1. Re: Hello there!

      "Hello there!", "General Kenobi, you are a bold one!" I haven't even watched that movie, I just like the memes But all joking aside, I hope you have a good (...)

    2. Re: Hello from a Not-Yet-Author

      Sounds great!  I hope you enjoy your time here.

    3. Re: My 10th Chapter!

      Wow, your tenth chapter!  I haven't gotten that far in either of my stories.  Congrats!

    4. Re: I'll review anybody's story based off the first 5 chapters

      It's great that you're doing this!  Very nice of you. Here's the story I want a review for.  It's a fanfiction, but it's basically a retelling, so you don't have to be familiar with the source material. (...)

    5. Re: 10 Chapter Reviews

      Hi!  If it's not too much, could you take a look at Nurse Angel Ririka Rebirth?  Yes, it's a fanfic, but since it's a retelling, you don't need to be familiar with the source material.  It's based on a (...)

    6. Re: Free reviews

      It's awesome that you're doing this!  Could you review one of my works?  Whichever one you want! Shattered Stardust has been on hiatus since November though...  I'm honestly not sure if I should continue (...)

    7. A dark magical girl recommendation!

      Hi!  Today, I'm here to talk about a story called Nowhere Stars. I found this story on its site, but it's on here too, so I thought I'd try to see if anyone else here loves it as much as I do! It's just (...)

    8. Re: Hello! New author here!

      Welcome!  I really like this site, it gives good feedback.  I don't read much xianxia or LitRPG stuff, but it's very popular on this site, so I bet you'll have a good time.

    9. Re: Migrant author seeking new home.

      Ah, WebNovel.  I've never gone on there, but it seems to have a really bad reputation... I like it here, anyway.  I post on multiple sites, but this one is my favorite because I can get really good feedback (...)

    10. Re: Have you ever

      I would definitely like a piece of nonsense.  It's much more fun than stuff that makes sense! What sort of stuff do you like to write?

    11. Re: I finally got over my hiatus!

      Welp, this post aged like milk.  But it's okay, because I'm back to posting, even if it's for a different story.  Maybe one day I'll come back to Shattered Stardust.

    12. After 32 days, I finally updated one of my stories!

      Yeah, I'm really bad at updating on schedule (I haven't updated Shattered Stardust since November but we don't talk about that).  And yes, it's just a fanfiction, but I'm having a lot of fun with it!  (...)

    13. Re: Theme Song for your story

      Moving Soul by Minami.  Yes, I'm aware that Moving Soul is the theme song of an anime, but I've never watched that anime so I don't care.

    14. Re: You story in a sentence

      Magical girl gets trauma

    15. Any magical girl stories?

      Like the title says, I'm looking for stories inspired by the magical girl genre of anime.  I'm writing my own, but it's going very slowly, and I haven't updated in quite a while.

    16. Re: Will review anything (This is not a review swap).

      Hi!  You probably already have a lot on your plate, so you don't have to read my story or anything, but here it is anyway: Shattered Stardust. I haven't updated in weeks, and I keep wondering if my story (...)

    17. I finally got over my hiatus!

      I published the first 4 chapters of my first original fiction just fine, but then I seemed to hit a wall.  I kept trying to write the fifth chapter, but it felt like I was only making things worse.  But (...)

    18. Re: My first follow and comments.

      That's great!  I was so excited when I got my first comments.  It may seem like they're few and far between, but just think of the people that you made happy with your story!

    19. Re: Giving Out Reviews/Feedback (Terms and Conditions May Apply)

      Hi!  I tried commenting on your old thread, so I'll try again!  I'll try to read your story too, if I have time :)