Automagical: An Idle Game LitRPG

Five well written and interesting chapters, it drew me in and although the main character is a bit whiney and feels the world owes him I still kind of liked him. The magic system seemed well thought out and the imposed limits on the protagonist would hopefully make his fight to better himself an interesting one.

I am keen to read more and hope the author finds their muse again sometime soon!

This Used to be About Dungeons

I look forward to Wednesdays and Fridays just for the new chapters of tutbad, I am invested in the characters, I want them to succeed. I love the dungeon chapters most but the slice of life chapters are oddly what keep me coming back, I want to see Isra and Verity reconsile, I need to know if Alfric and Misuki get together! 

Entad testing is so much fun, I almost hold my breath when a new one comes along, hoping that it will be cool and useful.

The puzzle of the dungeons reacting to their party is wonderful and varied, it's written as if it's meant to be obviously Verity but I really feel there is another piece, like sometimes little bits from other people slip in and I wonder if it's the whole party affecting the dungeon.

I am glad I read this from day one otherwise I would have been up all night binge reading it!

The Ruined Monks of Rothfield Monastery

Not your normal royal road book, very nice world building and an intriguing backstory that is slowing being revealed.

 I am loving the characters and the mystery, we have a likeable protagonist and a hateable villain, potentially with a reason he may be both evil and simply trying to spare the good guys the horror.

Overall a very polished and well written story.

I am selfishly hoping that you have a pre-written plan of how the story will progress and wrap up, (or be separated into story arcs of a normal and publishable length) simply because I am not a fan of the standard rambling million plus word monoliths people favour on RR.

Kudos and thank you for the story!

Millisecond: Superspeed is a curse

I absolutely loved the segway into the backstory, I am actually glad I missed the initial release of this story, it would have driven me mad waiting for the advent of her powers. 

I liked that there was a definite episodic adventure developing Nicky and Milly's relationship it was exciting and very sweet. 

It is well written and keeps you reading, an instant favourite!

Tunnel Rat

A nice take on the old trope

Milo is a very likeable antisocial character, he manages to be nice and to get along with people comically and almost accidentally.

I like that the game is an actual game with NPCs who are actually intelligent and don't know they are in a game rather than some random real world game power or teleport into a game world. The fact that Milo still lives in and cares about the real world is a big difference and makes the story feel more beliveable, it removes much of the suspension of disbelief that many books of this genre require.

The story is well written, doesn't feel rushed and although there are errors (many of which I should be reporting in the comments but I get too caught up in the story to do so, /sorry/) they don't detract overly from the reading experience. It even feels like there is an overarching plan for the plot, something which is refreshing in this genre where 800 chapter 2 million+ word behamoths just don't go anywhere.

Very worth the read.

The Encrypted Data of Kaiden Cypher [A Cyberpunk Thriller]

The story is enthralling, it is fast paced and interesting with lots of action and intrigue.

I liked the main character and wanted to know more about him, overall I felt that all the characters were well written and unique.

 The sci-fi elements were novel enough to be fresh and interesting and didn't seem tagged on just to make a crime drama a little different.

It has a few little spelling and grammar issues but nothing too major.

Certainly worth the read.

Lily Bouquet - A Girls Love Anthology

Needs a tidy up but very good storytelling.

There are a lot of grammar errors, mainly missing words or sentences around the wrong way, it comes across as a novel translated from Japanese. Ignoring that, the stories are great, each one is its own little short story with new characters and settings, well fleshed out and believable. I enjoyed reading it a lot and would recommend persevering, I found after a few chapters the errors sort of blended into an accent rather than bothering me.

The Man Who Walked in the Dark

It's only a first chapter but it reads well, as should be expected from an already prolific author!

Rather different from the rehashed Isikei tropes you normally see on RR, in a very good way. The author sets the dark and menacing sci-fi scene up well in the first chapter, introducing the main character and giving a bit of a hook too.

So far I have no criticism, I am looking forwards to future installments.


Crests the Skies - A Story about a Dragon, amongst other things.

I started reading this thinking that it was a series of one shot stories set in the same word (and was not expecting to enjoy it that much). What I got was a series of interwoven episodes following different characters, many of which are introduced in the background of previous chapters which kept me interested and engaged.

It is exceptionally well written, it has a unique magic system and an interesting mix of high and low technology. Many of the stories are from the point of view of the lower eachelons of society, they portray peoples struggles and simple joys at things we would see as everyday.

There are a few chapters that I didn't quite gel with the protagonist but far more that I enjoyed and wanted more. 

I haven't gotten to the end yet, I do keep expecting everything to suddenly marry up and make sense but I think these are in fact disparate stories which are simply linked by circumstance.

The only thing I noticed that grates at my sensibilities is that the rain must be highly acidic, everything is rotted or pitted by rain in days or weeks, even oilskins!

Malt the Manslayer

Other than some glaringly obvious and annoying repeated chapters due to changes (honestly, it is pretty easy to delete chapters, there is no need for new readers to be forced to read a first draft and re read a second!) there are also a lot of incorrect words which giving the benefit of the doubt, could possibly be autocorrect mistakes. If the option for easy suggest was turned on I would probably have pointed them out but they do detract greatly from the story.

The heros from another world does not feature at all in the story and in my opinion is so overused and tropy that it would benefit from just changing this to him growing up with three super strong friends and joining the army on his own when they get drafted as heros. It would make a better storyline since other world knowledge etc. has never come into play.

All that aside, it is a decent yarn, enough happening and fairly relatable characters, decent plot progression. A little tidy up and some editing and I think it could be great.