Automagical: An Idle Game LitRPG

Automagical: An Idle (...)
by NoDragons
28 pages

Aven is gifted with the lowest rank of magical powers, and a unique gift that allows him to animate tools to do simple tasks.

But even a trash-tier gift can climb to the top, with the right combination of ambition, cunning, and ruthlessness.

And with an invisible army of servants to carry out his will, Aven can build the foundations of an empire without lifting a finger.

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Tower of Cards 1: Spell Thief [A Progression Fantasy]

Tower of Cards 1: Spell (...)
by J Pal
556 pages

No one knows why Gaia's Ark came to Earth, but with it came the secrets of her runic cards.

Almost half a century has passed since prison ships enroute to Australia discovered the mysterious tower. Monarchies, republics, and trading giants came together to build a city around it, and contain the monsters spilling out of the rune-covered structure. The few that dared enter and climb it, learned the magic of Gaia's runic cards. Now, people delve into the tower's depths for fame and fortune or in search of power.

Diya Sen climbs the tower hoping to find clues regarding his missing brother and solve Gaia's mysteries. However, the warring noble houses stand in his way. Only allies and powerful cards will help him overcome obstacles and function outside the nobility's control. His mission won't be easy. Not all cards are made equal and sources of power are outside his—an ordinary man's—reach. If the direct approach won't help Diya achieve his goals perhaps the talents of a Spell Thief will.

This is a rewrite of The Pen Is Mightier. The magic system has been completely changed and the protagonist's fighting style/crafting and everything else is different as a result. There have also been major story point changes. The characters and settings are still mostly the same.


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The Ruined Monks of Rothfield Monastery

The Ruined Monks of Rothfield (...)
by Leon S. Waid
174 pages

Erin is the youngest member of the dark monks; a supernatural brotherhood whose ultimate mission is to improve the dire circumstances of poor, war-torn villages using powers unique to each member. Or so he was led to believe. Erin, like his brothers, does not age, and that is, unfortunately, the only trait he shares with them. He cannot charm or compel like Woodrow, he cannot cast illusions like Knox, he was not swift like Swithin, not powerful like Blake. He was barely an assistant to his dear brother Wilbur, with his herbology and alchemy. He was told to lie low and make himself scarce. That is what he did.

The dark monks temporarily reside in abandoned monasteries scattered around the country, feeding the poor and healing the sick, nurturing the monastic lands until it was fertile enough to raise crops and rear animals. As the years passed, they would leave these reformed, repopulated, self-sustaining monasteries and venture froth to help the next settlement.

Yet, after years of toiling and quiet servitude, Erin notices that people and the country itself are declining. The villagers look gaunt, the once-lush soil now barren and cracked. He begins to feel disheartened, thinking that their mission is proving futile. Still, their leader Blake is steadfast and charges onward, and lately has his eyes set on a certain monastery in a thick, thorned forest that seems to diminish, even nullify their powers. 

A thick forest that Erin somehow has a connection to. A thorned glade where an ethereal voice calls his name with one simple request along with a promise:

Heal the land, child. Heal the land and I promise to give you sanctuary so long as you stay. I promise to nurture you as you nurture me.

As Erin cultivates the land, the land, in turn, gifts all its caretakers with new, enhanced skillsets on top of their unique powers -- skills of protection, healing, and magic.

Magic. Erin had long wished to see the world fill with it again. The people, regardless of common or noble blood, still believe that magic will enter this world again. Magic to bless the king like it did the Saints. Magic to dispel the miasma befouling the world. 

Magic to bring back the fae folk and their many forms. 

It is up to Erin to forge the many paths leading to a bright future; to build a prosperous paradise that welcomes all races and bloodlines, by mastering the rewards gained through agriculture, horticulture, and animal husbandry, smithing, crafting, and fishing. 

Erin may also find a lifelong friendship and romance with his neighbor, Claude, if he decides to pursue him, and may even join him in the military campaign outside the monastery. The darkness still lurks outside, after all, and the mastery of his skills, along with a few good friends, may finally be enough to turn the tide in their favor.

Most of all, Erin wants to keep the vow he set for himself:

to protect everyone and everything he loves until his dying breath. 

