Bob, the author. Enjoyer of Paradoxes

Bob, the author. Enjoyer of Paradoxes

    1. Re: The Weirdest Research...

      I dont really have a singe weird search, but all of them put together probably make me look like a serial killer. Stuff like how far a person can fall before dying, Human anatomy, The process of creating (...)

    2. Re: Do you ever get tired of being in your MC's headspace?

      I enjoy it, life is boring and writing their adventures makes up for it.

    3. Re: Old timey words you wish you saw more off

      I Like 'Lest'. Makes it easier to write certain sentences. 

    4. Re: What’s your greatest non-writing related strength as a writer?

      I just realized Im not good at anything. I guess I can pick up stuff fast?

    5. Re: What's Your Novel's Soundtrack?

      For A Vampires Life - This For Life - This.

    6. Re: Notebooks

    7. Re: How many ongoing writing projects do you have ?

      Three, one on here, the other im working on with my friend, we might end up posting it here. One more pending submission. 

    8. Re: Has reading become boring for anyone else lately?

      i tend to go through phases in my reading and writing it's a mood that i find there is no use in fighting it's okay to take a break from reading now and then before long a new book catches my interest (...)

    9. Re: Playlists for your characters

      I dont have a playlist, but one of the songs that come to mind for my MC is this

    10. Re: cheese is proof that old milk is superior

      A slap to the face puts a bitch in their place.


      The only dream I have is the black screen dream.

    12. Re: New border thoughts?

      Looks cold. sucks to be poor. :DrakanSigh:

    13. Re: Music, it's nice

      This Hah! you have to click the link to see the song!

    14. How do you all feel about stories where any character can die?

      My story is going to end up pretty dark, so I wanted to know how you would react if no one was spared from death. Dont wanna end up with people hating my story too much. 

    15. Re: Stories.

      My first story was an escape room. Man did it suck.

    16. Re: What is the most out of context thing your characters have said.

      Another one I have is  "Wait so are you a ghost or something?" "Yeah?" She said. "You dont sound very sure."

    17. Re: What do you do when your story isn't what Royal Road usually likes?

      I personally don't care if my story is great. I mean sure, it's motivating to see the views go up, but my story is more of a hobby. One of the only reasons I posted here was to get feedback so I could (...)

    18. Re: Ask me anything.

      how good is the food?

    19. Re: How would your character talk their way out of a speeding ticket?

      Yo no hablo ingl├ęs -  is what my Mc would say.