The Ogre's Pendant & The Rat in the Pit (Completed)

I am rating this story 5/5. why? because the site constraint of 10/5 stars, which this story definitely deserves. 

I am a 80's kid. Fantasy meant Tolkien-esque elves, Ankh morpork and the duo Fafhrad and Gray mouser, Especially Fafhrad and Gray Mouser. No reincarnations, no transmigrations, and no overpowered MCs. Just two simpletons born in an unforgiving world, surviving by their wits and swords. 

The world, is a simpler place, where. diplomacy entails kings swings swords. Wizards relied on good ol' fireballs, where skulls were meant to be crushed with bare hands, a-la-conan style.  And the heroes, never concerned themselves demonlords, only their tabs at the inn. Perpetually angering the gods of commerce and finance. This is the world that traitorman painted in the story. 

With the fluid descriptive prose, the story sent a tender breeze of nostalgia as I raced through chapters while in the middle of conference calls. 


I have said this often, and I will say this again in the review. If the author every writes a emotion and descriptions thesaurus, I will figgin buy it. 


Perfection. Just one word. 


Now here is where things get a bit nifty. I personally enjoyed the story. The premise was simple. The execution was superb. But some readers might find the story premise to be a bit simple. Your own mileages may vary. But I am still giving it 5.  For the story was engaging, page turner and moving. 


The two main MCs were beautifully crafted. Especially the cynical one. The dynamics between them, their friendly banters and how they their skills complement each other. Even chapters where there weren't any significant plot growth or action, was never lame because of the machination and jest between the MCs. 

Too bad the story is too short. I would have enjoyed more of Kyembe and Wurhi. 

Serenity of the Crow

Before I delve in, the obvious disclosure, I interact with the author in the comments sections frequently. 

It goes without saying, not in RR obviously. 


Now to the nifty topic of rating. 

Foremost, the style. On the go, from the very first chapter, the author's skill with presenting and carrying the story impressed me. Especially, the fight scenes, right in the first chapter were well written. That was the decisive moment when I knew that I had to read the story to the end. After all, I could not resist a snappy cynical talking crow and a tired quasi-reluctant hero on a quest. 

Onwards towards Grammar. I confess, I am no expert when it comes to grammar. From what I read, there seemed almost no grammatical errors and the story progressed smoothly. Nothing that could deter a fun reading experience. 

The Characters, the heart of any good story-telling. The primary characters are  infact very much relatable, though your mileages may vary. Fena, the primary MC is plagued with self-doubt and second-guessing her life choices while at the same time summoning her inner strength to move forward. Indigo, the other MC, despite being hailed as a prodigy, lacks assertiveness. This is not the story of a peerless warrior and an invincible mage forming a power-couple duo but rather two flawed imperfect creatures coming together to find strength in each other. 

Moving on to the secondary characters, there is an annoying talking crow who may or maynot be a figment of someone's imagination. Like who can resist a talking crow. They are like fantasy catnips. A talking crow always means that the story is going to get complex. I mean, seriously, when has there ever been a situation where a crow appeared like a deux-ex-machina. Crows do not appear in fantasy stories to make the plot simple. A talking crow, is always, always a clear sign of a complex plot. 

And then there is a great supporting cast and even the very minor characters have a soul and emotion and they bring a lot to the story. Even the supposed antagonist has their motivations and not just another emo dark lord planning on world domination. 

Also considering the fact that, it is chapter 25 and the two MC's haven't been introduced to one another yet. I am adding one more point to slow-burn-yuri in the story telling. The MC becomes tongue-tied when she meet another attractive girl and thinks the other party cast a charm spell on her. One more additional point for clueless MC, in the GL setting. 


An engaging and promising story, with mutli-facets to get enamoured with. 





Following a single protagonist is a staple form of story-telling among Webnovels. Occasionally, an author might decide to introduce two POVs following two different storylines. The author took the brave step and here we have a story following three different protagonist, each with their own priorities and yet their stories intertwine.

The writing style is on par with professional, established authors. There are few minor typos littered around but can be easily overlooked. The fight scenes were kept faily simple but that added to the charm of the story. 

Now regarding to the story itself. The story is fast paced. Eventhough the primary three storylines seemed fairly simple, painted against the backdrop of an orwellian government or zealout faction in the Imperium controlling their citizens. Just when things seems to fall in place, the readers are provided cryptics hints on events at a bigger scale and the bigger players are pawns themselves. 

The story in its present premise shows far more potential to evolve. 

The characters, this is where the story telling shines. You might love them, hate them and mid story might even change you opinion of them. Without revealing any spoilers, one of my favourite character did something extremely unexpected and the best part, given their personality that is exactly how the character would have responded in such a situation. The thought process and situations leading to the actions were well described. In my opinion, not an easy task. The author has put in enough effort. Hats off to that. 

The story is highly recommendable for readers who are seeking for a fast-paced action packed story. 

Her Golemancer Girlfriend

This one is a hidden gem. 

Let us start with the basic premise, GL/Yuri. Traditional GL is mostly based on two MC's getting to know each other and working out their feeling. This story is not about that. The author broke the mold. Right from the beginning, the readers are told that they are couple. The GL is more focused on the MC undergoing trials and tribulations to reunite with her GF, along the way we meet a bunch of odd, quirky, goofy and lovable characters. 

The author's prose is eloquent. There are moments when the descriptions almost felt too poetic. There are few overlooked typos but that by no means deter the quality of story telling nor does it hinder a fun reading experience. 

Now for the World building, This is where the story tops. Most of the story takes place in a fantasy metropolis of Fleettwixt. The author has put in enough effort to describe various sights and lives in the city so much that the city itself becomes vibrant part of the story. 

Finally, the story itself, the basic premise is a simple one. MC seeks her lost love and as the story proceeds the readers are shown a glimpse into the background, an evil corporatation, draining the continent and the countryside of their resource. No evil mega-villains or dark lords here. The antagonist in the story is very much relatable even though the story is tagged fantasy. 

Highly recommended