Thane’s War

Great but needs a little work

I've read countless zombie fictions, seen the same horrific tales unfold before my eyes countless times. However, this one is something different, a truly intriguing side of the story. While the style is lacklustre, extremely rough on the edges and sometimes truly unique. The humanity of Thane, pacing, action sequences and military blend all prove fantastic. The combat, style, procedures, and everything are written to perfection. In some segments, one can observe beautiful imagery and the author does a fantastic job of bringing Thane's character to life. By the end of the days before we get to feel for him, truly understand him and a world is built before us. 

In terms of grammar, the fiction is good, some segments are a little hazy but overall it seems quite professional. The diction and word choice fits well with the tale and provides some humorous elements. This segment does need help, however, but it is minor and does not affect readability.

Character: Thane, Doc, Kelly, all the characters portrayed throughout the tale, are incredibly human, well thought out and described. We get a key insight into their emotional standpoints, and views and are able to fully appreciate the horrors and suffering they represent. This is in my opinion the strongest point of the story. The characters are extremely well-developed. The author does a fantastic job of bringing them to life.

Style: Honestly the style is interesting, the pacing is good, and word choice fits the participants and setting, however, some aspects are a little cliche, others confusing and in general leaves you with the feeling of a gourmet dish cooked out of discarded trash. It's bad and good at the exact same time if that makes sense. I know it's bad yet it still is enthralling and has me wanting for more development and to truly see Thane's tale. As such to say it plainly it's unorthodox but it works. Some dialogue segments (things one person says) are incredibly large, but they need to be large to convey the story. Thane's return home is extremely fast-paced but it fits well with the emerging chapters etc. 

Story: The overall story is fantastic, a military zombie fiction we all needed in our lives and shows immense promise. Possibility etched into every page, I will keep up with this writing as I want to know what will happen. I honestly am intrigued, the stage is set, the curtain is drawn and a story is unfolding in front, Thane's exploits in the field of battle, troops, tale, everything is articulate and well devised. The author does a great job with combat, pacing and build.

Overall, a promising fiction that can arise to great heights.

I look forward to reading when more chapters are posted!

I want to know how this pans out!



No Heroes There (A Dark Superhero Story)

A superhero tale similar to much already present here on Royal road, No Heroes There takes an interesting spin on the genre. Following the plight of the anti-hero/hero Chetachi the reader is introduced to a meticulate and fascinating world of superpowers, villains and mysterious organizations. While the plot may not be the most original, the author provides an intricate and action-packed tale through their amazing display of emotion.  Chetachi  is a very built-up and detailed character who takes the page by storm. I can see great potential with this fiction and enormous possibility in terms of plot! 

In terms of grammar, the fiction is apparently flawless, but there are a few mistakes which are paltry in number strewn throughout.


When discussing style, this is a very strong point and by far one of the greatest executions of the first-person perspective I have seen of late. A perfect blend of action, tension, build and professionalism cascades throughout the pages to easily conduct the story. The pacing I must say is expert and keeps the reader enthralled at almost every moment.


The story proves to be interesting, the displays of emotion and attachment the author is able to forge with the reader greatly aids all aspects. Some notions however are a little cliche? This gets better as the story progresses. It's really a mixture, some parts are a little chessey while others souly unique and fascinating. I can forsee a large plot will soon unfold and there is definitely promise. 

Character Score:

The characters are amazing, the authors use of description, imagery, the first person perspective work perfectly to display the characters in the flesh and provide a jumble of feeling. Humor, action, suspense and worry are strewn throughout the pages and almost every character has forseen depth. This is what really makes the story worth reading  Chetachi's struggles, be it is his sister, his life or those around him a great journey begins to unfold before our eyes. We have a very human main character.

Overall, great action packed hero story if your interested. I would absolutely recommend you check it out!

Valor and Violence

The Series I've Been Looking For!

Valour and violence is precisely those two things, and that is what makes it possibly one of the greatest fictions I have ever encountered on Royal road. What sits before you is a brilliant military fiction that pops out into the page in a cascade of action, heroics and emotion. From the first moment of Erskine's introduction, I knew this series was going to be different. This series was going to be great. I have a bias for action, especially good action like this and I have to say, this is one great series.  The world-building, imagery, imagination and sheer glory of the tale are absolutely captivating. Action flies off the page in a series of twists blends and professional nature that I am sure any reader will be enthralled in mere moments. This is undoubtedly amazing work. In terms of character, in only four chapters the author builds a hero which takes to the page in splendour, his style, thoughts and personality and brilliantly portrayed. Levi, Erskine the plight of all is surprisingly well fleshed out and described. You begin to feel for the characters, and see their point of view, aspirations and desires.

In terms of style, I have no single word to mar its perfection. The fiction is brilliantly crafted in every manner. Twisting and turning with exhilarating and amazing moments that pop out of the page. A world is built up around the reader in no time and the stage is set for an intricate tale to unravel.

Grammar is okay, no flaws were spotted however some sentences here and there were a little confusing. This did not however impact the flow or reading.

