Worth the Candle

This story is a bit strange to review for me. I read it for 1.6k pages, which is longer than many published trilogies, yet I didn't enjoy it for most of that stretch. It kept my interest by wanting to find out what happens next but after 10 or so chapters with minor plot progress I gave up.

It is too focused on characters and tangents of thought. There were entire pages inside () that you could just skip and miss almost no content. Why is that in the story at all? There is also a lot of focus on things that happened before the story started, which bogs down the pacing and is in most cases only tangentially relevant to where we are in the story.

It boils down to me not wanting to get through the writing, character thoughts and digressions to get further in the plot and world (the parts I enjoy).

Vacant Throne

Well written with strong religious themes

I personally wish to commend the story for being well written. A lot of other novels on the site averages 3-4 mistakes even months after they are pointed out to the author. This was well written up until where I quit.

The main character is pretty relatable with a bit more courage than I would expect most to have. Likely there will be some big reveal after where I quit explaining why she is so extraordinary.

The things I disliked and that made me quit is the actual premise though. There is a plan for the world and due to an "angel" messing up it breaks. The continuation of the plot line from this point is not something I enjoy.

Spoiler: Spoiler

The setting we explore more and more of breaks my immersion as well. Thus after 200+ pages I decided it is not a story I enjoy reading. I force myself to continue when I could be reading something else.

All in all it is well written and mostly connects its story line well. It just isn't interesting to me.

Two Worlds

The series is well written and mostly well thought out. The characters have their quirks and their personality stays through throughout the series.

The problem for me is that I am not interested in the characters. If any of them died I would just be happy there was one PoV less.

The second problem is that I am not interested in the conflict. It is well written but uninteresting for me. It is strange since it has all the elements there but it just doesn't click for me.

Finally the changes happening around where I quit with the massive leap in technolgy moves the story too far from its framework. Making me finally decide enough is enough and quit. I would likely have liked it more if it started here but now it is just not what I want from the story and I'll find something else to read.

There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns.

I read up until the latest chapter at the time and then started considering if I wanted to wait for the next chapter or not. As 3 of them have come out and I havn't read them the decision was simple. The harder part for me is to define why I don't enjoy the series long term.

The biggest problem for me is probably the genre, dungeons just aren't fun for me. The rules are often unclear, they are too powerful and the enviorment doesn't really change all that much.

This one does progression better than most with the setting being in a dangerous spot yet it together with the comedy isn't enough to keep my interest.

Dungeon Robotics

Interesting ideas held back by execution

The book has an interesting setting and produces novel ideas inside of it.

The problems are more numerous though. A few examples that made me drop it follows below.

  • There is contast spelling and grammar errors.
  • There is no important central progression pushing the story.
  • The various side stories don't really matter and often drag down the tempo.
  • There is no rules to the magic system, thus you cannot predict what it can and cannot do.
  • The experimentation is extremly unrealistic. There were improvements to inventions happening decades after discovering it yet he perfects it in minutes. Especially if he then sets up manufacturing for it, which is the hard part most of the time.