1. Re: Weirdest combinations of genres

      I want to see a proper Superhero / High-Fantasy. Would the superheroes just be called sorcerers for knowing magic without having to learn? .... does this make all sorcerers superheroes?  Never gonna (...)

    2. Re: Both MC's POV in one chapter?

      Yeah, switching to omniscient would unfortunately confuse a lot of people. We assume the narrator is the POV character, so if they start seeing everything going on in the other person's head, we'd get (...)

    3. Re: Schedule changes, good or bad idea?

      I think it's fine as long as you're upfront with your readers in the notes about it. Like 'I'm gonna post a bit extra these next few weeks to see if it works for me, and I'll let you know how it goes'. (...)

    4. Re: Ya know...

      Last year, I did a writing project for uni which was a contemporary fiction romance thriller situation where a lady got with a dangerous guy and eventually escapes him. I was finding the concept boring (...)

    5. Re: New Cover!

      Looks great!! 

    6. Re: First Drafts on RR

      I post roughly edited first draft chapters as I go. I think of RR kind of like a writing circle, rather than publication. It's still getting seen but it's not to the same amount of pressure, and learning (...)

    7. Re: Structure and Grammar Improvement.

      If you're worried about grammar, I recommend running your chapters through something like https://hemingwayapp.com/ or https://app.grammarly.com/ . It will find the common mistakes like run-on sentences (...)

    8. Re: Stuck with nowhere to go.

      I'd suggest get into your character's head where they are at that moment. Where would they go next? What would they do? What options are available to them? (Which options do you need/want them to pick (...)

    9. Re: How dark is too dark for you. (story-wise)

      I draw my lines at sexual assault and extensive graphic torture/gore. Although for the first at least, it really depends on how well or sensitively it's written about. Obviously a psychological drama that (...)

    10. Re: Synopsis and Cover feedback

      I like it! It's very succinct. I'm not great at synopsis myself, but yours looks pretty good! Also the cover is nice - but I think the bottom text is a little hard to read at this size and with the font. (...)

    11. Re: Your advice for this writing advice...

      I mean people forget the Hobbit and LOTR was originally meant for children-YA market. It was a bedtime story. 

    12. Re: Your advice for this writing advice...

      I think it's saying that children have a more active imagination and adults can have a more snobbish and hardened perspective. Kids just love stories, whereas adult books tend to demand a certain restrictive (...)

    13. Re: Joke titles requested!

      Lads, I think I found a perfect name!!  Gobsmacked I really like it for atmosphere and the double meaning and everything, what do ye think?? :D Of course I'm gonna give the whole shebang of and (...)

    14. Re: Almost gave up.

      Well done on getting back on the horse. Your determination and passion for your story is worth celebrating. I'm glad you had a good support network as well. :) 

    15. Re: I received my first review!!

      Congratulations on your first review! What a wonderful way to start the day. :) 

    16. Re: Joke titles requested!

      I hate to be the obvious one haha, but 'The Sound of Silence' jumps to mind immediately. Silence of the Fans Mic Drop I like Mic Drop xD and I could always name mc Sam or something for silence (...)

    17. Re: Joke titles requested!

      Do I get a Say in This? ... I Lost My Speaking Privileges The Author Hated Using Quotation Marks so Much, that I Lost the Ability to Speak ________________ I Was So Annoying in my Old World that (...)

    18. Re: Silent Protagonists?

       That sounds like it'd be fun! I'm excited to read it if you decide to post it here.  Aw thank you! :) I definitely will.

    19. Re: Joke titles requested!

      STFU..  Silence That F*cking Ulcer. (Title written from the point of view of whatever higher power had to listen to him talk eccessively before yeeting him through the Narnia wardrobe to be rid of the (...)

    20. Re: Joke titles requested!

      You could go full light novel and call it "Help I've been reincarnated into a world where I can only use video game dialogue!" Maybe something like "Unspoken Rules"? I like STFU as an acronym, but (...)