1. Re: I created my first cover!

      I really like it! Congrats on a job well done. :) 

    2. Re: I am still not certain about this...

      Sometimes even the best stories get lost in the shuffle. It can be really tough. I'm sorry you're feeling those writerly doubts, and I hope you know it's normal. And that the best cure for it is to write (...)

    3. Re: I just noticed that most novels in to rising star have incredibly long title, maybe I should do the same.

      I recently added (An Epic Progression Fantasy) to my book's actual title because I noticed this exact thing and because I wondered if it made a difference. (I was also a little worried that my cover looked (...)

    4. Re: What do You Use for Note Taking?

      For digital note taking, I usually just type up emails to myself. It's helpful because I know for sure I'll notice them at the top of my inbox the next day. Hard copy -- I'm embarrassed to say I just (...)

    5. Re: I want friends.

      Hi, Joy B!  This is such a great introduction! I've only been on RoyalRoad for about a month, but I can already say I'm really delighted by how chill and helpful the forums are in general. Happy to (...)

    6. Re: A good first serial for someone who consumes a lot of stuff?

      I haven't seen anyone recommending Re: Monarch, but I feel like it might be right up your alley.

    7. Re: Which cover would you be more inclined to click on?

      I just wanted to chime in to say I've actually spotted your first cover while scrolling the site before, and I think it's fabulous! It's not that it was particularly easy to read, but it definitely caught (...)

    8. Re: Cover Art I Made in Procreate and Nomad Sculpt

      Finally updated it with the new font!  (And re-sized it to max out the dimensions.) Thank you for the ParkerTallen! (...)

    9. Re: Guys do you think that it's believable that in 4000 years of history the same monarchy system remained?

      Authorial confidence will carry you far with things like this. Readers aren't going to question it too much in a fantasy, and if you're worried that they will, you can always lampshade it. (Lampshading (...)

    10. Re: Favorite Tropes

      Main character is living with a secret identity is a favorite of mine.  Also, I don't know if there's a name for it, but... that trope where members of opposing factions meet and become friends without (...)

    11. Re: Author Etiquette Questions!

      Give Max rep. Best way to make people feel regonized. One rep is worse than no rep See, this is interesting. I asked just to be sure, but I honestly assumed the answer was going to be something like (...)

    12. Author Etiquette Questions!

      I was wondering what the standard etiquette on the site is for authors responding to (friendly and helpful!) comments and reviews of our work. Is it a-okay to reply and give rep for a comment? What about (...)

    13. Re: Need help with chapter release schedule

      I can only speak for myself, as a reader, but I think 600 would be too short for me. I don't particularly care how often someone updates their story, since I tend to be a bulk reader. I'll read 100,000 (...)

    14. Re: Cover Art I Made in Procreate and Nomad Sculpt

      Thank you so much! I think that's a good point about the font. I was having a hard time finding any that looked right...they all seemed to distract in some way. But this one is a little hard to read when (...)

    15. Cover Art I Made in Procreate and Nomad Sculpt I had a vision for the cover, and I really wanted to try making it myself. I've been learning how to (...)