Demonic Devourer [LitRPG Progression Fantasy]

Demonic Devourer [LitRPG (...)
by Slifer274 (Aaron Shih)
145 pages

Devour. Level up. Repeat.

Evelyn is a lab experiment, granted powers in exchange for finishing quests and annihilating her enemies. With them, she'll eliminate everything in her way to the top.

But long before she reaches the pinnacle of power, she needs to accomplish her first quest:

Objective: First, eat the other babies.

Updates whenever I feel necessary while on RS; afterwards, updates every other day at roughly 12 PM EST.

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Until I Remain - A Death Loop Story

Until I Remain - A Death (...)
by FelixDS
34 pages

83 wakes up in a small room.

He doesn't know who or where he is. All he knows he's in a building with more than four hundred others. When an announcement is made for everyone to hear, chaos erupts. It doesn't take long for 83 to die. Much to his amazement, he wakes up again in the same room, alive and well.

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Slimy Slime

Slimy Slime
by Warix Viviana
170 pages

What does it mean to be a God or a Goddess? 

Who knows! 

But what does it mean to be a Godling? That’s much easier to answer and a lot more annoying! A challenge to become a God or Goddess. A Divine Trial of life and death! Since time immemorial (Literally) the two Original forces of the multi-verse, Order and Chaos, have only wanted one thing: 


It’s really lonely being the only two peers in the universe you know?! That’s not enough people for a party or even brunch! Christmas’s are really lame without any family…  

And so when Mark Wilson gets done in due to a stray bullet and finds out whoops, he was a Godling all along, a Divine Trial awaits him. And choices galore! Hero or Monster, good or evil, Goblin or… cat? Who cares! There’s only one answer for him:


With bold (and confused) steps, Mark casts off his name, his humanity, and dons a new species and a new name! 

Gone is Mark Wilson, now there is only…. 

Slimy Slime! 

The era of the slime is here!


[Based off the CYOA “Dance of the palm of evolution”] 

[He turns into a slime on chapter 9] 

[Contents: Monster evolution. Litrpg. Combat, action and adventure.]

[Updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. At around noon PST time.]

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Elysium's Multiverse

Elysium's Multiverse
by Ranyhin1
249 pages

Riven's life turns upside down when Elysium's Multiverse absorbs planet Earth.  On the fringes of a newly growing galaxy where magic and fantasy are both very real, the inhabitants of three merged worlds must find a way to survive the trials Elysium sets out for them.  Riven finds himself thrust into a whirlwind of chaotic events just trying to make it out in one piece, learning how to craft the dark arts to do his bidding as he strives to keep his loved ones safe.

But the powers of this new multiverse have other plans for Riven's tiny planet, and Elysium's worldwide trials are just the beginning.

*A LitRPG Novel Series, with 300k Words pre-written.*

*Inspired by 'Defiance of the Fall', 'Primal Hunter', 'The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound', and 'Infinite Realm' series.  I hope I do them justice.*

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An Unborn Hero

An Unborn Hero
by cathfach
224 pages

This is the tale of an epic battle between the embryo of a hero and the egg of a demon lord.

Okay, so perhaps 'epic' is overselling it a bit, given that there are serious mobility issues on both sides of the conflict, but they're trying their best, bless them.

Then perhaps it is the tale of a reincarnated magical girl lover, excited about finally living out her dreams of slaying evil with the powers of love and friendship?

But again, the way a truck-wielding goddess interpreted her request to return her memories immediately after reincarnation rather too literally means that it'll be a long time before the frilly dress fits, and the demons don't seem to want to wait.

Then it's the tale of a pair of new parents growing progressively more confused at the weird happenings around them, particularly when people start receiving involuntary flower-based makeovers? Of an unborn hero speedrunning the plot so efficiently that it'll all be over before she even gets around to being born?

Yes, that one's more accurate.

Also, some numbers go up, with accompanying dings. And one (highly important) number goes way down.

This story was born as a complete joke on discord, out of someone complaining about womb arcs and how utterly ridiculous they were. I responded by threatening to write a story that was entirely womb arc. And then, because I'm a bit silly sometimes, I did. It's not pure skill grinding, though; I was nice enough to let her have some interaction with the real world. Nevertheless, at time of writing, I seem to be averaging two dings per chapter.

Daily updates throughout March to get the story rolling.

