Aila Aurie

Aila Aurie

    1. One Monthiversary!

      My story is now a month old and it's been a ride. So many people have been kind and thoughtful since I joined and posted my story a month ago.  The response has been way more than I imagined.   In (...)

    2. Re: How to Survive Negative Feedback

      I really hope more writers read this thread because Winged Wolf brings up many good points and gives solid advice.   I don't think non-writer readers understand where we're coming from and how their (...)

    3. Re: Preferred chapter length?

      I think 2k-2.5K is a good chapter length, especially if you don't update every day.  It's good enough for a quick read.  If it's updated everyday, then 1K is fine.   Of course, the content matters, (...)

    4. Re: How much can you write in a single chapter? -my curiosity speaking....

      If I'm not distracted every fifteen minutes (and that is the key), I can go 5k in 3-4 hours on average.  I have written 11k in 8 hours, with little breaks here and there.  My work here is 5k-6K per chapter. (...)

    5. Re: What's a common first rating on this website?

      I had a 5 for a while, but did get some questionable comments early on.  No story is perfect for everyone and will retain a 5 forever.  I fell it'll eventually stabilize after around a dozen or so chapters (...)

    6. Re: Lost a Follower because I was Honest in the Comments

      Every time you write, it's a learning experience and you can only progress by continuing to do so.  It's our own horrible cultivation hell.  And it doesn't always go along with reader expectations. (...)

    7. Re: 5 Year Royal Anniversary

      Five years is amazing!!!  .oOo. Happy Anniversary! .oOo. :DrakanWine:

    8. Re: Unapologetically a Fanfiction writer... For now.

      Hello, fellow fic writer! Although I'm not posting my fics here nor using my penname associated with it (they are also names I picked out when I was much younger :D) and I'm fairly new here myself, (...)

    9. Re: Blurb chaos

      The original blurb is packing a lot of info and I know that you want to keep that info, but you’re right, it is a bit overwhelming.  You don’t have to describe the setting as much as you think.  Hinting (...)

    10. Re: Does anyone write weirdly long things but decide it's too long to post?

      TL;DR - In other writing groups and spaces I've been in, it was usually to only give constructive criticism when asked.   If you're not sure, ask.  And if they say yes, ask them to specify what sort (...)

    11. Okay, let's get this over with! :D

      Hi everyone! I'm new to the site, having just looked into it a few months ago.  It seems like the place to go for fiction that leans towards fantasy and otherworldly stuff, which is cool.  Not to mention (...)

    12. Re: Currently working on two different stories besides the main one

      I actually really like the idea of a new found superhero trying to reform himself after being a gangster.   When read the first option, I thought it was nice, but could already think of numerous stories (...)

    13. Re: Writer's block: What do you do?

      I second what others have said above of just forcing yourself to write. If sitting for too long to write isn't going anywhere, aim for a few sentences at a time.  Keeping track of word count also helps, (...)

    14. Re: Ancient Attempts At Writing

      I found 6-inch and 3.5 inch floppy discs with my old works from when I was a tween.  Just looking at them, I am embarrassed for myself. I also don't need to buy a 3.5 inch floppy disc reader because (...)

    15. Re: Give me some tips!

      Motivation is fleeting, but habit remains.   Making a habit to write, even just a little, for a few minutes a day can add up words.  To help visualize this, you can track how many words you write each (...)

    16. Re: Are pictures better than text to attracts readers

      Yes, a striking image can resonate with a potential reader and attract their attention more than a text cover.  We a very visual species for the most part.   Without any previous introduction, the cover (...)