1. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      I vote for capital MLM/WLW, and I prefer them over GL/BL as the latter feel like a distinct ‘style’ of WLW/MLM rather than a general term. As for the status of the fiction (Completed, Ongoing, Etc), I (...)

    2. 1000 views and 25 Follows!

      Ok, this is a bit of a stretch - I’m about 20 views away, and while I was at 25 just an hour or two ago I’m back at 24 now, I’m still excited! Wahoo! Here’s to hoping things keep going up from here! (...)

    3. Re: Thank You

      We’re always happy to have new friendly faces. Whether you’ve been here a day or a decade, RR’s forums are (generally) full of lovely people with lovely thoughts and opinions and personalities. I’m glad (...)

    4. Re: Story Growing Slowly: Should I Give Up?

      Persevere! You’ve put such work into your story; wouldn’t it be disheartening to end it all now? That being said, your own heart is your guide in the end. For those of us with unusual fiction, we must (...)

    5. Re: How many followers is a normal amount of followers to gain after posting chapter 1 of your story?

      Depends on a lot of stuff, imo, from cover to name to chapter name to topic. I got about two or three, I think, and I’m blessed that I did at all. 

    6. Re: Here we are now, One thousand!

      Cheers, my friend, and congratulations well-earned for such an achievement! Here's to hoping that it's just a stepping-stone in the long run; your story deserves every last view and more!

    7. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 10/10 | WEEK 11 OF 11

      "Dunno. I thought it might be good to make conversation, you know? If I am going to stay with you for any amount of time, I'll need to get to know you. Wouldn't it be terrible for the pair of us to spend (...)

    8. Re: How do You Get Yourself into the Mood for Writing?

      Genuinely? I watch YouTube, and listen to music. Sometimes for only a few minutes, sometimes for hours. What I watch doesn't matter. I need to work myself into a mental state where I am mentally ready (...)

    9. Re: Whining about my own inability to make decisions

      I'm always second-guessing myself while writing, but once I've finished a chapter I am instantly a smug little twerp and think it's amazing. That being said... I know it often isn't, but if I tell myself (...)

    10. Below #2500!

      Wowowow! Just a bit ago I was posting a thread about how I was on Rising Stars - and now I’m back! Just today, a kind reader gave me another review that pushed me under the #2500 mark! It’s all been (...)

    11. Re: Any advice about writting children character.

      Uhh, based??? Jokes aside, it sounds like you’re just planning to write a somewhat idealized medieval world. Why not discuss what her father does? Maybe he’s a blacksmith who forges weapons and armor (...)

    12. Re: 30k views!!!!

      Congratulations, that’s an enormous number! With such high visibility, I’m sure you’re on your way to 50k next, then 100, then more! Best of luck in your continued writing!

    13. Re: Comedic wit alongside dark humor is hard to find, anyone else ?

      Fair enough. I’ve been told my story occasionally has some funny moments that may be in the vein you’re looking for, but they’re certainly not in profusion, so I couldn’t in good faith fully recommend (...)

    14. Re: Review Swap

      Hello! I would love to do a swap with you! I’ve got a lot of time this weekend, and so if you were interested we could do a swap based on our first few chapters (or as many as we see fit)! I would of course (...)

    15. Re: Alright! You've seen what DOESN'T work for Marketing, how about telling us what that was so we can learn (...)

      Personally I’ve found that, if you’ve got something unique going on, review swaps and forum presence DO work. Not every reader posts on the forums, but a good chunk of them scan it, especially the review (...)

    16. Re: Since we don't have any for meme forum, then I'll be posting that here.

      There’s a Lolicon tag? Why the hell…?  I’d add a meme of my own but I don’t know how on mobile. 

    17. Re: Comedic wit alongside dark humor is hard to find, anyone else ?

      Are you looking for a full blown comedy? Or just a story with some occasional dark humor?

    18. Re: Questions to readers about darker type of MCs

      It’s a toss-up. Genuinely evil characters can be exciting and fresh, but only if presented with nuance; imo, something as simple as ‘she was trained to ignore morality’ would instantly turn me off. It (...)

    19. Re: How to write about something i have never experience?

      Vagueness always helps when writing, but with your question, there's only so much advice one can give without knowing what you're actually trying to write. I'd agree with everyone else and just say - look (...)

    20. Re: How art thou like Shakespeare?

      I could not agree more with thee, fellow auteur. While I am not of the mental fortitude at this late (early?) hour to wend my prose towards the archaic, I will say that you and I are comrades in our irreverence (...)