1. Re: Ill proof read for free

      whenever you find the time, i would appreciate any help with my story, void tear, should be accessible from my signature. english isn't my primary language and mistakes or sentences that might be confusing, (...)

    2. Re: Just found out about this site...

      hello there mev, have a warm welcome to royal road! i myself have only began posting my story this month and i'm pretty new too! best of luck with your writings and i hope you're having fun doing them, (...)

    3. Re: Seems Cool

      i also draw a lot from local tales over here, i just change some things around to fit my world. My husband is Bulgarian, I pick his brain quite often for Slavic folklore and honestly it gives me (...)

    4. Re: Seems Cool

      Welcome! RR has lots of fantasy and I think tends to lean a little to the darker side, so you'll find plenty to read. Also, as others have said you have great English. And when you are ready to post (...)

    5. Re: best strategy game i ever played: sengoku rance

      sengoku rance really is a decent, if not great game, but i'd also recommend the darkness hero rance mod. the regular game is nice enough to play through with its story mode, but when it comes to just hopping (...)

    6. Re: First Review of My story!

      congratulations mister gridinad i hope you get many more reviews and more feedback :DrakanWine:

    7. Re: Seems Cool

      Great minds think alike. I've been inspired by many mediums of entertainment of which you've written of as well, and am a bit intrigued by what your work is going to be about, but we'll see when you (...)

    8. Re: Seems Cool

      Welcome to Royalroad! Hope you enjoy your stay. albeit I have a tonal preference for the former Why? Are you a fan of Berserk? i am liking it here so far! thank you. to answer your (...)

    9. Re: Here we are now, One thousand!

      ayo here's to even further growth :DrakanWine:

    10. Re: Seems Cool

      Welcome friend, impressive intro :DrakanWine: thank you i try :DrakanSmug;

    11. Re: Seems Cool

      Extremely warm welcomes for you, Jevtić! We're amped as heck to have you here; I'm personally pretty excited to see more international users around! We'll be watching for that Nov. 1'st drop, you sly (...)

    12. Re: Seems Cool

      Welcome! I wish you a very fun and exciting time here!:DrakanMelt: thank you :DrakanWine:  it's still a fairly long road ahead but i will do my best!

    13. questions regarding content warnings and tags

      'ello, i am curious about (translation: stressing over) the content warnings and tags. my upcoming story has multiple protagonists, as in, multiple characters just about equally share the leading role (...)

    14. Re: So...

      just write and hope it turns out gooder than the last time :DrakanFascinating:

    15. Re: How art thou like Shakespeare?

      i hath but the most basic of grasps on ye olde tongue of anglia. prithee excuseth mine ramblings for i am but a peasant. i doth so wonder if i cometh across as pretentious in mine own drivel whenever i (...)

    16. Re: Seems Cool

      more than 'fluent', how you write is likable and nice i don't think i'd ever offer you grammar advice keep on writing how you write, your voice is nice to read and welcome to the royal road, it's (...)

    17. Re: Seems Cool

      Welcome to Royal Road!  I do have to agree, your English is nice! I hope you have a great time here reading and writing your fiction! Good luck and happy trails! I hope so too, thank you and (...)

    18. Re: Character art from my various projects

      hello, that is some very good art but also good character designs! i like the crocodile man and the cyborg man, i'd say they're cool but everyone is cool, they just stick out to me. here's a drawing (...)

    19. Re: Fluttering in!

      hello i am very new too, do your best and take care!