MK bk-201

MK bk-201

(Oneshot) I Shouldn't Have Pretended to be the Female Lead

i dont read a lot of short stories but this one is super funny, its a twist in the story of where the hero has to go slay the demon king with little to no support besides his party or alone, this hero however pretends to be a woman cause he dosent want to risk his life, so he becomes the holy maiden.

I Never Wanted You Dead

Great read it was a lot more shocking than i was expecing, it wont even take you more than a few minutes to read, but it hits hard, its short but bitter, i would love to see a work based on this, but as a one shot is still perfectly fine, definitely recommended.

Apocalypse Tamer

Maxime J. Durand (Void herald) does it again!

He bring us again the jokes, the references, the great LitRPG straight out of the Best Dragon Vainqueur and the references!.

If you liked any work of Void you know it will be good, he is one of the best if not the best author in all Royalroad, he just has a style of writing, a form of comedy and a formula you just cant match.

I am looking forward to how this work will turn out and im so happy to have found it in its early parts so i can enjoy it right away, if it is anything like Vainqueur i know it will be very enjoyable

The style looks amazing, i just love the blue screen and system interactions and how even the most little parts can bring a laugh.

The story its about a dude who dosent care about becoming a god ( yet, i assume), he just wants to chill with his pets

The grammar impecable

The characters are besides the protagonist are a cat who belives himself superior to all things (also that he is a mini panther) and a bug who got defeated thinking the protagonist would be his first step to become a god.

Thank you again Void

My class [Death Knight] is just barely legal...

Pretty good, interesting start, for the characters a protagonist who works hard towards a goal, a little too trusting for my taste and the plot armor may have started a little too thick, but overall still pretty nice, we dont have a lot more of character depth yet but in the recent chapters the mc has showed some serious balls so i dig that, for the quantity of chapters it has its been coming along nicely and i hope to see it continue that way

The story is about a simple being with the dream of being a royal knight or some kind of hero, pretty standard even used up cliché, now what is the difference here?

well the protagonist gets a "death knight" class, you know the pretty op undead monster?, yeah that but its nerfed till he tiers up a couple of times, it also comes with a regen skill wich actually makes him reckless or straight up stupid when taking risks, since he just trust that to save him.


The style, what can i say im a sucker for blue boxes, you cant go wrong with that, its also quite well place and it feels good to see it that way

The grammar... it could use some work, it makes a lot of mistakes in new chapters, but the author picks up all if not most corrections and in 1 or 2 days they are done, way better than some author that just leave errors there.



The Entropic Knight - a litRPG Story

Has a lot of potential, little rough in the edges

The start is a little slow, but a lot of them are. The story is interesting in a sense that you either get lucky or you die, there is little between the 2 options.

The style is nice, i would a little more contrast about the system messages and the rest of the writing, but besides that the writing is rather fluid

The story is in the early stages, so we will have to wait and see more, the contents and lore are not heavy and its easy to read, if not lacking a little more background, but its up to your own opinion

The grammar is solid, no major flaws if any.

There are little characters for now, but i have to say the author really did bring a lot personality to the goblins, i didint expect to see sapient monsters this early, but its an interesting approach, there is no much to say about the protagonist, just a guy who wants to go in adventures and has over the top luck.

So ill say you should atleast give it a shot

PD: is the first time i wrote an advanced review so i hope i made my impressions clear


Vainqueur the Dragon

Funniest thing i have ever read

As the title says, hands down the funniest thing i have ever read, i dont belive anything will top it, when it comes to comedy.

regarding the style its pretty good, blue screen to highlight, system messages, italic when sarcasm, little details that make it even more enjoyable.

the grammar is pretty much with no errors, i think i have seen like one or two, but nothing that one cant get what is was meant..

The story is about a dragon who, when catching a thief, comes to know about how other races become stronger and wants to become an adventurer!, a dragon, a fricking adventurer!.             Since people dont really want to deal with a dragon they let him!, they really let a damn dragon complete quests while destroying everything between him and his goals and gold, while recruiting minions along the way, as every dragon should!.

