1. Re: What Are Bad or Maybe Good? Habits You Have When Writing

      I have almost no writing schedule. I either ignore my stories for days or weeks or I go on binges where I write for hours upon hours for a few straight days. I could plan things much better if I was consistent, (...)

    2. Re: Curious About Fictions and non-Fictions

      Depending on the topic, non-fiction is best reserved for another site, honestly. I write programming and statistics tutorials on Medium, which receive a much larger amount of feedback and views. Plus, (...)

    3. Re: So I've been thinking

      I think there are two main schools of mystery. The kind where you say, "I knew it!" at the end and feel validated and the kind where you say, "I never saw that coming!" and feel blindsided by a twist. (...)

    4. Re: What should I do?

      If the first few chapters aren't up to standard, take the time to polish them. They're your first impression on a potential audience. With that said, don't spend so much time on them that you alienate (...)

    5. Re: general new author tips?

      Everybody has their own method of writing that usually takes some trial and error to figure out. You sound like you're slowly finding yours. For me, I pre-write by jotting down 3-10 sentences describing (...)

    6. Re: Quote, Summary, or Both?

      I tend to prefer a 3-5 sentence summary, preferably written in the same style as the story itself.

    7. Re: How long do your fight scenes last?

      I personally prefer shorter fights in fiction. Writing out every technical detail on a blow-by-blow basis is a bit boring to me and I'll tend to mentally summarize the entire section as "they fought" and (...)

    8. Re: Episodic Style Content

      I think longer form web novels gain a bit more traction here for the "just-one-more-chapter" factor. If its the same protagonist(s), you can write a longer form web novel with indistinct story arcs (...)

    9. Re: Thank You

      Same. I'm really new here, too, but I haven't faced any negative feedback, yet (although my story is currently unrated, so if anyone wants to leave a bad review, now is your chance!). Everyone on the forums (...)

    10. Re: Spooky

      I don't personally remember this, but my mother swears by this story. When I was a toddler, my room had a collection of shelves with a bunch of toys on them. Apparently my mother went through the trouble (...)

    11. Re: Are pictures better than text to attracts readers

      Despite the saying, people absolutely judge a book by its cover. I would argue any art will make it stand out, but your cover should be visually pleasing, too. For the cover you presented, it seems too (...)

    12. Re: Any advice about writting children character.

      The three components of children characters (in my opinion) are: 1. Inexperienced 2. naïve 3. Literal If you interweave those three characteristics into a child MC, you'll be doing better than (...)

    13. Re: Smart People

      Writing an MC smarter that you are is one of the most difficult types of characters to write. A lot of writers of TV shows, movies, and books botch it and it makes me annoyed every time.  Try to give (...)

    14. Re: Do You Take Writing Inspiration from Video Games?

      I think certain elements of certain games come out in my writing. I love the lore and world building of the Elder Scrolls. I adore the complicated plots of the Yakuza series. I dote on the metanarrative (...)

    15. Re: What game had your favorite Fast Travel mechanics?

      I actually really like the Mark/Recall spell in Morrowind for fast traveling. For those unaware, you could cast a spell (Mark) to designate a location on the map and at any place in the game, you could (...)

    16. Re: Promote your story – but by only describing your protagonist

      Sure, on the surface, he's a elf in the land of humans in a typical fantasy setting. Dig a little deeper and you'll see a second generation immigrant struggling to cope with sacrifices his mother made (...)

    17. Re: Poetry Book

      Send me a PM if/when you want stuff. I have an entire book of poetry that I'll be trying to publish soon. I also do simple 4-line poems every day to keep myself sharp. I'll be happy to contribute.

    18. Re: I'm looking for help or a tutorial for the signature on the forum

      For anyone else who stumbled upon this and looking for a step-by-step guide: 1. Go to 2. Press Generate for my Fictions 3. Press Save Changes There's (...)

    19. Re: Does anyone else get impatient when scheduling chapters for release?

      I just started writing and I have this feeling. I've written quite a bit ahead of schedule, but I've only committed myself to publishing 1 chapter per week. Now that I'm so far ahead, I'm excited and I (...)

    20. Re: Chapter Length

      Your style will play into your word count. Some writing styles naturally lend themselves to shorter chapter lengths, which is perfectly fine. I think the conventional wisdom is 1,500-2,500 words per chapter, (...)