1. Re: Come criticize my Magic and Season Sytem

      Thanks for the reply, Paradox. I will certainly answer those questions in the story because  I have already answered those questions in my full worldbuilding notes. However I have yet to answer them (...)

    2. Come criticize my Magic and Season Sytem

      Are there any flaws in my magic system?  I'm currently working on the worldbuilding system for my books. There are several species like Birdmen(Avians) Apple-men (Applers), Elves, Dwarves, Golden Sentient (...)

    3. Re: Is polished english essential in web serial?

      Personally, I gave up on writing in English so I could focus more on my story and fix its flaws. Translating it to English even with the help of DeepL's machine translation takes a lot of time especially (...)

    4. Re: À la recherche de lecteurs francophones

      Hi Aly, for sure you can write comments about my story in french if you want. However, I've already tried to translate it with DEEPL before and people told me that the translation was unreadable due to (...)

    5. À la recherche de lecteurs francophones

      Bonjour chers lecteurs francophones de Royal Road, je vais bientôt publier la troisième version de mon manuscrit, le roi fou des hommes-arbres en Français et uniquement en français pour l'instant car je (...)

    6. Goodbye Royal Road

      Everybody since people can't read a story without nitpicking on the grammar here and can't get real feedback (Characterization, Plot and Worldbuilding) without puking on the grammar if your First language (...)

    7. TREEMEN ART for reviews

      Hello, People. I'm willing to share UNIQUE Non-Fungible Tokens of Treemen Art in exchange for honest reviews on my story, the Mad King of the Treemen (the Arbolarbres Chronicles). You can pm if interested, (...)

    8. Re: 150k words written in the Old Realms saga

      Congrats, Grimdux, Keep going! I might read your story in christmas time.

    9. Re: Effectiveness of Royal road ads for non lit rpg authors

      Thanks man :) I will try putting up a royal road ad once the first book is completely rewritten

    10. Re: Is looking for a writer to assist allowed?

      You want to give feedback to beginner writers? For free or for money?  I'm currently posting the second draft of my first book (I've revised it once due to people's feedback) Added action tags, descriptions (...)

    11. Re: How detailed is your outline?

      I write character sheets and a plot outline with a resume of each chapter scene and how I want them to end.  So I can do better foreshadowing, which means there is usually a 10k words character personalities (...)

    12. Re: Read my first story after two years and...it is shit!

      Grimdux, that happens when you're plotting :), « Sad part» of not being a «discovery» writer.. But I prefer to plot because it allows me to do a better foreshadowing and to control more my book's pacing. (...)

    13. Re: What you think about Kindle Unlimited vs Royal Road?

      Yeah, I think Timothy is right, KU is kinda bad for authors as a whole since it removes our bargaining power... It would be better if indie authors went wide or teamed up to offer their products in a bundle (...)

    14. Re: 50K achieved! 100 follows! 10K (almost 15) views!250 comments! 30 ratings!

      Slackeuse, you don't write litrpg/Xianxia, so it's normal that your growth is lower than those, even if the quality is equal.

    15. Re: Looking for Stories to Devour ;)

      You can check my main story: the Mad King of the Treemen. It's a Non-Litrpg progression fantasy aimed at young adults (12-18 years old).  I'd like to know my main weaknesses as an author.  I will (...)

    16. What you think about Kindle Unlimited vs Royal Road?

      I don't know why but I've both read on Kindle Unlimited and Royal Road and I find it easier to find stories that I like on Royal Road even though the quality is subjectively «worse». I've tried several (...)

    17. Re: When would you give up?

      You like writing lit rpg which is an hot genre right now, you can even test different lit rpgs ideas on royal road and see what gets tractions or not. I find that earning 400$ for a first book is a huge (...)

    18. Re: Does anybody knows what are the main demographics of royal road?

      Kinda noticed for litrpg, will probably move my story into KU if the situation doesn't change soon (6 months +). I'm tired of writing for an empty crowd while the new litrpg on the block gets more views (...)

    19. Effectiveness of Royal road ads for non lit rpg authors

      Has anybody tried Royal Road Ads for authors? Is it effective for non-lit rpg stories? My story is a YA progression fantasy centers on the Treeman Race. I wonder if my fiction will just get 0,5 review (...)

    20. Re: A wild french writter appears

      Fellow French-Speaking writer here. Bienvenu, le français d'un Québecois... Void Herald (Maximilien) est très populaire ici et viens de France également.