1. Re: Full time workers. When do you find the time to write? What's your schedule?

      I write during my break, or in the evening. It can be tricky, having a full-time job, two little ones and other social obligations. But luckily I can daydream to and from work.

    2. Re: A wonderful review

      Cherrish that feeling!  :DrakanWine:

    3. Re: I finally broke 50 followers!

      Congratulations, but i don't recommend breaking your followers: you need them and they are a limited resource.  This! Beat me to it. But that is a lot of followers! Nice job :)

    4. Re: Twenty Followers :3

      Thats great news! Don't burn out!  Hopefully you'll reach alot of readers doing so!

    5. Re: Hiatus broken

      Glad to have you back!

    6. Re: perfection.jpg

      Nice congrats! Although it's mostly 4's at this moment ;)

    7. Re: Posted the first 5 chapters of my book!

      Ah, scary/fun stuff posting for the first time. Will they love it? Will they hate it? It doesn’t matter. You put it out there and it will no doubt find an audience. The title itself sounds fun. Hope you’ll (...)

    8. Re: 10 k + 100 follows

      Bloody hell! Nice job :)

    9. Re: story where MC 'Breaks'

      Are you still looking for more, or has the mountain of novels overwhelmed you? :DrakanLaugh:

    10. Re: 24 hours on Royal Road - you people are the best

      Good start! Hope the momentum keeps going  :DrakanWine:

    11. Re: Just broke past the 10K barrier!

      Great job! Keep up the good work :) 

    12. Re: What's the best schedule for releasing chapters?

      More if you want to get noticed fast. But the best is consistency. I can only manage 1 chapter a week, but I make sure it is always there at the end of the week. Some of the best stories I have read had (...)

    13. Re: How do I write faster?

      What I find is helpful is make chapter skeletons/red threads. -I take a walk/shower/sleep and ponder on what is good for chapter 1-10, etc. -I pen down a few words or sentences per chapter on what I (...)

    14. Re: How do you guys back up your work?

      I type on my laptop (Don’t trust the cloud). Every chapter that is written gets sent as a copy to an external hard drive. Beyond that I make monthly rar.files that get uploaded to my mail. 

    15. Re: Is good English necessary for writing a good web-serial?

      If you want it to get any major vieuws... yes. But you can always rewrite/polish after a year or so of honing your skills.

    16. Re: RPGs/and LitRPGs

      My lizard brain likes to see numbers go up.

    17. Re: Got 100 Views time to celebrate

      Congrats! Here is to the next 100!  :DrakanWine:

    18. Re: Hit Rising Stars!!!

      Nice job! Hope the hype train goes on!

    19. 222 Followers!

      A perfect number that matches my need for evenness. Please tell me I am not the only one like this :)

    20. Re: I am making RR bookshelf

      The middle row looks great!