MK bk-201

MK bk-201

Dungeon Devotee

Dungeon diving at its purest

A great story about a man with a single purpose, destroy the dungeon no matter what it takes, even his sanity

Like the title says, its dungeon diving at its purest, each chapter is a floor and its well paced, although the aspect system is a little hard to follow is an amazing story

Once Upon a Box

If you have read Everybody Loves Large Chests this short read will be nice for you to have some little context about the genius elf and his demons, or you know, if you like cats and would like to read about one who is like a turtle, but his shell is a box

Never Die Twice

Great novel, the story is easy to read and it flows at a nice pace, it also has some really nice lore regarding the norse and aesir, the novel itself its also fairly short so i recomend to anyone, specially to newbies in this site.

The story: its about a simple alchemy shopkeeper who secretly is one of the last necromancers to ever exists, also a dungeon master, his objective?, to escape death, make the cure for it, making everybody inmune to it. Hence never die twice, altough his intentions are good his methods are not, for him every means justify the end, in a world where its easy for you to go to Hel if you dont die in a battlefield its up to him to bring fairness to everyone, to become the lesser evil in front of the gods injustice.

The style and grammar are solid, although it is an Litrpg there is not much of it compared to other works by the same author.

The characters are pretty well written, it goes on depth about the motivations, objectives and insecurities of each one, also how they relate and clash with each other, specially in the case of the protagonist and the princess.

The Perfect Run: Bad Runs

For anyone who has read the main story i strongly recommend for you to read this, here we see how different possibilities would turn out, for now we only have 2: if Ryan had become a Psycho by taking another elixir and he and Len would have taken each other elixir, both are great, the worst ending and a happy but not perfect ending, im hoping to see a couple more before the author end this.

The Perfect Run

I love this series, it has become of my favorite superhero stories ever, as always Void is peak comedy and fiction                                                                              

In a world where people have gotten superpowers and the world has suffered a great deal because of some of those superhumans we see the city of New Rome one of the biggest places after the wars ended and in this place is told the story of Ryan Romano, alias Quicksave, he is inmortal but don’t tell anyone, a simple courier who loves videogames and seeks to save as many people as possible, get his Perfect Run, help a friend and maybe get over his daddy issues.

About the characters, they are just so vivid, you can feel the raw emotion they are going trough, most of their personalities are shown deeply during the series and they achieve great growth, specially our dashing protagonist, also the way each character appeals to emotion and interact with each other circumstances its great.

There not much to say about the grammar, i havent seen any errors as far as i can tell.

Im not really a expert regarding style but is easy to read and you have no trouble seeing who is speaking.

Lonely Light (Complete)

Its a cute little short story of a recently broken angel taken away from home and one already broken who wish to save her, the dynamics of the light and darkness are interesting and have deep meaning in the human nature, and even deeper in these beings of higher realms.

Monsters of Terra: A Compendium

It was a fun read, each chapter a little description a tale about some creature, some we all know of the general fantasy world, and some unique to this one, altough it might get a little tedious in the middle part. I would have loved to see a entry for humans, elves or dwarves, but sadly there wasent

[Short] behind your smile | 你的笑容 (COMPLETED ✓)

Its a simple, well written and beatiful short story, if you have around 15 minutes to spare i absolutely recommend you to read this, it has a lot of quotes that really fit the story and have some really deep meaning.

Also i love the cover, it looks soooo good, thanks for the work dear Author.

(Oneshot) I Shouldn't Have Pretended to be the Female Lead

i dont read a lot of short stories but this one is super funny, its a twist in the story of where the hero has to go slay the demon king with little to no support besides his party or alone, this hero however pretends to be a woman cause he dosent want to risk his life, so he becomes the holy maiden.

I Never Wanted You Dead

Great read it was a lot more shocking than i was expecing, it wont even take you more than a few minutes to read, but it hits hard, its short but bitter, i would love to see a work based on this, but as a one shot is still perfectly fine, definitely recommended.