The Shadows Become Her

A well written piece with a promising future

This story has definitely caught my interest, which a lot of other RR stories have failed to do. It could simply be bad luck, but having browsed RR for a while, and checking out a few books, nothing I read really spoke to me. Thankfully this book did. The first chapter hooked me, and the subsequent chapters kept me invested. That's to say that it didn't trip over itself at some points, however let's start with the parts I thoroughly enjoyed.

The atmosphere that this book created was refreshingly unique for me. This feels like a book that I'd find at the back of my shelf, adorned with a simple cover and covered in dust. Opening a book like that, and feeling that rush of euphoria as you flip through the faded pages as you realize you have uncovered something special, is something truly unforgettable. I remember when I first felt that feeling, reading Lord of the Rings as a kid. This book was obviously unable to completely replicate that feeling, but it gave me a shimmer of that ecstasy. The world it created really hooked me, and even after it hooked me it hooked me even more. It is obvious that a lot of thought went into making this world.

The second thing that really stood out to me was the word choice and grammar used by this author. It is very clear that this story was edited and proofread many, many times. There aren't a lot of books that make me search up vocab, but this book taught me all kinds of new words (none of which I can tell you now, since I've forgotten how to spell them). Thankfully, the use of such vocabulary doesn't impede on the reader's understanding of the events, and only serves to provide more insight into what is happening. I was very impressed with the care put into this book's verbal presentation.

Now onto the things that I think could use a tiny bit of work, starting with the story. Out of all of the elements of this book, the story was probably the one thing that didn't stand out all that much, which certainly isn't a bad thing, but also isn't necessarily a good thing. Obviously, as the story progresses, my opinions may change, since we've only got the first few chapters after all. It definitely isn't my biggest problem with the book.

My main problem with this book is the characters, to be more precise the character growth and development. Now, let me be clear, this is by no means a big issue. In many other books I would probably ignore this issue all together, and possibly not even notice it. However, I simply think that in this book it stands out, simply because there aren't anyother issues that stand out. I'm going to try and explain things without spoilers, but if I do it will be marked as such. 

My issue with the character's in this book is not how they are presented, but how that presentation seems to stay stagnant, even throughout important events that should change a character's attitudes and behaviors. There are times in this book where a character's life gets turned upside down, and they don't change their attitudes or how they view the world. Essentially they say they are going to change something about themselves, and they say they are going to do something, but they never really try to achieve that goal. I feel like some potential is missing there, and If this is rectified in later chapters I will definitely edit this review. 

All and all The Shadows Become Her is a good read, with a flavorful style that's expertly written and presented. The story and characters are good, but have the potential to get better, which hopefully means that this story's quality will only go up. I have high hopes, and I highly recommend this book.