1. Re: Do you speak any "minor" language?

      I can speak a few words in German although that hardly counts as a 'minor' language. Greek is my mother language and I live in Greece to this very day so I guess you can pick that. It's relatively minor, (...)

    2. Re: How do you imagine your fiction in your head?

      I have actually imagined both of my stories as animated and live action. When it comes to the look and feel of the characters and setting I feel like it can go either way, but I think the way that I write (...)

    3. Re: Bittersweet Firestorm -- 3rd try's the charm, right?!

      Now that's dedication. I hope that you fully manage to get the story as you want it. Cheers! :DrakanWine:

    4. Re: Road to AKM: Complete

      Congratulations on releasing your story! Here's to you succeeding in your goals for it. :DrakanWine:

    5. Re: Hello! 500 Followers! Enough said...

      Great achievements! That .5 is a bit annoying, but it appears you also have more than enough positive and constructive feedback as well!  And the fact that you did all that while burning your eyes with (...)

    6. Re: Free Reviews

      A review of blood's curse would be appreciated. Of course you may get to it whenever you like and are able. As has been said above don't overexert yourself. It's urban fantasy, the link is in my signature. (...)

    7. Re: Stoic and Reserve Characters

      I think the answers above are both really good. In addition, you could make use of body language or tone of voice. Since they are professors they way they teach their subject can also be used to showcase (...)

    8. Re: Possible romantic sub-plot advice?

      Probably add in some pieces about the two people in the relationship gradually opening up and trusting each other. Even if they were friends before they became a couple, being in a romantic relationship (...)

    9. Re: Finished projects

      Finishing a project is great, congratulations to you!

    10. Re: 100,000 words after daily updates!

      A great word count! Well done! :DrakanPotato: And here's to a million! :DrakanWine:

    11. Re: Surprise surprise. 800 views.

      Congrats! Here's to more growth :DrakanWine:

    12. Re: First Story Ever!

      Congratulations! May your journey of writing be long and fulfilling!

    13. Re: Writers are the worst procrastinators. Do you agree with this statement? And how do you fix it?

      I think the whole question can be answered with one simple word: yes In seriousness it is pretty hard to find a good balance in writing. I think the more you push yourself to actually sit down and write, (...)

    14. Re: 500 Followers and 100 Favourites!

      Congrats! Well done and here's to a bright future. :DrakanWine:

    15. Re: Slump over

      Welcome back! I feel you on the business. I have an exam period starting this, so I'm currently sucking up the last bits of freedom.

    16. Re: Now that's a good number of views

      Now that's a worthy number if I ever saw one.

    17. Re: To you what would make a god a god to you?

      As stated above it varies from story to story.  If I were to give my two cents on the matter it all boils down to this: say we strip everything else away, I think someone that qualifies as a god in (...)

    18. Re: How Many Characteristics of Yourself Do You Pass Onto Your Characters?

      I always give them small aspects of myself, mostly quirks that I think fit with their personalities and what they do in the story. Sometimes I make them be a bit sarcastic because I'm fond of the art of (...)

    19. Re: I can see why this is addicting

      Addicted to storytelling? Of course not! Preposterous! Now if you'll excuse me I have to go finish my 10th imaginary story for the day.

    20. Re: Free reviews and recommendations

      Thank you for doing this. As a recommendation the future that never was is one I have read and definitely enjoyed.