1. Re: You ever get that feeling,

      I love editing my stuff, to the point that I cry when I read back some scenes or get hooked on reading my own story back. XD It's part of why I finally took the plunge into posting my own works. I just (...)

    2. Re: What about Isekai/Portal Fantasy that turns readers away the most?

      One of the things that tends to frustrate me about a lot of isekai is that they tend to be pretty repetitive and often run the same general ideas and concepts. Also a lot of isekais tend to feel very stagnant (...)

    3. Re: In your experience how do chapter names affect readership?

      I like chapter titles over just numbers, though numbers also help with keeping continuity. To me a chapter title is really useful in giving each chapter a distinctive vibe and makes them more memorable. (...)

    4. Re: Promote your story – but by only describing your protagonist

      A prince begins experiencing odd changes that results in them becoming a woman. Sent with the objective to slay the witch responsible the young royal is confronted with questions of gender, identity, and (...)

    5. Re: Words for 'humanity' in multi-species fantasy settings?

      Something worth considering is what culture is the most dominant/present in your world. Language and broad terms like humanity are pretty cultural in origin and usage, and a catch all term can definitely (...)

    6. Re: Story Idea Giveaways

      This sounds like a neat idea, so I'll throw it one out there. It's a very VERY boiled down idea for a setting I've pretty much abandoned, and even if I pick it up again, I'd likely go in a different direction. (...)

    7. Re: Talking to writers has made me jaded

      It's rather weird for me personally. Writing started as and is still largely a hobby for me. I just have ideas I want to share and get out there. Well that and I'm trying to write the kind of stories that (...)

    8. Re: What is better a Hard or Soft Magic system?

      I'm personally more preferential to soft magic myself. Having hard rules that can help explain the hows and whys can be incredibly good, but I tend to be more interested in those aspects from a worldbuilding (...)

    9. Re: The question of life, the univerese, everything.

      Pretty good, a little slow. Thriving in general though :D

    10. Re: Story length

      This is just for an experiment of mine that I just want to see if I'm right or wrong, but I want to know how long do you authors expect your story to last. It can be amount of pages or chapters, but (...)

    11. Re: Plot holes in your writing?

      I wrote something once about a group of people stuck in a dungeon. I wrote 10 chapters, got to an actual combat sequence and then realized I'd forgotten to give any of them weapons... I don't think (...)

    12. Re: Who here has the strongest MC

      Just thought it would be a bit of fun to talk about how powerful our MC's are. List their powers, equipment, and abilities. And then their most impressive feat/s thus far along with a character from (...)

    13. Re: I've grown to hate stories where the underdog is automatically the good guy

      I think a lot of why underdog stories are so prevalent is because a lot of stories are told to and for people who don't have a lot of systemic power. A lot of fiction is about addressing social ills in (...)

    14. Re: Fluttering in!

      Thanks for the warm welcome! :D

    15. Fluttering in!

      Hi hi! I'm Emi! I've been seeing this place referenced a few times and decided to give it a try. I'm your typical trans gal with big thoughts and plans. :p I'm aiming to start posting my works (...)