A young girl journey through the land of Jokes and Relaxation

A young girl journey through the land of Jokes and Relaxation
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I was sent to the land of Joke-Landia, the lands of Joke and Relaxation to Relax and unwind.

I share this story with you so you can unwind and relax, there won't be any conflict but a lot of jokes and puns.

Excerpt of my meeting with the psychiatrist.

Oh dear lord! Don't panic, don't freak out! Keep cool. Stay relaxed. Calm yourself down. Breathe deeply. Focus on your breaths. They'll last longer if you focus on them. Relax. Everything's fine. Just breathe. Deeply. Slowly. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

After a few minutes of silence, the doctor finally spoke: "You seem to suffer from chronic stress-related anxiety disorder", he said softly.
"I might have the solution for you." he added. "You need to learn how to relax."
I fidgeted uncomfortably, passing my hand through my red hair.
"But how?"
"Relaxation exercises may be able to reduce the intensity of your fears". His voice sounded friendly and understanding. "We could start by learning how to meditate properly. Meditation is very effective against mental disorders and can also improve physical health."
I took a deep breath. "I'm afraid that won't work"
"It'll work if someone teaches you." said the Psychiatrist. "Go through the mirror".
"What?" I replied.
" Do as I say" He paused. " And come back only when you've learned how to relax."

This is a project that I do for fun so don't expect a lot of releases.
I do it mostly so I can unwind and relax.

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Le roi fou des hommes-arbres - Aventures des Arbolarbres(FR)

Le roi fou des hommes-arbres - Aventures des Arbolarbres(FR)
110 pages

Histoire Fantastique pour adolescents et jeunes adultes

Dans un pays où la magie est influencée par le cycle des saisons végétales de l'Arbé, de la  Poussé, de la Germé et de la Floré, un jeune homme arbre (Arbolarbre) appelé Oak Quercus découvre son don de pour la magie, celui-ci provenant de sa longue lignée. 

Cependant, sa magie sera-t-elle suffisante pour arrêter le Roi Fou du peuple Arbolarbre, celui qui a enlevé toute sa famille pour les punir d'avoir élevé la voix contre ses impôts injustes ?

Taxes qu'il cherche à utiliser pour lever une armée afin de conquérir les Royaumes Animaliers et assouvir sa faim de chair et sa quête d'mmortalité, s'opposant ainsi aux enseignements sacrés de l'Arbre-Dieu et de la Foi Végétale ? 

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