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Other Slater

    1. Re: You story in a sentence

      Horny gang members, a manic yakuza boss, and an old detective do crazy shit in a cyberpunk town. 

    2. Re: Are there any characters in your story based on irl people?

      Dopeman has bits of my own personality.  Other than that I don't really base them on irl people, just fictional people because that's fun. Like M00N is slightly based off Gogo Yubari off Kill Bill. (...)

    3. Re: Multiple Books/Protagonists in Same LitRPG world?

      The main problem is math, timelines, and lots of planning. I'm doing that with my Dopeman/AKM series with then sharing the same timeline, I have to do the math on the ages, years, make sure that if I kill (...)

    4. Re: Is it True Female MCs are Unpopular?

      Please try to meet a girl in real life. At least once.  y’all beating his ass rn LMAO

    5. Re: Is it True Female MCs are Unpopular?

      If I want to use this as a springboard to publishing someday, will using a female MC limit the popularity of my story?  That is no longer a factor. Really that shouldn't be a question. People getting (...)

    6. Re: Hey everyone.

      Who's that Slater guy. looks lame. Enjoy your time here, pal

    7. Re: Writing Dialogue

      I just use slang like ain't or I exaggerate certain twangs in speech. 

    8. Re: The Strangest Request

      Out of curiosity, have you seen Samurai Champloo I have watched Champloo like it’s the Bible. I’ve analyzed it up and down 

    9. Re: Best web fiction communities besides RoyalRoad?

      I can understand how some people might read some condescension into the original post about me being shocked.  I didn't mean it that way, but maybe that specific wording made people feel defensive for (...)

    10. Re: Best web fiction communities besides RoyalRoad?

      Haha! Wow! Honestly, I was never interested in Wattpad. Even before all the drama and downfall of late. MHA Yaoi and DreamXSelf insert make the world go round in Wattpad.

    11. Re: Best web fiction communities besides RoyalRoad?

      There are like five people a week going, "Waaaah, why is everything on here litrpg??  I hate it."  The answer is because it's a litrpg site that expanded to other genres.  You don't need a history (...)

    12. Freestyle, For the homies.

      As I'm getting in the mood for the rapper story, I want to see how y'all would do. spit a couple of rhymes for me, one bar will do!

    13. Re: Best web fiction communities besides RoyalRoad?

      It just shocks me how many people don't understand the history of the site and the reference of the site name. You know, a lot of people don't make litrpg, right? They just know it's a site where (...)

    14. Re: Best web fiction communities besides RoyalRoad?

      The wattys, a competition for authors became more and more bias/based on popularity then talent and many authors I liked moved here or where offered contracts by tapas/webtoons to move there series and (...)

    15. The Dopeman, done.

      57 days ago, I didn't expect to really break 1K views, let alone 3 THOUSAND. Like deadass I almost teared up typing up the ending remarks, because I meant every word. I was dealing with so much in (...)

    16. Re: Best web fiction communities besides RoyalRoad?

      but the popularity of litrpg (don't care for this genre at all) is a bit concerning to me since it suggests that maybe the reader-base on this site isn't the right target audience. I'll always (...)

    17. Re: The Strangest Request

      Love the names so far.  I think I’m gonna turn it into a comedy renaissance-like story about a scammer who rhymes on the side. I think that sounds pretty fun.

    18. The Strangest Request

      This is so weird. I REALLY wanna make a fantasy novel, but I can't think of shit! But, I do have an idea of a story, a mockumentary about a trap rapper. Something far beyond people's interest I bet, (...)

    19. Re: Long titles to books or chapters suck, change my mind.

      It makes sense to tell your audience what to expect in the title Does it? What ever happened to suspense? “Avengers: a super hero movie invoking all the former superhero in the movies you (...)