1. Re: Do we have a Discord?

      I believe you need to summon the duck for this.

    2. Re: What should the viewer amount change be in-between chapters? Want to know if I'm doing well or not.

      Depends on the dates as well, but it looks fine. The first drop of half is perfectly normal, same for chapters having more than one before.

    3. Re: Could someone explain the analytics to me?

      Seen people say it's about which site they were one just before going for your novel. Or something like that.

    4. Re: Character Growth and character flaws

      Flaws are great for making the characters more human if they are. Humans have flaws, yes, but sometimes... First, depending on the context, setting, race, ability, age, etc... flaws can be ironed out (...)

    5. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews [OPEN]

      39... 37... Review Speedrun any% 

    6. Re: How to properly handle edited chapters?

      Personally I just put Edited into the title, and when everything is done I remove it.  1. You want the edited and unedited chapters to be present yet separated : Make another fiction if possible or (...)

    7. Re: Villainy

      There exist no villain nor hero in life. Villains are not villains but people branded as such. You were not born with certain rights, you were born with all of them. The right to get killed, to kill, (...)

    8. Re: How would you write madness?

      Irrationality based on their own character in a sane state. The mad character's thoughts could be a mess of illogical and interrupted drifting thoughts.  But, if we go by definition, you'll see multiple (...)

    9. Re: Question about Use Retention Analytics

      It compares two chapters Chapter 1 is 100%, logical, chapter 2 has 68% of chapter 1 BUT do not care about this, it's useless. Why? Because most of the time, chapters have a messy amount of views (...)

    10. Re: New fiction or new volume?

      No experience with both, so I'll just lay out my thoughts : Volume : Retain readership New book : Potential new viewers but loss of readership from the first one

    11. Re: "All Chapters" section under "Table of Contents"

      Depends... how many giggle cookies can you give the admins? https://media4.giphy.com/media/xT5LMJwxRHLkp5Jv56/200.gif?cid=ecf05e47vfy1hjtu4zdz7ggyjlgudazldvvhwv44pgiav37q&rid=200.gif&ct=g Sorry but... (...)

    12. Re: "All Chapters" section under "Table of Contents"

      How do I get rid of it??? It ruins my whole setup/index! Depends... how many giggle cookies can you give the admins?

    13. Re: Critic and help

      Profile -> Edit profile (top right, one of the blue boxes) -> Edit signature on the left (you may need to scroll a bit)

    14. Re: Hello, new author here. I'm actually looking for some things to review! maybe yours!? Free reviewer at you(...)

      Well I can't miss this one, can I? I have two stories, Celestial Journey, the unorthodox and more niche one with a crap load of chapters. Then Crossing the Lands with 6 I believe, which is in hiatus (...)

    15. Re: Follower Count is Not a Mark of Your Worth as an Artist and Neither is Money (So why do you write?)

      Kind of everything. I began writing with two objectives : 1. Get better at writing English. 2. Get that story out of my head. After which, I got new ones along the way : 3. Do something productive other (...)

    16. Re: Interpreting Views and Retention

      What ArDeeBurger said.  Basically : You have chapter 1 at 1k views, chapter 2 is half, you have 50% Chapter 3 is 501, you have 100% because chapter 2 was less, even though chapter 1 was 1k.  It (...)

    17. Re: 10 Chapter Reviews

      *Body slams Celestial Journey on the ground* *Throws it through the window* So hum... *Takes out bloody shards of broken glass from it* Could you give Celestial Journey a try? I really love (...)

    18. Re: Offering reviews or ratings {free} for Action, Adventure or Fantasy Genres.

      Celestial Journey Villainous, Action, High-Fantasy, Progression, and lot more. Sociotpathic/Psycopathic? At least one of the two has traces in it, minimum. Advanced Review preferred. Chapters... (...)