I feel like this review has been long overdue but, hey! Nver too late.

This is an extremely good and well done Grimdark written masterfully with a nice spin on the dungeon core trope, which, is always a nice thing to see and I'm really enjoying it and I look forward to when a new chapter is about to be released.


GRAMMAR- Not a native English speaker so full 10/10.


CHARACTERS- The characters in this world all feel alive and flashed out, they act as how you'd expect characters to act in the setting that they are in, the MC is truly a logical, cold and sensible villain, he embodies his nature without going full murderhobo and doesn't kill senselessly, even in the beginning, before all the development he behaved as one would expect from a great villain and MC.


STYLE- The way the author describes the world and what's taking place just feels oddly satisfying without being too dark and grusome, which it still is but all in a different and unique style that just pulls you in, the descriptions, everything.


STORY- The world the author has made is simple yet beautifully complex and allows for a lot to be added, the worldbuilding is done just right, even the power system is easy to follow while still retaining it's unique traits, everything was carefully crafted and it shows, I love it!


A solid 10/10 for me, the sheer quality and skill needed to make such a story possible while still being enjoyable and fun is no joke and I look forward for more!

How to engineer a Dungeon.

A nice and unique dungeon core story, I always loved smart dungeon cores, the wacky dungeon shit they do is logical and can be explained, mana, for example, making infinite resources among other broken stuff. I feel like this is what a proper dungeon core story should feel like, I like the main character and how he goes about solving and approaching the issues that come with being a a dungeon core, it feels fresh and refreshing, not to spoil too much but lets just say he goes about it in a modern way instead of the traditional way of just instinct and feeling it out that normally happens! My only complaint is the lack of chapters, I want more but I understand, I'll wait.


It's nothing new, I've seen plenty of books like these, while this one is a little more refined it still stays the same, the mc feels flat, the Naruto world itself isn't flushed out properly and is hardly explored, side characters barely have any personality or intelligence to make the Mc seem smarter than he actually is. It sometimes reads like a machine generated book or a Chinese translation, hardly any effects added to the world to add more life to it, everything just happens instantly, no build up or anything, characters don't behave like they would, overall, very boring and uninteresting. I thought I'd see something different or a fresh take on the whole "internet in another world!" Thing but I was disappointed I'll still read it in the hopes that it improves but the future looks bleak. 

The Jester of Apocalypse

As I read the first chapter I fell in love with this book, lol, you hardly find good, well written, time loop stories out there but this one has it. The characters have depth and personality which is rare for a cultivation novel,  they are understandable and even relatable in some cases.  The world itself is done just right, you are given information but not too much information, it leaves you with an idea and a need to know more.  Overall, I'm enjoying this and look forward for more exciting and interesting content. 


Man, I'm loving this so far, truly a realistic take on getting isekaied to another world, nobody is ready for that, nobody, the magic system is pretty interesting and is essentially limitless in what it can do, considering that this story only has a few chapters and still manages to pull in so many people speaks volumes of the quality content being produced, looking forward for more, author!

Melbourne C3

First off, I'm not a hard sci-fi fan but I do occasionally read one or a few  A.I type sci-fi types of novels that show up on here now and then, Melbourne-c3 is interesting, very much so, it has that perfect balance between technical details and not too many technical details, you know, just the right about to kick start that what if part of your brain, I found myself imagining scenarios where I would find a use for the technology used in this novel, though it's not necessarily new it is used in a somewhat new and unique way.

Grammer: 5/5 My English is bad, not a native English speaker so all English stories get a pass on this one.

Character: The few characters I've seen so far are interesting and well written, for example, Dr. Flate, a bioengineer, acts and behaves like how you'd expect a bioengineer to act, though I haven't personally met one I have a wild imagination so I'll use that.

Style: As a soft sci-fi novel, it does read and feel like one, it doesn't straw off, so I have no problems here, the author's writing style fits and blends in rather nicely.
Story: From the beginning, you have a vague idea of what to expect and what to look forward to, I always like that, a lot of novels don't have attention-pulling first chapters, but this one has it, and I love it, the world isn't hard to imagine so its easier to read.

Overall: An attention pulling interesting soft Sci-fi, would recommend it.

