1. Re: Bought $150 of ads on RR: the results

      Multiple comments like these have already caused me to take out a bunch of content. I even took out swear words. Yes, there's a chapter with adult content that cannot be viewed here, but I was using (...)

    2. Re: How long should a good chapter be?

      I'll always say that being consistent is what you should aim for more than anything else. If you've been writing 1-2k word chapters, keep doing that. Trying to write more to get some "ideal" wordcount (...)

    3. Re: Are The Royal Road Stories That Are Published In The Kindle The Same?

      They are the same stories for the most part.  When you start out writing a webnovel, you serialise on a site like RR, but when you're done, you'd usually bundleup all your chaps up in a book then post (...)

    4. Re: Am I the bad guy?

      I don't know what "sped" means, never heard of it, so I can't judge. "Yesterday I sped on the highway in my corvette." xD ? That's probably not it though  :peolaughing: Oh my sweet summer child... (...)

    5. Re: Am I the bad guy?

      I really don't mean this in a patronising way and I can't think of a way to say it where it might not sound like I am, but I do think that some terms are used by people in different societies without (...)

    6. Re: Am I the bad guy?

      Overall, I don't really think you're in the wrong but it's better off to not offensive slurs since you are writing for the audience, one way or another.  Ye, that is usually the right thing, (...)

    7. Re: Am I the bad guy?

      Well, you at least know why you got a 0.5, as most times it's a complete anonymous drive by! But yes, in my opinion, I think you are in the wrong for using 'sped' in the way you are.  It's no different (...)

    8. Am I the bad guy?

      Mainly a rant. So there's this guy. Pops up and gives me a .5 star rating for using 'sped' in my synopsis and thus calls me an ableist. Lemme get this straight, first off, I don't think 'sped' is a slur (...)

    9. Re: Math as Magic: interesting or boring?

      Straight up the concept sounds cool.  Though I can see the concern that math magic may not seem appealing but with how you're describing it, as long as readers themselves can just enjoy the flow of the (...)

    10. Re: Words per chapter

      I personally beat myself up if I write under 2000 words. I handwrite first and use sides of A4 as a guide, but even those pages that look like it could be a 2k+ chapter fall short sometimes Uuuh, me (...)

    11. Re: Got my first follower and favorite!

      Good job. I heard that people look down on them because it means "free 5-star reviews". Which is a shame because I was planning on using swaps to discover some stories and be discovered in return. (...)

    12. Re: L Nimbus's simple, in-depth reviewing guide.

      pog           Poggers It's reviewing time

    13. Re: Character references I drew for my series!

      They look so cute! And you even put your own little annotations in rather than just a sketch. Well done! Your personal charm really bleeds through!

    14. Re: I crafted a leather flask cover from the Epilogue of my book

      Looks hella professional. Well done fellow writer! Even made a guide.

    15. Re: Salutations!

      Oh my, quite the name isn't it new to Royal road? Hate to say that we've moved past the dark ages but hopefully you can find your niche!

    16. Re: Hi, I am new

      Hi new, I'm pasta! Alright... I'll see myself out then. Have a good time here!

    17. Re: Motivation and Anxiety

      I think, is coming from burnout. A chapter a day is kind of rough, even if they are only 2k words each. I'm going to go to three chapters a week and see if that helps out Definitely. Unless it's (...)

    18. Re: looking to get my story off to a better start (need to pull off a bunch of timeskips while keeping things (...)

      Anyway, I'm not sure why you want to start with the scene he's dying in the first place. You usually do that to make the reader excited to find out the events leading to that point. Like why should the (...)

    19. Re: Possible romantic sub-plot advice?

      Life of a character from a friends perspective? Rather unique, but romance doesn't fit with many genres.  As paradox said, you'll be running in circles if you don't know what you're doing. It'll feel (...)

    20. Re: Motivation and Anxiety

      I'd say that you are already doing good enough, and there is no reason to put yourself down. People enjoy your story. Flat out. And you don't owe your readers anything. Sorry to say it like that Very (...)