1. Re: Lesbian/GL Action-adventure stories?

      I would also like to shamelessly promote my own story here.  Has GL, fantasy but no isekai. 

    2. Re: I have managed to write one million words in the last year.

      Wow.... just Wow... that is some staggering number. Congrats.

    3. Re: 10,000 views!

      A nice goal and a wonderful achievement. Congrats.

    4. Re: How would your MC try to negotiate with you?

      MC: Author, give me a ubercool divine weapon and an army of warforged Templars.  An evil smirk graced her slender lips. Author: No.  MC: With those I could raze a few empires and turn it into a (...)

    5. Re: 25 followers and going strong (hopefully)

      Congrats buddy.... I know the feeling..... 

    6. Re: After 109 chapters, and over 300,000 words I got to where I wanted to be in chapter 20

      Congrats on reaching your goal.  Take comfort in the fact that your characters simply refuse to listen, mine have the nasty habit of bringing friends, cousins and the guy who owe them money to the story...... (...)

    7. Re: Romantic Fantasy & Fantasy Romance

      Could I also request my own work to be added? https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/47450/chronicles-of-a-fallen-matriarch Ongoing and scheduled for around 50 chapters as of now.  Planned: twice (...)

    8. Re: Giving out free (almost) reviews.

      I offer my own, in sig, it is traditional fantasy.  Also I always give reps for comments.  Thanks for your kind offer, You are doing Muse's work here.

    9. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      I'm a few days away from completing the final touches, so a couple questions real quick: Do you want me to list the authors name? if so where, after the title or in the tags Do you want the page counts (...)

    10. Re: Don't you hate it when

      you have a character that you really want to introduce but it'll take you months to get there? I got a trick for you, got you fam. 1. Foreshadowing the appearance of the character.  e.g maybe a (...)

    11. Re: Weirdest combinations of genres

      Wth is GB? Probably best not to know. Gender Bender Why so many BL? What's wrong with good ol' hetero romance? hence my claim in point 2. Q.E.D. :peolaughing:

    12. Re: Weirdest combinations of genres

      Where do I begin. I have tons of ideas.  1. Magical girls + BL without GB. ------> Not sure if anyone could even manage that.  2. Cultivation, progression fantasy with strong BL leads ------> Author (...)

    13. Re: 3000+ views & 14 followers

      I would say, congrats and keep writing. from now on , it is only progress. 

    14. I finally joined the 1K views club

      As the title says. I finally managed to hit the 1 K views. 

    15. Re: Creating Photorealistic Character Portraits with Artbreeder.com

      I have to say this but this really amazing.  After a hour of fiddling around, this is what I managed to create for my story's MC. My MC is an older dark elf, so I am impressed with how it came out. (...)

    16. Re: What program do you write in?

      I am probably another weird outlier here. I, for the love of all things creative, cannot focus when I have too many buttons on my screen. I need a plain blank visual to work with.  So basically, it (...)

    17. Re: Hit 25 followers

      Cheers, buddy. great job

    18. Re: Finally, My writing is 11-12th grade.

      my writing is Grade 11-12, for Hemingway app using the same chapter, it's Grade 4.   Oh yes that is because the hemmingwayapp uses a different measure set.  For hemmingwayapp, the lower the grade (...)

    19. Re: Finally, My writing is 11-12th grade.

      Commercially, you don't actually want this if you want to be read widely. The average person does not read at a high level. And when they read for fun, they want things to be easy to consume. Pop fiction (...)