1. Re: Free Reviews for First Five People - Round 5

      Hey! I'll plug Beneath Within here! Thanks for offering this :) Hope you have a nice timing reading!!

    2. Re: How much time do you spend planning out your fiction before you start writing?

      I think you're overthinking things! Every writer works differently so don't try to compare your process to someone elses. I know it can be tempting to do so, but what works for one person doesn't necessarily (...)

    3. Re: Got some free time / Want to do Review Swaps

      Oh! Dark fantasy, huh? I could get behind that. Would you like to do advanced reviews or regular? Advanced reviews would be great, if it suits!  :PeoReading:

    4. Re: Got some free time / Want to do Review Swaps

      Sure, I'm up for a review swap with you!  My fiction: Beneath Within Genre: Fantasy / Adventure / Mystery / Drama Current Chapters: 31  Synopsis: At the heart of the underground city of Entithea, (...)

    5. Re: Any advice for editing

      I do 3 runs of edits for new chapters these days.  After finishing a draft, I do a slow read through edit and see if I'm saying things the way that I want them to come across. See if there is any really (...)

    6. Re: Aspiring Author!

      Welcome to RR, Impswitch! Glad to meet you. With LitRPG you'll be in good company and should definitely find an audience around here! There's plenty of writing advice all over the forums, so I'm sure you'll (...)

    7. Re: Questions i have for you fellow writers:

      So everyone works differently, and I'm no expert by any means, but this looked like fun to answer! Here's how I do things!  Q: How do you pace your story right? A: Pacing is hard, to be honest. That's (...)

    8. Re: Reviews for fun!

      Thanks to everyone for all their stories added to this thread! Excited to review your stories now. Just a heads up though I can only guarantee I'll get to the top 5 posts here, since I said I was looking (...)

    9. Reviews for fun! [closed]

      So I would like to have a few things to read and get into. I lean towards fantasy but I'm fairly open-minded when it comes to genre. I'll take on maybe 4 or 5 stories to get a few chunky chapters into (...)

    10. Re: 20k Words!

      20k in a week! Wow! You should be very proud, that's such an accomplishment and commitment. You're a powerhouse, meeting those goals! Congratulations! 

    11. Re: Back in the game!

      Thanks everyone! It's so nice to see you all again too!!   :peoloveu: 

    12. Re: Big gamer and JRPG fan who writes new to here :)

      Welcome to RR! The dual protagonist story sounds interesting. I enjoy the classic JRPG style. Best of luck with it! (I hear good things about Xenoblade too!) :PeoReading:

    13. Back in the game!

      I missed this site so much and it's so good to be here again with all you lovely people. I took a hiatus for the last few months to finish my degree and focus on doing the best I could and, well, I did! (...)

    14. Re: Weirdest combinations of genres

      I want to see a proper Superhero / High-Fantasy. Would the superheroes just be called sorcerers for knowing magic without having to learn? .... does this make all sorcerers superheroes?  Never gonna (...)

    15. Re: Both MC's POV in one chapter?

      Yeah, switching to omniscient would unfortunately confuse a lot of people. We assume the narrator is the POV character, so if they start seeing everything going on in the other person's head, we'd get (...)

    16. Re: Schedule changes, good or bad idea?

      I think it's fine as long as you're upfront with your readers in the notes about it. Like 'I'm gonna post a bit extra these next few weeks to see if it works for me, and I'll let you know how it goes'. (...)

    17. Re: Ya know...

      Last year, I did a writing project for uni which was a contemporary fiction romance thriller situation where a lady got with a dangerous guy and eventually escapes him. I was finding the concept boring (...)

    18. Re: New Cover!

      Looks great!! 

    19. Re: First Drafts on RR

      I post roughly edited first draft chapters as I go. I think of RR kind of like a writing circle, rather than publication. It's still getting seen but it's not to the same amount of pressure, and learning (...)

    20. Re: Structure and Grammar Improvement.

      If you're worried about grammar, I recommend running your chapters through something like https://hemingwayapp.com/ or https://app.grammarly.com/ . It will find the common mistakes like run-on sentences (...)