The story is very good amd the character is enjoyable. The only issue I have with the story is that the amount of sexual content is rather heavy. While I don't mind the occasional love scene, this story is filled with more than too much. Luckily it thins out a bit around chapter 30 and even were that not the case it is still well worth the read. Keep up the great work!

Life in New World (LNW)

I like the concept and I'm extremely happy with the way you are handling the training. Yea, he's gonna be epicly overpowered, at least in regards to other players, but at least we see it happen. That and the fact that while you show the training through 20 or so chapters, it takes the Protagonists more than just a couple of days to become OP.

Eye of Adventure

A very original and amazing story

*SPOILER ALERT*   I've read the story up to it's current chapter and honestly I want to read it again. While the grammar and spelling can use a bit of work, the story more than makes up for it. It is a very original piece that combines virtual reality with a proper fantasy setting. Each chapter is pretty long which is really nice and the details in each are great to read. I was a little unsure at first about the character Arata, what with the dual swordsmanship, but that becomes a small point barely worth contesting. I like the fact that the main character is not too overpowered and has plenty room for growth, both in strength and personality. I have to say I'm not too fond of the pairing of Arata and Kotori. While it is the author's decision to decide who falls for who I think that the main characters relationship happened too early in this story. Having the protagonist in a relationship, especially one where he remains so loyal to his lover causes a barrier to any romantic twists in the story. I think the world is truly fascinating and unique and the difference between this and most other VR stories is quite well done. Especially sepertating Arata from the rest of his guild. It allowed him to break away fromwhat began to become his comfort zone and he is now free to grow on his own, as are the rest of the members of the guild. Very good work and I look forward to reading more! Remember, regardless of what anyone says the story is your own and you should just write what you feel like. That is how to make the story the most interesting. Thanks for the wonderful adventures and keep up the good work!

Don't Fear the Reaper

Well written and well thought out. The grammar and spelling allow for an easy read.

The character develops at a good pace, however that pace begins to slow down several chapters in.

The story starts off a bit slowly, and the secondary characters need work.

The action (not specifically fighting) has started to become slower in the more recent chapters and the story itself is becoming harder to be attached to.

It is good that the readers are not bombarded with names, places and other sources of information, but are instead focused on story development.

Still an amazing story and well worth reading.

Great job, looking forward to reading more!