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Theos: Becoming a God Made Easy (A Cultivation-esque LitRPG)

Theos: Becoming a God (...)
by Arthur Wordsmith
204 pages

Luke was a normal guy, he really was. As average as an average man could be. That is, until it all changed. After dying in a car crash, one crazy thing happened after another slightly less crazy thing, and he found himself in possesion of an immensely valuable treasure. An artifact so tempting, that not even the gods risk the greed of those that desire it. After all, the God Seed promises perhaps the greatest prize known to man, divinity.

Escaping to a small island, on the mysterious world of Theos, Luke must use the game-like abilities granted by the Seed to grow in power. All the while, escaping the notice of Arke. A powerful being who killed the Seed's last owner, a god.

Or -

Often stories begin with a whimper. It was a day like any other. Sometimes their arrival is predicted by curious omens. Nocturnal creatures, suddenly becoming active during the day. Occasionally, a story starts with the extraordinary. The death of a god. 

Luke’s story starts with all of them.

What to expect:

A LitRPG with mythological gods walking about and making stuff hard for Luke in a culttivation-esqe setting.

An easy to understand system with a reasonable number of blue screens.

Characters that aren't all remorseless killers, and at times are even friendly.

Updates will be a chapter a day, Monday through Friday.

Discord - If you want to chat about the novel or just hang out

Patreon - If you want to support this novel or read upto two weeks ahead of the public release

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The Reincarnated Billionaire [A LitRPG Progression Fantasy Novel]

The Reincarnated Billionaire (...)
by Nomy
232 pages

Dollar is an ordinary billionaire. He has a mansion the size of a suburb, gives ducks five-star meals for fun, and he can't count the number of islands he owns on one hand. Then his sister ruins it by killing him.

Reincarnating into another world as a baby, Dollar is determined to speed-run his way up into a life of fame and riches. To excel in this new chance at life he arms himself with a system, and the secrets of symbol crafting.

But succeeding is easier said than done in a world trying to kill him at every chance. To survive long enough to reach his goal Dollar has to navigate the hellish forest of fire he's reincarnated into and survive against giant sloths, hostile gods, and whole new set of relatives that want to see him dead.

New chapters every Sunday and Monday 9pm AEST.

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How to engineer a Dungeon.

How to engineer a Dungeon. (...)
by Baltazaar
69 pages

Charlie, a young engineer, gets reincarnated as a dungeon core. Can he figure out what the deal is with his new existance, and the world he finds himself in, or is he doomed to fail?

Featuring many surprising Minions, some abstract concepts, a good idea or two, and hopefully, not too much education to make it stale and bad.

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The Primordial Mage: A LitRPG Progression Fantasy

The Primordial Mage: (...)
by Han Yang
61 pages

Level, Loot, and Restore the World!

Marvin never expected an evil sorcerer to overwrite reality with an RPG game, but not only is it real, it's downright terrifying. He's given a character sheet, a class, and a set of special skills to possibly help conjure an impossible spell that'll send Grand Magus Osamor home. Faced with  daunting quests, forests filled with monsters, and an endless amount of leveling ahead of him, he rises to become the hero. 

Join Marvin in a place where magic is real, mythical creatures infest the land, and the dangers steadily increase as he builds an army to defeat the sorcerer and save the world. 

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Halcyon Nightmares [A Magical Girls LitRPG]

Halcyon Nightmares [A (...)
by Aestereal Belequa
195 pages

Alice grew up idolizing Magical Girls. Now, she’s one of them!

When murderous machines attack Alice's graduation, she's asked to don the skirt and blazer. Now, she’ll need to learn how to use her powers and work with a team of other Girls to protect her city from disaster - all while trying to get herself un-grounded!

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The Drifting Dungeon

The Drifting Dungeon
by Kaisel
96 pages

Welcome to a world of possibilities. You would probably find anything that you could imagine within some corner of the world. The beings that represent these possibilities are dungeon core. Follow the story of a newborn dungeon core as it drifts its way across the globe and grows.

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Island Core

Island Core
by NoDragons
170 pages

In an empire on the edge of the known worlds, gods are hunted, spirits outlawed.

Magic itself is the dwindling heritage of a few tribes cast to the far reaches of the archipelagos.

A dungeon core with no name will have to change the tides of time and fate to succeed.

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