1. Re: Should I post my short stories on RR as separate stories or all in one?

      I've heard it's probably better to post them all as one.

    2. Re: Is Anyone Else Obsessing Over Other People's Unpopular Stories?

      The few fictions I've read here and on other sites I really liked but weren't popular. A few of them were on Wattpad, so the algorithm wasn't working in their favor, especially after the forums went down. (...)

    3. Re: BSumo Art Thread for Galactic and/or Retro Goodies

      Chapter 3 of The Confession is officially here! I'm so excited to finally have a new chapter out. Hope anyone with a birthday today is having a happy one! https://f2.toyhou.se/file/f2-toyhou-se/images/57938950_gIRjmLRpo9iaqoC.png (...)

    4. Re: BSumo Art Thread for Galactic and/or Retro Goodies

      Chapter 3 of The Confession is fully written, and I'm currently working on the images for it. As of now, 2/4 are finished. Here's a sneak peak of one. https://forums.tapas.io/uploads/default/original/4X/1/b/4/1b409e906dd23b518874c7f04fd832907a82d355.png (...)

    5. Re: What new video games did yaw pick up for Steam Autumn Sell?

      I got Ikaruga, Celeste, and for kicks and giggles, the entire Hatoful Boyfriend collection. Celeste was the only one recommended to me. All of them were around $5 each. I died on the first stage of Ikaruga, (...)

    6. Re: 🦃 Weekend Snippets 25/11 | WEEK 69 🍂 Let's Eat! 🍴

      Upcoming chapter of Galactiquest Episode 12, The Confession, Coincidentally, the cast is having cheesecake. The lieutenant turned him around toward the cake and began slicing it into sixteenths. They (...)

    7. Re: ☃️ Weekend Snippets 18/11 | WEEK 68 ❄️ Ooh, Baby! It's COLD Outside! 🥶

      Old chapters, new dialogue. Though it's two snippets from the same story, it's less than 10 line breaks total, so I hope this is okay. From Bon Voyage, Celestion-5, Chapter 8. Everything is totally (...)

    8. Re: BSumo Art Thread for Galactic and/or Retro Goodies

      Honestly, I should probably start working on the current chapters next. ^^; And then I didn't! But I did add pictures for Chapters 5, 6, and 7 of Bon Voyage, Celestion-5! https://f2.toyhou.se/file/f2-toyhou-se/images/57413965_yDGS23y4P2koRKY.png (...)

    9. Re: My novel got a video review too!

      Congratulations to you too! :D 

    10. Video Review!

      Someone was nice enough to make a video review for the first chapter of Galactiquest, and I'm really excited about it! It starts at about 2:30ish of the video. Even better, this is coming off of a really (...)

    11. Re: Can I see my Followers?

      Nope. Followers are anonymous. It's an odd decision, but I can see the perks. You're less likely to have people follow your story expecting you to follow theirs back. Also, if you want to unfollow a story, (...)

    12. Re: Why the hate?

      I don't understand review swaps. Is it an ego thing? I have responded to requests for reviews here and on other writer/reader sites I frequent and I will always give honest feedback. But asking for a swap (...)

    13. Re: How to add pictures to threads.

      You click on the picture icon (the one to the left of the envelope) and add a link to a picture. It's pretty much the same way as adding pictures to a story, if that helps.

    14. Re: Parasocial relationships

      Fair, although I still question if it's happening to the same or greater extent than in the past. I think that distinction is important for modern "e-celebrities" because they seem to have a lot more (...)

    15. Re: Parasocial relationships

      My take is that parasocial relationships are an inevitability of having public figures. If not celebrities, it would be politicians, if not them, then the cool kid at school who you've never directly spoken (...)

    16. Re: BSumo Art Thread for Galactic and/or Retro Goodies

      An Aiden for Chapter 8! I figured I should get all of the character introduction images done first. Honestly, I should probably start working on the current chapters next. ^^; https://f2.toyhou.se/file/f2-toyhou-se/images/56890177_Izjzi0i8oblmvjA.png (...)

    17. Re: [Open] V Does Reviews

      Mine is regular Sci-Fi (space travel to be specific) with strong slice-of-life elements. Welcome to Royal Road, and thank you for doing this! (I don't know how much you plan to read from each story, (...)

    18. Re: promote your story with a quote from your favorite review.

      From Wandering Brain Spasm, who has a great story of their own: It truly is a little slice of heaven (space maybe?). For those of you that have comfort shows that you find yourself returning to over and (...)

    19. Re: BSumo Art Thread for Galactic and/or Retro Goodies

      After struggling with Jun for a while, I finally finished Chapter 4's illustrations! Two images per chapter may be a little ambitious of me...  https://f2.toyhou.se/file/f2-toyhou-se/images/56674743_zmjQQG8a6wc36Ho.png?1667422144 (...)

    20. Re: why did you join RoyalRoad?

      When the Wattpad Forums died, so did any hope of getting traction there. Even when it was up, it seemed like every other Read for Read thread had "no Sci-Fi" as one of the requirements. So I wanted to (...)