1. Re: What is your favorite silly insult/curse?

      You're impossible to underestimate

    2. Re: Looking for novels where the protag is the system

      Not 100% what you asked for but Master of the System Leveling systems create overpowered main characters. Cooking systems create master chefs capable of conquering any stomach. Founder systems create (...)

    3. Re: biomage/mancer mc

      The only real cultivator Is plant based, if you mean flesh/bones/blood there are a few in the necromancer corner. Bit of the synopsis: Vincent gained power over plants, allowing him to turn seeds (...)

    4. Re: MC as Master/Teacher/Sect Leader (or something similar)

      Now I admit this is a bump in the hopes for some more replies, thanks again for the recommendations so far! But I also wanted to fill out that list a bit for anyone else interested. >Easygoing (...)

    5. Re: Necromancer stories

      The Menocht Loop It starts in a time loop that has been going on for some time, so MC is already strong. There is strength measurement in numbers, although not that often and the scale changes, but (...)

    6. Re: MC as Master/Teacher/Sect Leader (or something similar)

      If you are looking for novels where the MC teach and protect a bunch of people, you may want to try these out. Not all of them are cultivation novels but they are on RRL Grandpa Sweet Fist.- MC is a (...)

    7. MC as Master/Teacher/Sect Leader (or something similar)

      I am looking for Stories where the MC is the (old) Master we are all so familiar with from the other perspective. Essentially nurturing others, researching, maybe being the one others come to with their (...)