1. Re: Help Me Choose a Cover! (3 options)

      I'm going to be the odd one out here and say 1. Since the covers on royal road are smaller it's probably best to have a large focus in the center of your cover (obviously i'm no expert. 3 would also work (...)

    2. Art for a project I'm working on!

      This is some artwork that was done by my friend/ illustrator for a project I'm working on. I plan to eventually post the final work here! In the meantime, please give the artist a follow on his twitter: (...)

    3. Considering I haven't done this yet, I might as well.

      I've been decently active on RR for around a week now, but I haven't introduced myself here yet. So, considering I intend to have a presence here, miniscule as it may be, I might as well give away my personal (...)

    4. Re: Advice for writing a character with dissociative identity disorder

      Biggest advice I can give is research. When your dealing with something like mental illness, it is so important that you have all of your facts correct. If even one thing doesn’t make sense, or doesn’t (...)

    5. Re: Do you have a specific song that you think of when you think of your story?

      And then it popped in my head and I can't un-see the relationship... Carry On Wayward Son Yes! I absolutely love that song! It has also inspired me a LOT when I'm writing. It, just like Kickstart (...)

    6. Do you have a specific song that you think of when you think of your story?

      Whenever I'm writing I tend to listen to music. I'll often listen to a variety of songs, but there are always some that really stand out and inspire me. Essentially, they get the vibe just right. What (...)

    7. Re: When Imagine a Scene, Is the Imagery flashing through your minds eye....

      For other people's writings, Its pretty hazy. For my own writings though it's incredibly clear. In fact, I make sure to imagine the scene that I'm currently writing, with a lot of detail. I'll then try (...)

    8. Writing Character's with memory loss/ amnesia?

      I'm trying to write a character who's lost his memories, and I'm not entirely sure what works and what doesn't. What things have worked for you or what some examples of good character's with memory loss (...)

    9. Re: What do you do when you're writing a particularly difficult scene/chapter?

      The answer to my issue seems pretty simple: Go outside and take a walk. As it's currently snowing in the middle of april, I'm not sure that's going to work out to well, but no worries. Simply taking a (...)

    10. What do you do when you're writing a particularly difficult scene/chapter?

      To clarify, I'm wondering what you guys do when you're stuck on a scene or chapter. I'm sure we've all felt that feeling where we simply can't make things read like we want them to read, and that's very (...)

    11. Re: What makes a good introduction?

      Thank you to everyone who replied to this thread. Your posts have helped me find the correct path to go down in my own story. Thank you for your insights!

    12. What makes a good introduction?

      I am curious to know what elements of an introduction you enjoy the most, and why? What makes these introductions good in the context of their stories, and what makes you want to read the rest of the book? (...)