1. Re: SHE Leaps

      Does SHE leap or does she LEAP? Or is it some combination of the two? Edit: You might want to space out your paragraphs a bit more, with one line between each paragraph. It might also be worth looking (...)

    2. Re: Paragraph Length

      Stories here tend to keep to very short paragraphs, but that's partially because they lean heavily into the conventions of wish-fulfillment isekai and litRPG which tend towards loud exclamations and simplified, (...)

    3. Re: Why are the worlds/universes so human?

      Traditional fantasy and sci-fi are still often human-centric, but often feature other powerful creatures and forces, as well as some non-human protagonists. 'Roadside Picnic' for the Strugatsky Brothers (...)

    4. Re: My Idea about the power level

      I have a solution. Between 30 and 31, add the power level 9001. More seriously, all of your categories seem workable. Obviously, which approach is favourable depends on your fiction, and should suit (...)

    5. Re: You can make almost any plot premise work with masterful execution

      In case, a premise has to be one sentence long: German Nationalists discover that their Marxist Government intentionally let Muslim refugees into the country to dilute the German supremacy with their (...)

    6. Re: The Top 10 Greatest Words of All Time

      These are the greatest words in the English language. No ... these are the greatest words in any language. These word just explain themselves. Whether you hear these sounds spoken aloud, or see them on (...)

    7. Re: Advice on giving up

      Thanks for the advice everyone. It was the unfixable without rewriting part of the review that was bothering me most. But I think I'll give it another shot for now, try to improve what I can, and try to (...)

    8. Re: Advice on giving up

      Most of the criticism isn't that heavy. Things like a young-sounding protagonist are genre staples, and not a significant problem. Since the protagonist is entering a new world, some exposition is also (...)

    9. Re: What's your favourite kind of villain and why are they so appealing to you?

      The main advantage of online casino platforms is playing from anywhere in the world and at any time. This is the correct answer. Other than that, villains don't have to do that much to appear in a (...)

    10. Re: Vampires

      I don't think that classical vampire-centric novels are often that popular here, but since most books have fantasy elements there's probably a few vampires scattered around in popular books. RR tends more (...)

    11. Re: Why feedback and constructive criticism is important

      All criticism is constructive. You just double down on whatever was criticised. I've never read a boring story that wouldn't be improved by adding long passages about the weather and the price of fish. (...)

    12. Re: The Blue Box Is A Trap

      The Blue Box Is A Trap. I've noticed that rarely any stories on RoyalRoad are finished, they just slowly fizzle out as the author gets less interested in them. The root of this problem is the blue box (...)

    13. Re: Need a name for my MC.

      Since MC has pale green eyes, you could name him Jaden. Good luck with your story.

    14. Re: Copying Your MC to Other Stories

      Almost all stories have 'fatal mistakes' in some sense. It doesn't necessarily require starting a whole new story. You can use an established character in another story. Fanfics often do this. It's (...)

    15. Re: Writing Advice You Recieved in School that's Actually Terrible

      "Just do it!" he ejaculated. Was your teacher Rob Halford? Maybe this is why he was called into court. More generally, there is some bad advice out there like 'don't use semicolons,' etc. It's generally (...)

    16. Re: is it weird if i using a western name in cultivation world????

      You can use Western names, but if the context is still saturated with Eastern terms and concepts then it might be useful to account for this in some way. People don't need Eastern names to practice martial (...)

    17. Re: Grammar that irks me, and the authorial voice

      Using 'they' as singular is valid. Corporations as plural is generally a colloquial way to refer to the people involved in the corporation, especially the higher-ups. Likewise, 'Disney are bad people' (...)

    18. Re: Do you really want to know?

      You should have made this thread in the Garden of Eden, it could have helped convince Eve that she never really wanted to commit original sin.

    19. Re: I can't decide what to write. Part 1

      It might actually be more reasonable to work on the 'opus' now, because you might have lower expectations of it. Further, publishing literature can be a fickle business. You might never get to the point (...)

    20. Re: The Three Types of Villains

      find new neurotic ways to be scared of their own shadow. I mean, there are a lot of spec-fic authors who have serious and prescient warnings about culture which time has borne out to be true. Being (...)