The Path: Through The Apocalypse

Good story so far.

There are some (slightly annoying) grammar mistakes, but they are easily fixed.

MC is leaning towards becoming OP, especially considering the levels of other humans. I'm curious to see where things will head and how many people will survive, considering the strength of the monsters. 

Children of Mana

The premises of the story was interesting. But the execution was confusing, which made me stop reading after the first couple of chapters.

I'm not completely sure why the story was so confusing for me. Maybe because the story doesn't seem to flow logically? 

Also, I found the kid kind of annoying, because she sounded very spoiled. Then again, it may be how a 4 year old should behave... beats me. 

Trial of Champions

Woot, first. Anyway

The story has a lot of potential. Not too many grammar mistakes, or no annoying ones at least. 

Decent dialogue and believable reactions. No immediate murder hobo behaviour, which is always nice.

I'm bad at reviewing, it's a enjoyable read.

I hope you'll pick up the story again.

Signed: The Death King

Cute romantic story about a grim reaper being dragged into love.

Not the usual fare I read on RR, but it is a nice change and worth it.

I am left with some questions though! 

How did their mother die? Will the mates of Amondi and Alimayu be fine?! Why does Amondi needs to be such a bitch? 


Single Moms New World

Interesting story. At first I wasn't too sure about the whole back and forth between the MC and her old life, but the reason for it become clear later on.

As mentioned in a previous review, after 14 chapters, you are still left with a lot of questions about what has happened and what is happening still. 

Curious to see where it goes, although I hope it doesn't take toooo long before we get some more answers.

A God's Champion

Why does it have such a low rating?

I honestly don't understand why the story has such a low rating when I was reading it (2,5 ish stars). It may not be the most unique story since it uses a lot of popular tropes, but it is still a decent story. Must be some trolls.

I would like to give to the author one tip though: try not to show the status screen too much. I understand you want to show the rapid gains of the MC in the beginning (and that the MC needs to see it), but 2-3 large blue screens in one chapter is a bit much.

Other than that, keep up the good work.

The Adventures of Asher

Strange this story has no review yet.

On one hand, the story is good. There are no major grammatical errors, the story flows well, the characters are slowly being filled in. Hence the 4 stars.

My main 'issue' with this story, and the reason why I haven't given it 5 stars, is the MC. He's introduced to us as a kind of vigilante (or that's how I interpret it), but the good kind. Protecting people in his neighbourhood, helping the elderly, etc. Then he is transported into another world and 

He suddenly joins a crime syndicate which focuses on theft and murder? And he justifies it by 'I don't know the world and I was thrown into jail when I didn't do wrong'. It doesn't compute with each other, in my eyes.


Anyway, keep up the good work!

Time Will Tell

I'm a bit surprised this story hasn't had a review yet, so I'll try my hand.

The story is interesting and there aren't many grammar errors (or none that I noticed or was bothered with).

The story is both slow going and yet a lot of time passes in the story, which I find rather funny. 

And to finish, the story is basically a slice of life of a poor and lost soul in another world. No heroics, no grand adventure, but it's great in letting you feel how a normal person would in such a situation.

Keep up the good work!

Spirit King's Incarnation

The story has a lot of potential, but the writing is very disjointed. I was often not sure of how old the MC was, who was talking, or what exactly was going on. Which is a shame, because I think the story could be interesting. I suggest restructuring it to make it more readable.