Contract Summoner

Dense character that needs an overhaul

I feel the MC is completely at odds with his persona and what he is supposed to be.

Though with a rewrite I feel this might be a good read. At the moment the inconsistancies just keep building on that I had to stop reading. 

Parasite King

Moby Dick meets Japanese gameshow

Stranded inside a monster snake of apocalyptic porpotion. Trying to survive like Gepetto inside the literal belly of the beast.

Watching the drama of a Cast Away trapped in the living hell.

The story is in a good place right now though the prologue built too much of a timeline to start. Taking the sense of wonder for the future of the protagonist away.

Fantasy World Epsilon 30-10

Super science cultured agent checking the isekai world for entertainment

Taking the typical multiverse empire trope with new world interraction and isekai magical world with a new twist.

When the multiverse empire is super science powered ruled by transhuman with practicallly limitless resources. What is the motivation to look for more? New content for memes. 

Mixing the job of exploring new "frontiers" of different Earths, IRL streaming and preparing the new real estate for the immortal safari goers. Welcome to the Dive corp, hope you don't catch some plague on the way or get burned as a witch.

A story of sharing the gift of comfort and progress to dismantle governments and rock the cages. When the out of context problem is not a burning comet of destruction but the fancy of the true immortals for rescuing the strays from the streets and giving them cute outfits to wear.

Chronicles of the Weakest Wind Mage

It really feels this story is two thirds of unneeded explanations going over the same things time after time and breaking the flow. You could easily just skim over just for the dialogue and you would lose nothing in information value. 

Witches of the Night

A very absorbing story of investicating the life in the supernatural world in the eyes of a normal person

Rise of the Dungeon

As I meantioned in the comments of c29 the story is some what entertaining, thought most characters, mc included, are naive morons I believe it is part of the world setting of self rightous mercenaries and religion of the world.


What really bothers me is the good sentences destroyed by repeating misuse of incorrect grammar in verbs. And uncountable substantives. These blaring repeating mistakes make the story a headache to read, taking away a full rating in my view as the actual amount of typos is surprising nonexistant or close to it.


Quality writing, long chapters full of progress with seemingly no slice of life bullshit. The world is complex with each place having its own hidden political factions even if they dont show up in the mc s view. Although the sidecharacters are a bit too simple it is also part of the mc s idea for keeping people without thinking within the confinements the people are grown into. 

What makes your zombie apocalypse special.

Good story but the amount of typos is horrendous

Good start on a man against the world story but the mass of typos and lack of proofreading lowers the bar quite a bit.


Thankfully the errors don't make it a bad read simply a running through a proofreading software would do wonders with the typos and plural mistakes.

The Defective Hermit

Good story of surviving under the guidance of a crazy wizard

The chapters are long and rich with very little or none of filler. Though some chapters have too much technical speak on their equipment.


The alignment system of coloring status screens and a grumpy old millionaire hermit geek ready to fly up and rain fire upon people who step on his lawn like an angry god. Bring safety to the poor mooks that huddle under his power and get trapped in his dungeons.


Well written, From the first chapter things were interesting wanting to read more and a day later I unfortunately ran out even with the swift posting speed.


Though something I was wondering is why Stella would make herself look like how she appears to have herself ostracized by others.