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Other Slater

    1. Re: Good written fights?

      I suggest you watch a action movie and go with the flow. It works, I've been told that my novels benefited from doing this.

    2. Re: What do you do when you're not writing/reading?

      Play games, make edits, plan, work. What a usual GOAT in training does.

    3. Do the ad campaigns work?

      Just asking. Been thinking of sliding a 50 so have the banners up. Just asking if it actually works.

    4. Re: Finally reached 2k views


    5. The comeup

      It’s been going really good so far. Dopeman hit 3K!!!! LoveHER is finished and hit 100  AKM is on its way to hit like 200-300. It’s been dope. Fr. Thank y’all.

    6. Re: How to solicit reviews? (other than swaps)

      Extortion works, but you said "ethical."

    7. Re: The effect of Author culture on Story MCs

      Me, I embrace my background with everything I write.  I mix cultures all the time, or I just include my own.  Like Dopeman has heavy commentary about the crack epidemic, identity. Just street (...)

    8. Re: I made an effort.

      Nah bro, I like it, so it's automatically dope

    9. Re: 3rd LAW: Mixed Magical Arts Reached 100 Views!

      I think I'll give it a read. It's something different. I love the cover, so you're doing a lot of good so far!

    10. Re: Reviewed 40 fictions

      Although some of the reps may have been obtained through questionable ways  You did som strange for some change, twin?

    11. I made an effort.

      I've been inspired by some people (especially Space Pickle, thanks lol) to make an effort on my signature. So I made this. Does it look hot? My semester in graphic design paid off lmao.

    12. Re: Superpower for side characters

      Common sense? It's so rare it is a superpower. Magic grammar correction? The ability NOT to think about sex, cars and weapons for more than 5 minutes? (or clothes, shopping and makeup?) Did (...)

    13. Calling all poetry writers!

      I'm coming up on a part in AKM where one of the characters makes a poem to express their obsession over another character. I need it depraved, crazy, but sweet and romantic. If you're interested, say something (...)

    14. Re: What's your favorite non-fantasy thing to write?

      You mean non-fantastical, or non-sword&sorcery? Well, the post does say non-fantasy 

    15. Re: Superpower for side characters

      The ability to turn anything to metal, even their own skin. 

    16. Re: What's your favorite non-fantasy thing to write?

      Psychological descents into madness and meta humor. Now THAT'S hot.

    17. What's your favorite non-fantasy thing to write?

      I'm curious. I've always been a man who'll favor realism over anything. Let's shake it up. I wanna see something. 

    18. Re: A suggestion to help with toxicity toward authors

      don't give a shit Exactly lmao. It's the internet. Really you can just as easily ignore them. I don't understand how words on a screen by a stranger can hurt a person, but here we are.

    19. Re: Join my Main Character Deathmatch!

      The second round is out.  Enjoyable, though M00N was a little too robotic. She's an android. Then again it's hard to explain so I can't blame ya too much. I liked it!