1. Re: Unreliable Narrators and Purposeful Misdirection

      I am trying something a little strange. I have a first person narrator, but he is deliberately keeping secrets from the reader. He knows there are beings watching him, and that can see in his head, and (...)

    2. Re: What's your opinion on unique levels?

      I have seen a few stories do something like this. Different classes leveled up in different manners, and as they leveled their classes got more specialized and that leads to more specialized circumstances (...)

    3. Re: Popularity of a mind mage MC?

      But then again, Earth pop-culture has a lot of superheroes. They could easily rule the world, but they don't because of... reasons. If you read those Comics and stories again, what you notice is that (...)

    4. Re: Do you like LitRPG elements more prominent or in the background?

      IF I were to read a LitRPG, I'd say very minimal.  I'm not a fan of when the author spends too many spaces on gaming elements. Is it really all that necessary to include that much information about (...)

    5. Re: Is once a week fine?

      It depends on what you want from posting. If you just want to have your story up somewhere, have a few followers, and get a little feedback, then once a week is fine. If you are looking to grow and find (...)

    6. Re: Popularity of a mind mage MC?

      So everyone would do all the crimes if they had the ability to get away with it? In real life, most of the corporate studies done about crime in the workplace show that, yes people who can get away (...)

    7. Re: Popularity of a mind mage MC?

      Honestly, imo mind mages using their mind powers to get sex is an overused trope/cliche. Mind mages taking over the world is also pretty common, but at least it's hypothetically possible to give them (...)

    8. Re: Popularity of a mind mage MC?

      Mind control has the pitfall that it falls into Adult content faster than just about any other magic. Necromancers don't (ick) and elemental casters don't. Summoners are generally the next tier up from (...)

    9. Re: A question on what qualifies as fan fiction or original.

      If you set it in someone else's world, its a fanfic. If you set it in the real world or your own world, its not. 

    10. Re: Powers you'll never use in your stories

      People seem to be really down on time manipulation, which is weird because one of the lesser stories I am tinkering with has a world of mages that are very aware of Time Aspected magic, and just dismiss (...)

    11. Re: Why do YOU leave a 1/2 star review?

      I generally do not ever leave less than a 4star rating or review.  The only two times I have ever left a less than stellar review were as follows: 1) A nice LitRPG portal fantasy story took a hard (...)

    12. Re: At what point do you give a review?

      I review when I catch up to current chapter, or when I stop reading after getting thru at least fifty pages. If I read less than Fifty I don't rate it, I don't review it, I just move on; its not my cup (...)

    13. Re: What's your favourite kind of villain and why are they so appealing to you?

      The Hero of Evil is my personal favorite. I don't mean someone who chooses to be evil and chooses to be a champion of evil. Someone who is genuinely heroic who really thinks they are the good guy fighting (...)

    14. Re: Are there any unspeaken rules in the world of your story?

      1) Never speak ill of the elder races, you never know how far they can hear.  2) Always tip your serving staff. 3) If you someone, you can not be offended if they you back.  4) Don't be rude to people (...)

    15. Re: What so different about your story than the others on its genre?

      The story I am working on is a poral LitRPG, but two of the twists are that the in universe worlds are connected to other stories, and that the MC is an otherworlder, but this isn't the first time he has (...)

    16. Re: How you do write different dialogue languages?

      I have taken to using symbols for some form of communication //ABC is useful for mental communication, ::ABC is also a good one for certain forms of communication. If you are going to have a different (...)

    17. Re: How does posting schedule affect your writing?

      It depends on what you want from posting your story. If you want to get some readers that will stick with you and give feedback-- post once a day for two weeks, vary your time of day you post. That will (...)

    18. Re: Morality in your tale... Is this a standard?

      Chris Evans played a Vegan Sage that gained super powers from being Vegan. Did you know there was a throwaway line that explained it wasn't really the veganism that gave him powers? "That's (...)

    19. Re: Morality in your tale... Is this a standard?

      I suppose you expect us to take your 'proof by authority' on... faith? I am not interested in acceptance. I was refuting the claim that anyone who studied holy texts would be in awe of them and believe (...)

    20. Re: Do You Think a Sprawling, Multi-POV LitRPG Would Work?

      The problem with multiple points-of-view on RR is the serialized nature of the publication. When you have to wait days or a week for another chapter, it can be annoying to get a POV from a completely different (...)