1. Thoughts on cover and blurb for upcoming web serial.

      When you read the blur and see the cover, what impressions do you take? Does this seem like a story you would be interested in reading? -------------------------------------- Follow along with me, (...)

    2. Re: Writer's block: What do you do?

      When I have writer's block, I sit down and start daydreaming about the story. I play out in my mind the scene and imagine what happens next. Once the scene is complete in my imagination, I write a chapter (...)

    3. Re: Has anyone here edited his own novel by himself?

      There's really no fool proof way to edit when you do it yourself. It's always better to get another pair of eyes on something because you know what your intent was. Take this sentence, "The man looked (...)

    4. Re: Words for 'humanity' in multi-species fantasy settings?

      You can give all the different humanoid species the same name as the planet that they share. For instance, if the earth had other sentient species they could be collectively called Terrainians or something (...)

    5. Re: Thoughts on LITRPG?

      It's a genre. If it's done well it's good, if it's not done well, it's less good, but to me, it's just another genre. 

    6. Re: Who here has the strongest MC

      Not to brag or anything, but I had mine open a jar on his first try(within five minutes of letting it run under the tap first but whatever) I think your MC is ready to face the Demon Lord

    7. Re: Might or might not just be me, but...

      I'm not sure if this will help, but what I did is take a week off of work and spend every single day writing 1 or 2 chapters a day. That built a decent buffer so that I could better keep up with my schedule. (...)

    8. Re: Did your characters do something stupid?

      Yeah, but it's a major plot point and he gets punished for it.

    9. Re: Let’s Have a Discussion—> Restrictions Apply

      Sub-elements are things like secondary plots/themes. You know, the smaller things that shape the story. Also, glad you are doing well now. Oh? In which case the secondary plot is the mystery behind (...)

    10. Re: Let’s Have a Discussion—> Restrictions Apply

      Oh, looks like fun. 1. What type of Fantasy do you write? I'm writing a dark cultivation/Korean tower fantasy. Think of a mix between Warlock of the Magus World with Tower of God and you'll have (...)

    11. Re: Average Views, How Do They Work?

      I assume they add up all of the views over all of your chapters and then divide them by the number of chapters 

    12. Re: To gender bend or not to gender bend, that is the question.

      Bend and then describe his dysphoria at having tits, being mansplained, and pissing sitting. Bonus points if his sex parts are ugly and deformed, like what many real women have, and not a perfect body (...)

    13. Re: First time writing LITRPG/GAMERPG?

      Anyway, was just wondering if I have my fellow LitRPG/GameRPG writer could tell me what their favorite aspect of writing in this genre? I'm not a writer of LitRPG/GameRPG, but I am a reader of those (...)

    14. Re: To gender bend or not to gender bend, that is the question.

      A harmless enough side-plot I guess, as long as it's set in a world where that has been at least hinted to be possible.  Hmm, I've established that shapeshifting is possible, and that shapeshifting (...)

    15. To gender bend or not to gender bend, that is the question.

      As part of my current arc, my MC needs to change his appearance. The way I've currently written the relevant chapters, the method he uses to change his appearance accidentally and temporarily transforms (...)

    16. Re: What is your writing-buddy beverage?

      I drink tea in the morning. I have a can of soda around lunch time, then it's supposed to be just water after that - for the most part i keep to it. But i'll cycle in apple cider or hot chocolate on (...)

    17. Re: Who here has the strongest MC

      Powers - He can copy any magic used on him, seen by him, or magic that is attacking him. Are there any limitations to that? For instance, if he saw the demon lord using a super destructive death ray (...)

    18. Re: Who here has the strongest MC

      Powers: Currently an unamened power associated with vibrating (oscilating) his body. He currently can't control it because he has never used it, so the power affects him negatively by slowly creeping (...)

    19. Re: Who here has the strongest MC

      Damned all of the worlds, she is unrivaled. I'm assuming the series is complete, right? Or are you writing an OP protagonist story?