The Violet Crown

Overall Score - I give The Violent Crown a 4.5, simply because of overrall enjoyment. It's obvious the author has a world built up around his characters, and the history and character the world posesses is a joy to read. The violence is a guilty pleasure, and the action scenes are the author's specialty, obviously. 

Style Score - I gave the style a 4.5 here, as the writer's style is tangible and enjoyable. 

Story Score - The story can be difficult to understand sometimes, between flashbacks and other writing mechanics, but the author has gotten better at making the story more legible and interesting as it continues. The author has also made the potential for greater intrique further on, by dropping names and locations for further events that may occur in the future. 

Grammar Score - I caught a few minor grammar mistakes early on, but much like the rest of the author's work, it has gotten better as the story progresses. Any minor issues have been corrected after being pointed out, as well, showing the author is willing to improve. 

Character Score - It can be difficult to understand who the protagonist is supposed to be, because the main character is difficult to root for. He's something of an anti-hero, but unlike many anti-heroes, has few, if any, redeeming qualities. The main character's foils are easier to like and root for, but seeing as the story hasn't finished yet, I look forward to any character development that may occur in the future. 


In summary, The Violet Crown is a good story with an interesting style, a good story that is getting better with each chapter, excellent grammar, and interesting and enjoyable characters. The story has been good so far, and I thoroughly look forward to further chapters. 


Heartthrob is an absolute delight. The prose and diction are a feast for the eyes, and the flow is impeccable. While occasionally it falls within a "purple prose" scenario, I find it more than acceptable, and the segacious wordplay more than makes up for any shortcomings. The pace is somewhat slow, but I don't think that's necessarily a demerit on the story's part; only with a finished product would I judge the pacing completely. Having just gotten started, the pacing is fine. In truth, my only complaint so far is the somewhat questionable actions of the main character, but others have brought up the same issue, and the author seems to have corrected the issue. 

The world has depth, and is gorgeously described. It's engaging, and the characters are interesting. There's obviously a plan set out here, and I can't wait to see it unfold. The dialogue can be a touch wooden, though I'm not sure exactly what the author can do to alleviate that; the issue isn't grave enough to warrant a demerit. Character uniqueness is high, with each character being described in exquisite detail, to the nines. Food, likewise, is written in excellent detail, which is understandable, given the protagonist's nature. 

In short, I thoroughly look forward to anything and everything the author releases looking forward