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The Encrypted Data of Kaiden Cypher [A Cyberpunk Thriller]

The Encrypted Data of (...)
by Gattsukun
1.2k pages

Book 1: Artificial Death

 Kaiden Cypher, a recently retired Mercenary finally gains a job as an EXiCON within BLED (Bridge City Law Enforcement Department). Cypher begrudgingly accepts a case despite it not being under his purview as an EXiCON (External Investigative Constable). However, as trouble brews within Industrial District, it forces the Commissioner to enact Protocol B5-10. A protocol that forces all active EXiCONs to take on special duties as the main police force deals with threats within the city. The real challenge comes, when the case cypher accepts turns into a double murder, something he knows the Commissioner would like the keep a lid on before the city erupts with the news of a serial killer.

Death usually comes in two, and so does cloning.

Book 2: Translucent Requisition

 After being fired as an EXiCON, Cypher never thought he'd have to return to the life of a mercenary. To ensure his wife and daughter wouldn't want or need anything. He takes on a Body Guard detail for one of Bridge City's Elite, The Romacellin Family. The detail was simple, ensure the Romacellin Family's safety during an Auction. Trouble brews as one of the guests from the auction disappear, forcing Kaiden into action. As Kaiden tries to retrieve the guest he quickly finds out that these kidnappers mean business, and spilling blood is nothing but an afterthought.

Sometimes, requisition is the only answer.

Book 3: Indignated Efflux

 Cypher returns from the Waste, battered, bruised and elated as the debt he'd accrued from Mr Black is about to be paid. Cypher checks in with his wife and daughter, only to see his biggest fear become a reality. Akatani has found them, but luckily for Cypher, Akatani needs him to retrieve an item for him. As Akatani uses Cypher's family as leverage, Cypher must first discover who found out about his family and fed their locale to Akatani before he can make a move against him...or be forced to watch them die in front of him.

Unresolved conflicts usually end through Indignated Efflux.

Book 4: Unshackled Sentience

Cypher's family was saved at the last second by Mr Black. As hard as Cypher tried to stay out of Mr Black's grasp, it was all for naught as he now has to work for ensure his family won't get hurt. Mr Black puts Cypher through a grueling VR training session, which brought him back to tip top shape for the mission. Cypher's been tasked to Infiltrate Sceleratus, a black sight research bunker located within an abandoned Antillean Federation base. His task, retrieve 'The Hedgehog' an item that would allow Automatons to process information that would bring the Antillean Federation to its knees. The real problem starts is that Cypher not only has to make his way to the base on foot, through the Carib Waste, but he also has to deals with whatever problems he's destined to handle.

Unshackled Sentience, silence is also an answer to a question never asked.

Updates: Every Monday to Friday!
The word count for each split chapter will range between 1400 - 2500 words!

Also: Please note, that I'm from Barbados and we use United Kingdom English.
They will be more 'S' than they are 'Z' for certain words and vice versa.

If you like Ghost in the Shell, Metal Gear Solid and Cyberpunk 2077, this is the series for you!

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Millisecond: Superspeed is a curse

Millisecond: Superspeed (...)
by CrowsCrowCrow
314 pages

In a world of superheroes, Milly awakens her power as a speedster but finds herself slowly drifting away from everyone due to her new perception of time when it turns out that her superspeed doesn’t come with an off-switch.

Updates every two weeks.

At the start of high school, Milly is excited to finally gain some much-wanted independence by enrolling at Arkwright Academy, an all-girls boarding school far away from her childhood home. Once there, she'll have to deal with new friends, feelings, superheroes/villains, mysteries, and most of all her own power threatening to alienate her from everything else.

What to expect:
After a brief flashforward to get a feel for Milly's power once she awakens it, we'll start the story at the beginning of the school year.

The story will involve: Poorly supervised teens, exploration of superpowers, cute lesbian/yuri romance, superheroics, and struggle.

Cover Art by: Skyheartz (@Skyhe_arts on Twitter)

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Crests the Skies - A Story about a Dragon, amongst other things.

Crests the Skies - A (...)
by Nettles
622 pages

A series of vignettes, all set in the same world. The main story focuses on Dragon, a dragon who delivers mail, and how he affects the lives of those he interacts with. Sometimes I veer off on tangents, and not all the stories are related.

A lot of this is me trying to get better at writing certain things. If you don't like the way one story is going, try checking out a different name!

No litrpg, no nobility, no long descriptions of war. LGBTQ+ themes, although it's not normally the main focus.

