1. Re: Why Hate Harem?

      What's the point of discussing bad works? That's pointless. You could do the same to litrpg. Most of the genre is equally unreadable if you aren't fan of the genre. Same goes for most indie dominated (...)

    2. Re: Why Hate Harem?

      You go ahead and eat your poop sundae and moan over how good it is. The rest of us are discussing what's wrong with a sundae filled with crap.. Yeah, you can insult and laugh all you like at those of (...)

    3. Re: Litrp: why are kids useless?

      Apocalypse Parenting does a great job at exploring this question. It's well written and I believe the author is a mother themselves, which would explain how the kid characters are so super authentic. (...)

    4. Re: A good Wizard novel

      Underworld, The Last Orellen, and Paranoid Mage are my current ongoing favorite wizard stories on this site. Mother of Learning is of course the completed classic, if you haven't read it already.

    5. Re: How much is too much?

      Never enough. Chapters are digital crack.

    6. Re: You can make almost any plot premise work with masterful execution

      You've misunderstood OPMs premise completely. OPM is popular exactly because of its genius premise. "An OP everyman 'hero for fun' kills everything in one punch, but is troubled by the fact that (...)

    7. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      Every scene a sex scene or you don't have enough imo. On a serious note, plenty of mature fic writers out there make tastefully sexy stories out of anything. Stephan Seijic, Alexis Flower, Cebelius, (...)

    8. Re: Character Vs Setting Book blurb

      Character is better. Those first few sentences in setting focused one are not a good hook at all. One good part about the latter blurb though is that you added a hint at the stakes, though I would make (...)

    9. Re: The power fantasy an attempt at categorizing.

      Pretty decent cataloging for a start, though your take on harem is pretty narrow. The fantasy of harem is a bit more complex, and you can find some different examples of it on Amazon if you compare authors (...)

    10. Re: How deep does your worldbuilding go?

      As deep/shallow as it needs to be, plus a list of unassorted thematically fitting ideas that might or might not make it in. I find that doing in depth and "well done" worldbuilding can often ruin a (...)

    11. Re: Using emboldenment to signify shouting/raised voice?

      I like bold text when used sparingly to express something supernatural in the one. Like someone using a form of truenaming or authority powers to speak words into reality. For example, its use in Cradle (...)

    12. Re: How dark is too dark for you. (story-wise)

      For me, dark is fine if the characters know how to cope. I don't want to read 24/7 about mopy internal monologue and "oh woe is me" in a dark setting/premise. But I'm all for reading about proactive go-getters (...)

    13. Re: How do you all feel about stories where any character can die?

      Depends entirely whether or not the author is using character deaths properly. If you keep killing characters in a character focused story, you'll end up burning your audience. Why bother getting invested (...)

    14. SUFFERING FROM INSUFFICIENT CHEST HAIR? TRY THIS! ALPHA CULTIVATION I've been told this helps. If the hair doesn't start growing after reading the chapters (...)

    15. Re: Discussion: Thoughtful storytelling vs Engineered storytelling

      That's a fun distinction you make OP. I think things feel engineered when the writer hasn't yet fully internalized the storytelling/dialogue/writing-theory/tropes they're trying to apply. That uncertainty (...)

    16. Re: H'loo

      Welcome! I think writing for yourself is the best way to keep enjoying writing and being able to stick with it. Then again, it'll still be there when you come back to it if you end up taking a (possibly (...)

    17. Re: Character Voice Cheatsheet

      this is a great way to improve your english writing i also recommend lots of active listening find a tv show you like (a couple would be best) and put all your listening abilities to the test :DrakanAmused: (...)

    18. Re: Promote your story – but by only describing your protagonist !!! TITAN !!!! !!!! MAXIMUS !!!! !!!! CHADMAN  !!!! The seventh head of Alpha Cultivation sect. With muscles (...)

    19. Character Voice Cheatsheet

      As an ESL, I've always struggled with authentic and unique character voices, since I've got no ear for picking up accents. I've also spent far too long trying to find good sources for differentiating (...)

    20. Re: H'loo

      your novel is hilarious, and welcome to the site from the looks of it, you're doing something very right good luck on your journey through the world of writing stuff we'll all have your back if the (...)