1. Re: Mark My Story Complete?

      On the dashboard there's an item called Change Status under the Settings category in the menu for your novel. You might have to scroll down to get there. Found it (finally)! Thanks for your help! (...)

    2. Mark My Story Complete?

      Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I don't see this option on the Dashboard and I've searched the Forums.  I've uploaded the last chapter of my story. How do I get it marked as Complete? Thanks.

    3. Well, mine is a kind of different

      My first Royal Road story is historical fiction / portal fantasy. A Bridge From Balor starts in a remote corner of Medieval Ireland. The local chieftain dreams he is called, with five others, to thwart (...)

    4. Re: Posting my fiction for the first time

      Hey, Welcome! Your story sounds interesting and original, which is a big plus for me. 

    5. Re: I am still not certain about this...

      I agree with what's said above about original fiction being more fun (and maybe easier to write) than Fanfic. My suggestion: think up a story you would really love to read, that you'd personally find (...)

    6. Re: Hello From a Poet and Musician!

      Hello and welcome. I've dabbled in poetry myself from time to time. Hope you enjoy!

    7. Re: Writers: What do you consider the basic fundamentals of writing? What would be the advanced fundamentals?

      Lots of good answers in this thread.  My take: Basics: Character.  I used to focus much more on plot than character. Eventually, I came to think that most readers are drawn to fiction because they (...)

    8. Stepping from the Lurking Shadows

      Hello to All. I've been lurking on Royal Road for a while. So many interesting ideas and talented writers! As for me, I am a long time reader, and writer of fantasy (and sometimes science fiction). (...)

    9. Re: I have delved deep into the Forums and here is what I found

      As a wandering newbie, this is very helpful. Thanks! One question on Blurbs: You say:   Usually, people also post their schedule here, along with discords and other things. Just remember: no links (...)