1. Re: Warning if you're trying to get your system apocalypse story onto amazon right now

      That's so shady. You don't do that to the community that provided the entire infrastructure for your success. No loyalty, no class. 

    2. Re: What idea for a novel did you scrap, and why?

      I'm familiar with both! The ghost bridge is on Clinton Road and I grew up a town over from it. Some say it is the most haunted road in the US. It has long stretches with little on it and the tree canopy (...)

    3. Re: What idea for a novel did you scrap, and why?

      -This is pretty specific but my state has a magazine called "Weird NJ" which collects and retells rumoured hauntings and local folklore. I wanted to do a supernatural, urban fantasy series about a guy (...)

    4. Re: Time Skips

      Just here to add the fact that James Joyce's 730-page book Ulysses is about one single day in someone's life.

    5. Re: Looking for Authors who are interested in an Audiobook

      Hey, I just wanted to stop in a say your voice (and equipment) sound great!

    6. Re: I'm going to write some stories with flat characters that have almost no descriptions!

      I used the word "flat" for two reasons. Pullman used it, but I also used it to draw attention, lol. I don't like using it actually because it carries such a negative connotation when referring to fiction (...)

    7. Re: Is good English necessary for writing a good web-serial?

      I skimmed through some of your writing and it reads just fine to me. There's some repetition in words, like you mentioned. For a quick example: "When he was a kid he used to watch Horror movies a lot. (...)

    8. Re: Your first story will probably suck, and that's okay.

      Relevant Ira Glass quote: “Nobody tells this to people who are beginners, I wish someone told me. All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste. But there is this gap. For (...)

    9. Re: When does a description of a fight scene become "Gore"?

      I did a search on RR and found two definitions: Gore: Any explicit depiction of violence, blood, mutilation and any other imagery that is generally considered disturbing is to be considered gore. (...)

    10. Re: I'm going to write some stories with flat characters that have almost no descriptions!

      Hey, funny to see this, I'm doing something similar and for similar reasons! I was watching Master Classes from Salman Rushdie and David Mamet and both talked about "campfire stories" and fairytales - (...)

    11. Re: The roots of RR's popular fiction

      Thanks a lot for the replies and warm welcome - very helpful! Will definitely check out Sword Art Online and The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, at the very least.  

    12. The roots of RR's popular fiction

      Hey, I'm fairly new to RR and very new to the style of fiction that seems most popular here (Isekai, systems, harem, etc). Is there a particular manga/anime that inspired these tropes? What are the stories (...)

    13. Re: How would you write madness?

      I would read first person accounts of people who've experienced it. There are "trip reports" from people who've had extreme experiences on hallucinogens and "schizophrenia simulation" videos on YT. Wiki (...)

    14. Re: HouseBuilding tips.

      A few ideas: 1. Have you seen those DIY shows where they renovate someone's house/property? There's always that person who goes around to check on everyone's progress. If you're writing in first-person, (...)

    15. Re: Do you listen to music while writing?

      - The album 'Ambient 1' by STRFKR STRFKR is such an underrated band. A lot of their other songs have lyrics where the same phrase is repeated over and over and they usually don't distract my writing (...)

    16. Re: "you're not a good writer"

      Some people are so weird. Like, why even put that out there for an author to read - you're getting it for free! Artists, in particular, have to try to remember that the source of the criticism matters, (...)

    17. Re: How do You Get Yourself into the Mood for Writing?

      Watching videos with writers discussing the craft is the most consistent way I've found so far. I just came across a great one, too. It's about screenwriting but it works just as well as advice for novel/novella (...)

    18. Re: Story length

      I hope I'm not hijacking, OP, but I was wondering if 50 chapters (2200 to 4,000k words) is enough to be considered a complete book? Is that a length that can satisfy readers here, or would stating that (...)

    19. Re: Comedic wit alongside dark humor is hard to find, anyone else ?

      Maybe search for the term "gallows humor" ("grim and ironic humor in a desperate or hopeless situation"), if that definition describes what you're looking for of course. Most stories seem to be "fluffier" (...)

    20. Re: Please give me some feedback on my summary!

      Just looking purely at structure, but you could switch up the first line a bit like: If life was a game of poker, Trident "Tri" Hodgson had gotten a shitty hand. Might make this part a bit more clear: (...)