In terms of story, the fiction brilliantly intertwines with all aspects to produce tales of valour, honour, and action. Now it's not the most creative tale, however, the plight of Erskine, the Drakes, and the final concluding notion are fantastic. The author brings the story to life in a masterpiece of action. If the author wasn't as good as they are, I would say this was not the greatest story, not very original. However, the execution elevates it to aspiring heights.

Overall, Valor and violence provides a very entertaining read. One bustling with emotion, action and is undoubtedly worth a read! I must say it has gained one more permanent follower!



The Future That Never Was — Guns are back in cereal boxes!

Humorous, action-packed and witty, Kitty Kitty The Future that never was, proves to be a fantastic work of science fiction. Action at every turn, likeable and detailed characters (Lee and Ali) the crime-fighting duo take the page with style in every episode of this unique and beautifully written series of action stories.

Capturing a mixture of complex emotions, and entertaining the reader Kitty Kitty puts a new spin on the bounty hunter genre. The short story collection while unorthodox in nature proves to fabricate an intricate and amazing adventure for the reader to explore. Be it adventure, action, sadness or humour this fiction has it all. The author's professional writing style and immense world-building capabilities are showcased through the fascinating and nostalgic universe they created. Some aspects of the writing seem a little bare, and some lines are hard to follow due to new characters being constantly introduced. This is understandable of course, it's hard to create new tales, adventures and struggles in such little chapters. The style is interesting, certainly different but serves the fiction quite well. Grammer seems undoubtedly flawless however that isn't really my strong point. The characters are fleshed out and witty and likeable despite the short story's limitations be it Lee's homo sapien-hating attitude or Ali's quirky personality. One-liners cascade throughout the pages and the characters blend into their world perfectly. Ultimately, the two form an unshakeable and hilarious crime-fighting duo!

Incredibly original and teeming with imagination I must say this is one of the best science fiction novels, if not the best I have read on Royal road.

Comedy is the hardest thing to write, and this fiction nails every aspect. This is undoubtedly worth a read! 


Dishonour is a tale of depression and fascinating that will be sure to captivate any audience. A novel of tension, immense world-building and fantastic development I would say this is great work. In my time reading royal road I have stumbled upon a majority of dark novels, things pilfered with gore, sadness, and regret. However this story does it differently for one reason and one only, the author writes and portrays the story to a beautiful level. The minute digressions build up the world, conversations, and details and are all woven to perfection. Now I will note there are some flaws, secondary characters appear flat, there are long chapters some being behemoths of the written world and various segments such as flashbacks appear quite suddenly, however, these, in my opinion, are minor and easily waived in the grand scale of the story. Overall, great writing style, good grammar and everything are quite well developed. I see now immediate flaws and would suggest this to anyone who enjoys dark science fiction. It follows a familiar new world of apocalypse dystopia setting and puts a good spin on the tale. 

In terms of character, there is depth in Liz and her sister, perhaps more in Kevin etc and the first-person notion of the writing helps quite well. I will note this is a very good execution of perspective. I will say the characters are well-defined and the author does a good job of describing and bringing them out of the page and into the reader's mind. Good dialogue, but not much character development however I feel that will aspire later on in the novel I am reviewing at an early stage. Great imagery, although some aspects are a little repetitive. Otherwise, fantastic fiction! I would absolutely recommend it. Fantastic prose as well, everything is smooth, clear and beautifully articulated.

The Verdant Sun

A fiction that earns the notion of high fantasy, the Verdant sun appears to be a fiction bustling with promise and amazement.

At the time in which I write this review, there really isn't much in terms of chapters however I will note this is fiction with a lot of potential. The story starts out heavy and is slow, worldbuilding fashioning a highly developed and intricate landscape around the reader at a fast pace, however with a professional writing style, little to no grammatical errors and a potent underlying, the story make this an interesting tale. Following the travels of Xen, Taika and the mystery of the Ember Sangm Wild spirits and Xen's background one can infer that there is a careful and articulate plot waiting to be uncovered. I am a big fan of sky ships I must say and to be honest the creatures in this remind me of the golden compass with a blend of wheel of time. Naturally, the introduction of magic and the mysterious and alluring Verdan show there is much more to be disclosed. Xen's introduction, tiny details and the flurry of dialogue and beautiful imagery used throughout the fiction portray its potent style. I like the overall nature and generally most aspects. The story can seem a little dry at times,yet opens up with a firm underlying and good description for instance the game with Dogan, and the appearance of the snake. I will note the chapters so far are mainly build and it takes the appearance of something that is not a normal cheap fiction or fast-paced endeavour but a story that will divulge into more. The travelling and description aspects remind me much of the Wheel of Time which should be a compliment to the writer.

Now I'm going, to be honest, here there isn't much to review, only four chapters. We're seeing a world fashioned before our eyes and from what I see so far I have no semblance of doubt within my mind that this is worth a read! 

Check it out!

Seems good!


