furry minions. It would certainly not motivate his furry minions to cause another loss of life ...

    16. 666 Followers! My story reached 666 followers.  A very fleeting moment, to say at least, as this is bound to change soon, for better or worse. 

    17. Re: Alright Folks. A Fun Thing.

      They were abducted by lizards from space. 

    18. Re: Why is Litrpg so popular? Is freedom not desirable any more?

      There is one often underestimated attribute of the "proper writing" the publishers do enforce. Paying upfront. You pay, you get the book. No refunds. You better like it. And since you already brought it, (...)

    19. Re: Are RR users dog-people or cat-people? This is RoRo, our mascot. Quite fluffy, and cute, but forever in danger of falling down  If RoRo was a cat, there wouldn't be an issue, the (...)

    20. Re: What's the exact difference between American, European and Japanese comic art?

      Curious topic. Aren't a lot of the 'eurpean' comics actually french though? Or am I mistaken in that impression? I mean I could be mistaken since the only ones I have been reading for any length of time (...)