Cover art adapted from here

[Participant in the Royal Road Writathon Challenge] (April) and CampNano, started for the November Writathon & Nanowrimo 2021. Continued for November 2022.

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This Used to be About Dungeons

This Used to be About (...)
by Alexander Wales
2.9k pages

This Used to be About Dungeons is a comfy slice-of-life adventuring story that occasionally features dungeons. Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Mostly it's about walking in the woods with a friend, looking for mushrooms to put in your soup, or haggling with the guy selling squash, or taking care of a neglected garden. It's putting some jam on shortbread biscuits. And yes, sometimes you go down into the dungeons with your friends, and you kill monsters there, or disarm traps, but when you come out, you realize you've found the perfect magic item to give to one of the local kids that helped you out when your cat was sick. Look, the dungeons are always going to be there, and sometimes you need to make a journey to one of the Spirit Gates, or make a pilgrimage with the local Cleric of Symmetry to a holy shrine. Your tour through the local dungeons can wait. You'll have rivalries with other groups, and find some dungeon eggs that need to be carefully incubated in case they turn out to be something valuable, and help a friend to build a fishing weir. There's a big world out there, a mostly tame place with lots of magic, and even more to do and see. Join me, won't you?

The cover image is Morning Sunlight Effect, Eragny, by Camille Pissarro.

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Summer Girl

Summer Girl
by brittmack
7 pages

Esperanza and Joan haven't seen each other in a decade, but Joan's (now going by Jo) is back for the summer. A chance meeting at their tiny town's grocery store sends Esperanza into a frenzy. Who is this beautiful, mysterious, obviously gay girl? Why is she here? And how long is she staying? And what would Esperanza have to do to get a hot lesbian summer romance?

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The Many Lives of Cadence Lee

The Many Lives of Cadence (...)
by vladerag
595 pages

Cadence Lee thought she was a normal girl, perhaps a little well to do, but not exceptionally so.  She had her college classes, she had her job that her uncle gave her, and she had a nice boyfriend who was sweet if a little awkward.

Except, when a mugger accosts Cadence and her boyfriend attempts to wrestle a gun away from the criminal, Cadence ends up shot.  A normal girl, with the kind of wound Cadence had, would die.  Cadence managed to do that part.  But a normal girl wouldn't then open her eyes again and learn that death is not as permanant for her as it is for other people.  She can be reborn again, and again.  Each time stronger and with new abilities.

The catch?  Any world she is born into, she can never return to.  She has infinite lives, but only one life for each.

So begins The Many Lives of Cadence Lee.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Pieces of Sonder

Pieces of Sonder
by MintyMintyMilkTea
553 pages

Freya Evenkey is the shaman of Safka. Her mundane life includes helping townsfolk and exorcising demons. Until one day she almost loses her life during a routine house call. After picking up a mysterious item she discovers there is more to her world than she ever thought before!

Some call it a game, or is it a curse?

Author's Note: This is a litrpg story that focuses more on adventure than stats. No harem, no romance.

*On Hiatus until March 18th 2022

Release Schedule: every Monday and Friday at 9 pm ET

Special thanks to aphin123 for the awesome book cover!

©2020 MintyMintyMilkTea. All rights reserved. This story is also being published on Webnovel and Scribblehub.

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ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture

ATL: Stories from the (...)
by B. A. Baker (Thedude3445)
1.2k pages

In a future of robots and CRTs, Atlanta is the most powerful city in the world. And in that city, twentysomething slacker Morgan Harding dreams of being able to live a normal, peaceful life... until they're given cybernetic superpowers and forced to become a hero. Together with a mysterious sentient robot and an overworked college student, they must keep Atlanta safe from the technological threats that arise... pretty much constantly... Sigh.

ATL is divided into several novel or novella-sized stories, and the entire first season is online on Royal Road for you to gobble up like a robot filling up at a power socket.

And if you're itching for more, always know you can read the story at its official website too.

Please vote on Top Web Fiction! You can vote once a week on each device for this story (and any others you enjoy!).

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Worth the Candle

Worth the Candle
by Alexander Wales
6k pages

A teenager struggling after the death of his best friend finds himself in a fantasy world - one which seems to be an amalgamation of every Dungeons and Dragons campaign they ever played together. Now he's stuck trying to find the answers to why he's there and what this world is trying to say. The most terrifying answer might be that this world is an expression of the person he was back on Earth.

This work is complete. You can buy the first ebook or audiobook here.

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