Interesting Story

A fast-paced fantasy novel teeming with emotion, humour and intrigue, Meek seems to be an exciting tale. The story has promise and is very well written in general. Eli's character the marquis, etc offers an insight into the future peril and the fascinating world built around them. Overall there is a lot of potential. The magic system and paths is a familiar yet refreshing take and one can see the future development of the character. The stage is being set essentially for an epic fantasy series. In terms of style, I can say this is professional writing, descriptions introductions of characters, and the pacing are all tuned to perfection. The story seems relatively straightforward, yet likeable, good worldbuilding techniques are utilized when setting the stage and describing the human world around Eli. The plot is full of numerous twists and turns enhancing the reader in suspense. Combat descriptions are also quite good along with the humorous undertones. Grammar appears to be flawless. Seems to be a great fantasy fiction that is just starting out! I read every chapter posted so far in one sitting so it's safe to say it is quite immersive!

Give it a try!

Some people I have heard, call the story gory, I think this is absolute nonsense and is all subject to interpretation and imagination.

HUD (Sci-Fi GameLit)

A world of corporate expansion through simulated combat, HUD: Wargame is an action-packed, brilliant scifi novel, brimming with strategy and emotion. Following the tale of Nic and the plight of team Scarlett I would definitely recommend this fiction for action lovers. Amazing work overall. Great combat descriptors, world and style. I can't wait to read more honestly. I am at around chapter 30, and the story is solid.

The character of Nic is quite interesting, good backstory there with the flashbacks etc. Flawless grammar, writing, everything! I really am impressed. Overall what can I say besides great job! Good development of overall characters Jarek etc. It reminds me of the Enders game but without the aliens and with corporations competing over territory along with gladiatorial combat. Some strategy elements involved however mainly just learning to work as a team. I can definitely foresee some form of great betrayal and crazy plot changes, especially in the corporate environment. In terms of style, nothing much to complain about, fantastic editing and pace, it vividly portrays the author's skill and technique. The concept is quite original and the story is well developed, it is mainly combat of course so the characters are still panning out however all have select traits and attributes which are unique. The story is good if you like action, sure it doesn't bring up immense philosophical points but it serves the purpose well. Now here are some flaws, the battle elements can be quite repetitive, now that is the nature of the novel so it does make sense, but still, good combat descriptions make up for this aspect. The beginning chapters are rough in style, writing however it smoothens out quite fast. One can see professional editing in this story, there are absolutely no flaws whatsoever in terms of grammar and the flow is tuned to perfection.

In terms of the character score, there are some flaws, side characters are slightly cliche, however, they become more developed as the novel progresses. Often when writing characters like Nic, ambitious, perfectionist, and tenacious, one divulges in cliches, and tropes however the author does well to provide human emotions, and feelings, showing Nic's possibility without crossing into the realm of unbelievable actions or cheesy lines. Essentially Nic seems human, has emotions and values that strive beyond the page. 

Read this, right now!

Okay, I need to fill up some words here for advanced review so let me ramble on about the book. Good side characters, classic quotes, research and careful consideration have gone into the novel, great title too might I add. Nothing really to say besides I like it very much, it has a direction, and purpose and I am sure it will be fantastic! Great work!


Saturday Is a Good Day to Depart

Fascinating Fiction! Worth a read!! I love the concept. Great sense of mystery! Overall I'm liking all of the characters and can't wait to see how the story develops! Interesting writing style too, unique and quite a good mix of development and description notions.  

I will leave a more in-depth review once I've finished.

Silence the Hunger

An interesting spin on LITRPG

 I thought my work was dark until I read this.... Psychotic and slightly distubing yet I have to admit I think it's great!!!!!! The entrie concept of gluttony and devouring is a fresh and fascinating take on the LITRPG genre and is completely action packed(not sure if it's new but new to me), it makes for a great read! Now I don't think this is for everyone however I will recomend this story one hundred percent! I came here to do a review swap, read until Chater 50, enjoyed it very very much might I add and I think you will too! Now to be honest, certain aspects of this fiction are not entirely my cup to tea, a little dark for me, some flaws in character and i'm really not much for romance however! that does not dissuade it's brilliance! and I never reached the romance part so I am fine! This will be the first fiction in what is likely to be a fantastic and long linage of masterworks for our author here. 


This is an advanced review so I will fill out some categories here.

Grammar: Flawless, Author is very refined in grammatical prowess might I add.

Story: Now the story seems good, flow is excellent, not much to say. In the beginning it's slightly rough however it improves greatly. Overall a little dark, yet seems to be going places.

Style: Good style, nice combat descriptions

Character: Some not too developed however, MC is funny, has some great quips and to be honest apart from the fact they murdered two people in cold blood and possibly some of their entire family, they seem pretty cool! Great skill to absorb other people's abilities and the descriptions of cooked food are hilarious. Chef's kiss is pretty funny especially his original creations.

Overall, may not be everyone's favourite but great work and keep writing!

I don't have that many suggestions however I honestly think at it's current state there are not too many superficial flaws it just needs to be written.