1. Re: April Thread - Promote your Story

      Hey, check out my story, Apocalypse Parenting! If you're taking part in the Review Contest, it now fulfills the "Female Lead" and the "in the Promote your story" thread themes.

    2. Re: Do You Prefer Reading A Story In First or Third Person POV?

      As long as it's well-written I don't much care which it is.  I think when you read a poorly-written work, anything unusual about it will stick out to you memorably. Since first-person is less common, (...)

    3. Re: Where do your ideas come from?

      Irritation is a big part of my creative process, both for coming up with ideas to begin with and for recognizing when something I'm writing is going in the wrong direction. I'll realize something is bothering (...)

    4. Re: Any ideas to give an Isekai story a fresh breath?

      I want to see more old lady isekai. We can't all be youthful 20somethings.

    5. Re: How do you feel about OP protagonist?

      It really depends on the plot of the story. A fantastically overpowered character whose biggest issue is a slightly-less-overpowered foe is yawnworthy.  An overpowered character trying to be in six (...)

    6. Re: Do you prefer to see your character grow and succeed or tormented and suffer?

      They say variety is the spice of life. I think it's important for a main character to have some of both - enough success to not depress the reader, enough failure that the success still tastes sweet. 

    7. Re: Why do the first several chapters of most stories consist of pointless stuff?

      So, you're making a fair complaint, absolutely. I don't want to seem like I'm arguing that a lot of authors don't start books very poorly. That said... The first chapter of a book is REALLY hard (...)

    8. Re: Any advice on writing LitRPG's?

      Try to make sure you can update at least twice a week. I think there's a wide range of readers, from those who'd like their stats to have stats, to those who prefer gamelike elements be incorporated (...)

    9. Re: How Big a Backlog Should I Have Before Starting?

      I feel like it's less about quantity - as that's individual to the author - and more about certainty. If you're writing something on the privacy of your own hard drive, it's no big thing if you reboot (...)

    10. Re: Is it True Female MCs are Unpopular?

      I am not sure why they're less common, though they do seem to be... but I don't think they're the liability you're suggesting. Wandering Inn is one of the most popular LitRPGs, and it has a female main (...)

    11. Re: How I catch missing words and other subtle errors

      Alpha readers are gifts from God if you can get them. My husband gets to read my chapters before they go public and he catches so many things that slip through my editing passes. 

    12. Re: Do you need pay taxes for Patreon income?

      I AM NOT A TAX PROFESSIONAL, THIS IS JUST MY UNDERSTANDING AS A REGULAR PERSON. You should probably double check me... that said: I believe so. It's still income. Now, mind you, as long as your income (...)

    13. Re: Choose my cover image!

      Is it a romance? #1 and #2 are giving off potential romance vibes to me, #3 and #4 less so.

    14. Re: Do Politics Play A Major Role In Your Novels?

      I think you need to know the politics in your story. Your characters don't need to know them, you don't need to directly write them... but you need to know them. Why are these forces allied or not allied? (...)

    15. Re: Zombies based on blood type

      Would zombies of any type be able to infect a person of any type, or would it follow blood donation rules, where certain blood types wouldn't be compatible enough to be infected by certain types of zombie? (...)

    16. Re: Knowledge of HTML

      I tried to put in some custom tables when I first started posting to this site and was irritated to find out the Blue Boxes were mandatory - even if you put in your own styles, the site overrides them. (...)

    17. Re: What do you do when you're not writing/reading?

      A lot of my time is taken up by the demands of life - cleaning the house, making sure the kids aren't on fire, that kind of thing. I still have some downtime that's not reading or writing, though. My (...)

    18. Re: First chapter Advice

      I'm going to suggest moving away from present tense if you do a re-write, unless you have a very strong reason for staying in present tense. Present-tense narration is unusual - I generally see it only (...)

    19. Re: How to solicit reviews? (other than swaps)

      Every so often, I'll thank my readers for sharing, reviewing, and commenting. It's genuine thanks to those who do, but I feel it also chivvies a few of the silent majority into realizing these are ways (...)

    20. Re: World building and writing style

      I think there's a difference between world building and expositing. For example, my story involves an alien civilization. My human MC knows the civilization exists and includes multiple species, but (...)