1. Re: Critique

      Hey, thank you for this. Now I know what to improve on! Also, "He placed his hand on the bottom of his helmet while he scanned her body" yeah, I can see how that can come off as creepy now... uh... oops (...)

    2. Re: First Chapter Feedback/Reviews

      Hi! Can you do a review of chapter one and two?  Option B. I would like to know what I did well in and what can be improved.  Thank you for this generous offer!

    3. Critique

      Hello! Would anyone like to critique my first and second chapter?  First chapter is just overall impressions and if you think there's anything flawed enough to be a bother. Second chapter is combat (...)

    4. Re: How do you come up with monsters?

      I take inspiration from mythology and other fictional creatures. And I tend to have nightmares full of all kinds of creatures, so I use them as well.

    5. Re: Promote your book by naming a character flaw

      Katie's flaws consist of anger, irrational thinking, and acting off of impulses. Her overprotective nature toward her comrades can sometimes lead into a downward spiral of messy decisions and acting before (...)

    6. Re: Critique Central

      Hey! What specific areas are you particularly wanting the critique to focus on? Are you looking for help with pacing? Depth of characters? Grammar? It's a bit vague at the moment and you have a decent (...)

    7. Re: Critique Central

      A lot better than mine. Descriptions are there, not overworded. Dialogue is natural. Something doesn't sit well with me though. Maybe it's the use of words like passed, occurred, happened. Seems (...)

    8. Critique Central

      Hello! Would anyone like to help me by giving my description for scenes and combat a critique? :PeoReading:

    9. Re: Promote your story with your MC's pickup line

      MC 1: "Hey uh, you wanna play some video games?" MC 2: "I can't flirt to save my life. You wanna go eat somewhere or not?"

    10. Re: "you're not a good writer"

      Hey, I just wanted to thank you for sharing this. I really needed to see this. I'm always questioning myself on my writing abilites and sometimes I think I'm never good enough. Heck, I once had a crippling (...)

    11. Re: You story in a sentence

      An angel in the military slowly descending into madness, becoming an anti-hero.

    12. Re: What's your MC's name and how did you come up with it?

      My first MC's name is Katie. I wanted a nice sounding name for someone who doesn't look so nice as a throw off. Second MC's name is Vzulanite. I just wanted something unique and cool sounding for him. (...)

    13. Re: What's your favorite Elder Scrolls game?

      Started with Oblivion as a young teen; however, I have probably over 2,000hrs on Skyrim (modded, PC). I loved how many skyrim mods drastically changed the gameplay and visuals. It kept the game fresh (...)

    14. Re: Does your MC like Bone-in or Boneless Chicken? Just a General Thread to talk about stuff + Promoting my work

      1. They both prefer boneless. 2. Yes 3. They like cats :3 4. We got Blackjack

    15. Re: Time to dance!

      Congrats. Here's to many more views!  :DrakanWine: Thanks! And congrats to your 10k break! :DrakanWine:

    16. Time to dance!

      Woo! I got over 250 views on my book! Thank you all for giving it a read. I promise to continue updating until it is done! Oh, and editing of course if mistakes are caught. :Drakanflip: "Crush the (...)

    17. Re: If your story was an anime music video, which AMV would it be and why?

      I don't have an AMV but i do have a fitting theme for the saga. Xandria - Nightfall

    18. Re: Theme song for your work or characters?

      Xandria - Nightfall for the entire saga

    19. Re: Favorite tropes…to subvert

      Perfect! I got a good one! My first MC Katie is a chosen one. Thing is she was chosen to be the destroyer of the cosmos alongside the faction she's actively fighting against! So she defies her purpose (...)

    20. Re: If your characters had stupidly anime moves with stupidly anime names, what would be?

      MC 1: Embodiment of rage wrath of the gods!! MC 2: Divine Thunder!! :DrakanAmused: