Aila Aurie

Aila Aurie

Red Mist

Entering Society w/ Hints of Adventure to Come

We follow Freya in the universal tale of being shoved from childhood to face the responsibilities of being an adult, but if it’s going to happen, it’ll be on her terms.  She must navigate choices that are thrown at her to reach her goals and to ultimately experience the life she wants.  Like any strong protag, she makes her choices and sticks to them, hoping for the best.  Whether they’ll end up being good or regretted, we have yet to find out, but the journey is worth the ride.

Style: Clear POV all the way through.  It’s very easy to read, smoothly written, with little, if anything, to pull you out of the story.  The story is fluid, transitioning from one scene to the next and doing a wonderful job at foreshadowing.  The pacing is steady without any awkward lags, and dialogue is very good, with several witty exchanges. 

There isn’t a particularly strong narrative voice, but that’s not necessary in a story like this.  

Story: With easy-to-follow characters, you get caught up in their lives and clear drives of Freya and her friends.  It’s worth it to pay attention to the details to prepare yourself for things to come.   Information is given, but not all at once, making the story more intriguing with every new bit we find out.

Grammar/Readability: No major problems here.  Formatting is good, no real issues with grammar or punctuation.  If there is anything, it’s nothing that will really deter you from the story - and that’s what matters.  

Characters: Solid.  You get a good sense of each character when they’re introduced, but are not overwhelmed with information about them.  Even with the information you are given, you want to know more and what comes next for them.  I think they are presented in a way to get you to feel something for each character, whether it’s hope, humor, or suspicion.

If you are interested in reading this to your children, each chapter is just long enough to hold their attention as a bedtime story.  The characters are easy to follow and are described vividly, from physical characteristics to personality, making it easy for the reader to imagine them and thus dream of rodents riding chickens.