1. Re: Free Reviews! [OPEN]

      Ahoy! Heroes of Tomorrow is the story I'd like reviewed, it's in my blurb. The honesty and review is appreciated.

    2. Re: October Thread - Promote your Story

      Heroes! Excitement! Intrigue! Character Drama! The story of a young man plagued by the mistakes of his past and inner demons, an old concpiracy, a hero academy, and much more await in Heroes of Tomorrow! (...)

    3. Re: Promote your story by sharing how you got the name of a certain character.

      MC's best friend: Iraklis Drakos Iraklis--> Hercules Drakos--> Dragon I wanted a name that shows you that this guy means business and, since it is a superhero story, make it so it evoked old and (...)

    4. Re: Promote your fiction with the most basic description of it you can think of

      Superhero story with a school(university) in it. Dear God don't say my hero academia. 

    5. Re: Cats.


    6. Re: Anything.

      I joined because I just wanted to annoy the queen... A worthy cause. To be remembered by an immortal as the queen herself is a great honour

    7. Re: Anything.

           I once teamed up with a team of criminals like mmyself and wetried to steal the crown jewels of the British crown when MI6, led by a ressurrected Christopher Lee, caught on to us. We managed to flee (...)

    8. Re: I feel like I care more for comments then reviews or ratings. Anyone else?

      Yep. Comments are king when it comes to feedback. Especially since people can point our more specific things that they like/dislike or whatever, eventually adding up to more than a review's worth of feedback. (...)

    9. Re: Six-word Story Challenge

      Hmmm. Surprisingly diffcult. Best I could come up with: This isn't over. They'll find you.

    10. Re: Top 1500, FINALLY.

      RR is a nice community! Nice to see that you have found a place here and excelled! Here's to much grander things in the future :DrakanPotato:

    11. Re: 2,000 Views!

      I'm a bit tired so I can't find a good sarcastic, wanna-be witty or funny comment, so I'll just put in congratulations! :DrakanPotato:

    12. Re: My First Royal Road book is complete!

      Congratulations! Looks like it's time for a new stockpile.

    13. Re: The Daily Word Count of 19 Famous Writers

      I don't really see the point of people trying to push themselves to write more and more for the sake of it. Such things lead to sloppy and rushed writing. Events like Writathon, and people who just (...)

    14. Re: About commenting

      As a writer, I do like comments. Even as simple as something like the classic TFTC comments are nice, especially if you don't often get them. That said, I am on RR mainly for feedback and to improve (...)

    15. Re: A number of milestones

      Fast growth and hope it keeps on going! Massive congratulations!

    16. Re: Broke into 1k

      Congrats! Here's to continued success :DrakanWine:

    17. Re: After 2 weeks...

      Breaks are needed by everyone. You'll get back into it I'm sure. That said, if you stop uploading even one more time I will personally come to your house and torture you Take all the time you need, (...)

    18. Re: What's your favourite kind of villain and why are they so appealing to you?

      I really like the Magnificent Bastard sort of villains. The gloriously charismatic/charming heroes. They are one step ahead of the heroes most times, and they thrive in that environment. Plus, they know (...)

    19. Re: Made it onto the Rising Stars!

      A great achievement! Hope you get more growth and success from it! :DrakanWine:

    20. Re: Broke into 1.5k

      :DrakanPotato:Massive congrats!