SR Fauth

SR Fauth

    1. Re: How many times do you rewrite?

      0 I'll have some of whatever you're taking. It is called lack of self-doubt The savagery is real. :DrakanGlasses:

    2. Re: How many times do you rewrite?

      I make edits but I try really hard not to re-write. Re-writing makes me second guess myself. I hate that.

    3. Re: What is your main characters kryptonite?

      For the two mcs in Unending War, I'd say it would be each other. They couldn't really bring themselves to kill the other, no matter how far corrupted they had become.  Oooh a total Batman joker situation. (...)

    4. Re: New here

      Hey welcome!  Its a good community here, we are all saps for something. And this place has it all. Enjoy!

    5. Re: New member

      Welcome friend! Have a beer! :DrakanWine: I'm a savage so I drink mine out of a wine glass.

    6. Re: What can I do to make my dialogues more life-like?

      Have an English-speaking friend or someone who is interested in giving feedback read through some of your dialogues and give feedback. Apply that feedback to the other dialogue sections. This way, even (...)

    7. Some Reads I Love

      Some reads that I am seriously loving right now. In no particular order. (...)

    8. Re: Space/sci-fi recommendations - giving and looking for

      Feel free to check out my fiction :). It is very much a sci-fi, just not in the way that is traditional I suppose.

    9. 10,000 Views!

      I finally passed that magical mark! Yay!

    10. Re: A Progression Fantasy about managing an Airship squadron?

      There used to be this old game, I think it was on steam at one point. You built an airship and a base in the sky. Then you built more airships and could direct them to attack other players. Essentially (...)

    11. What is your main characters kryptonite?

      Just like the title. What tips your MC over and turns him into a drooling, dead mess?

    12. Re: How do you imagine your fiction in your head?

      I actually draft some of my scenes as poorly drawn comics. It's how I see most of my writings in my head as well. It helps me visualize the scene and work through complicated "shots".

    13. Re: Software/App for keeping track of story notes

      Googledocs. They are wonky sometimes, but ooooh so useful.

    14. Re: What do you do with your surface level ideas.

      Got a binder full of lines, ideas, ideas that have been mashed together, and the occasional homicidal rant. Really it looks like a character trace from a spy novel if you unfold it. In the end, I (...)

    15. Re: What introduced you to RR?

      I randomly found the site looking for things to read.

    16. Re: Weird fact(s) about your antagonist(s)

      The main antagonist is terrified of cotton balls. They remind them of a past event that traumatized them.

    17. Posting Pictures

      Hi All, I keep trying to post art in the art section, however, my posts keep getting converted to 500K character code entries.  What is the best way to post art? Apparently copy paste or using google (...)

    18. Re: Love, or Let Go?

      Finish your projects then start on AKM. Don't overwhelm yourself to the point where you cant keep up with your own projects. This way you don't have to put anything on hiatus, you get ahead of where (...)

    19. Re: I need help naming a new story

      Long Title: Absentia: When the Demon Lords Runs off With The Hero Short Title: Run Hero run Alternative Title: Abandoning Abbadon 

    20. Re: Do you ever get tired of being in your MC's headspace?

      When I get bored I make insane things happen. Then I'm not bored anymore.