The characters are all pretty well done, of course the minor ones dont have much depth but still bring funny situations when they interact with each other.                                                              The main ones V&V are Victor "Minion" Dalton and Vainqueur Vnightsbane, a unfortunate person who became subordinate to a dragon and a dragon who cant seem to see more than gold, minions and food. While the dragon tries to increase the size of his hoard, Victor tries to make him not wage war with the rest of the world, and hopefully depend a little more in each other.

I recommend this fiction to everyone who looks for a fun read, and i would like to thank the author for bringing such a good read for all people to read.

Everybody Loves Large Chests

It is the first novel i have read in royalroad and i totally enjoyed it, although the ending was unexpected to say the least, it was a very good read i loved the characters, the schemes and of course the tasties, the shinies, the softies and the large chests. thanks to the author.

The style is solid, blue boxes, precise descriptions, what you expect in a Litrpg, i like that there are different points of view and the way that each side sees how things develop unaware of how wrong one could be, or who is fooling who.

About the story i dont have much to say, i love the monster protagonist angle and this fiction is simply brilliant in that area, and the psychology aspect of the story is really captivating, like a person who becomes a monster struggles with how to act, but a monster becoming person?, he is a natural. I will say that the ending threw off bad, maybe it just blew my mind too hard idk, still besides the ending solid 5 stars, with the ending 4 stars.

The grammar is practically flawless, i never seen a grammatical error and boy i did look, as i am not a native speaker i did struggle with some more fancy words but besides that zero complaints

The characters, i have not enough space or time to say everything i want to say about them so ill just say a few words.

The mimic: the funniest protagonist i have ever seen, a complete psycho and at the same time the purest child, a weird cocktail that gives birth to a great story

The demons: wasent the biggest fan of the sex scenes, but hey it was funny in the long run and i love how they interact with each other

Our favorite random god: that i just love about this guy is that he is soooo random and that his antincs made the story so entertaining, without him half of the show would not be the same.

Azarinth Healer

Great novel, a nice pace of a protagonist who dosent have a great objective but is simplyingly chilling and doing her own stuff, who at the same time is complete battle junkie.

The style is nice, simple, i like how the system messages are presented.

The grammar has some minor issues, some problem with spacing, missing a few letters or not using the correct one, is usually just a couple of words or sentences, but still bugs me.

Now the story, is simple, just a girl who got isekai'd to a fantasy world where in her own words every one has a chance to fight, rise above and grasp for power, she just wants the freedom to be able to choose her own path, the grinding and leveling are my favorite parts, besides the battles of course, around chapter 200ish the story got very political heavy and while i didint like that very much its was part for increasing the plot.

The characters are great, there is diversity in race, origin, lifestyle, views, etc. It shows that there are a lot of different perspectives and it brings depth to every character, how they deal with the situations, how they grieve and overcome challenges and loses, also i like that they are not serious all the time like in other fictions, since no one can be all the time in one mood.

The Primal Hunter

I finally caught up! i been meaning to read this since a long time ago but i had other books to finish, test to study for, i just keeping postponing it, and i am so glad i finally got down to read it, i really like it and now i am victim to waiting for the next release, and you will too in due time.

For the story is pretty standard in the early parts but deeper down and we know more about the system it gets more and more captivating, initially i wasent into how the system and how you can only get skills by leveling up, but down the road it highlighted that you cant boil down a character to simple numbers, i think it makes it far more creative and interesting, i also love how there are very different points of view, to some a person is kind and to some that same person is more evil than anyone else

The characters are very varied and while they are not a lot i think or not many relevant, most of the characters are very deep and i no way bland, they have a lot of uniqueness, i like the most Jake, Villy and the sword saint.

the grammar is good, solid, some errors here and there, but nothing that affects more than a few sentences.

I love the style, the monologues and the different point of views, also the system messages.

Congrats on the book btw, looking forward to see more