Ogre Tyrant

I've only read 5 chaps and I'm quite pleased with what I've read so far, ogre tyrant is a nice mix of LitRPG, progression, and other elements thrown together uniquely, while this is intended to be a slow-burn at the beginning, I didn't even notice it as the story and events that take place flow rather smoothly.

Grammer: All stories automatically get 5/5 in this department, I am not a native English speaker.

Story: The plot is solid, the LitRPG elements mixed with Gamelit and progression are mixed smoothly, it doesn't feel off or out of place, no pesky status screen every chapter or a skill panel taking up the entire page, all in all, very good.

Style: This feels like a slow-burn progression story and is written with the intent for it to feel like one, you won't feel like the characters are progressing too fast for it to be a slow burn, and you won't see the progression element overshadow the Litrpg element reading this will give you the feeling of reading a nice blend(Ik it sounds strange).

Character: This story has very alive and realistic characters, the goblins act like goblins, fantasy humans act like the typical fantasy human, the way they act and behave fits the setting and type of world they live in, the only anomaly is Tim, though he's the Mc so I understand why he doesn't act like the typical ogre, he was human before after all, he adapts rather well to his new body all things considered.

Overall: I would recommend you give it a try.

Just Flip a Coin, Otherworlder

Just a coin flip otherworlder is a fun and relaxing read, the main character, otherworlder or latra (I hope that's spelled right) is a rather carefree and easygoing individual, through his outlook on life and the way how he interacts with rather unique and fun.

Grammer: 5/5 Not a native English speaker so I have no right to judge others' English.

Style: the story is written with the intent to make you laugh and feel happy when the characters do something heartwarming, it does this perfectly, a nice mix between slice of life and action, and you surely won't be getting bored anytime soon while reading this, that's for sure.

Story: A solid and well-executed plot, the world itself is a mix of everything here and there though you won't see random things popping up from different eras without a good reason although the world is a mix of everything it's done good and fitted seamlessly into the plot. 

Character: The mc of this story is rather interesting, the way how he talks and interacts with the world is interesting to say interesting although the title said it I never actually expected him to bet everything on a coin, an absolute chad.

What I love about him is his carefree attitude in almost any situation, the frankly godly amount of luck he has is quite staggering.

Overall: It was a very enjoyable read Looking forward to more.



Heroes Vs. Villains - Pitch of Darkness

-Grammer: All stories get 5/5 with grammar for me as I'm not a native English speaker I have no right to judge other people's English.

-Character: This book has a host of characters who are all interesting and flawed in their unique way, my personal favorite is Pitch, I honestly thought he was the main character until I went back and checked the tags and read a little more.

side characters don't read like cardboard cutouts or copy and paste side characters, all feel important and play a role in the story no matter how small said role is. That is always a plus, too often are side characters overlooked.

Style: a strong focus on sexual and romantic tension, it also dips into other sexualities like LGBT, all of these elements are balanced and well written, so none overshadows the other too much and breaks the reader's immersion.

Story: The plot is solid, neat, and planned out this story feels and reads like what the tags say it is, you click expecting drama and demons? You are going to get it plain and simple just like that, the first chapter was designed to pull my attention, and pull my attention it did.

Overall: You'll enjoy this if you like romance drama and the other elements I mentioned up above, I certainly did.

The Skeleton God

It was fun reading this, got a few good laughs out of me I enjoyed the the pov's of the multitude of side characters.


-Style: superb 3rd person narration, it felt well done and was executed well the pov shifts won't confuse you nor break the immersion while reading. Great world-building, the world the authors have built is diverse and vibrant full. Despite being made by multiple authors this story still manages to flow rather smoothly.

-Grammer: All stories receive 5 stars for grammar as I'm not a native English speaker.

-Character: This story has a lot of characters, each having their unique personality, each their own protagonist each one feeling alive and feel like a part of the story. You probably won't remember them all but you won't just gloss over them and forget they existed which is always a plus in my book, side characters are overlooked too often.

Overall a very good read if you can handle multiple pov shifts regularly, and have a good memory to remember and keep track of all the side characters. Not many have the time and energy to do so, but those who do will enjoy this story I'm sure of it.